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How can I manage my events on the ITILITE platform?

What does Events do?

There are various events organized by a company e.g. a team offsite, a client visit or a large gathering as well. We have a product for team events which can help you (the organisers) manage these events seamlessly. This product helps you in getting visibility of RSVP and booking status real time, as well in getting reports which can help in managing both pre event and post event reporting.

Who can create an event?

Any employee of the organization with an account on ITILITE can create a Event.

Who can I add as invitees to the event?

The event organizers can add any user who has an account on ITILITE as an invitee to the event. Only those invited will have access to the page of the specific event.

Can multiple people manage or organize an event?

Yes, by default, the event creator is given the role of the organizer of the event. An organiser can invite other participants and change the invitee’s role to an organizer.

Which reports does an event organiser get ?

The event organisers can access three reports.

1. Event transactions report – Details of transactions of every trip which is linked to the particular event. Only booked trips will show up in this report.

2. RSVP report – Details of the RSVP status of each invitee.

3. Trip status report – Details of every trip linked to the event with their current booking status, booking details, etc.

I need additional data/reports that are not captured in the default reports. Can I get additional reports?

If you are an Admin for your ITILITE account, you can request for reports from the ‘Custom report’ section on the itilite platform; e.g. you may want the RSVP status of all events created in your company , or transactions related to all events.

Will I be able to see who is yet to book a trip and send them reminders?

Yes. In the ‘Participant’ section of the event page, an organizer can filter out the attendees who have not linked a trip at all, or those who have linked a tripID which does not have travel booked. The organiser can send them an email reminder as well.

Will the ITILITE team help me in bulk booking/special hotel or flight booking rates?

In certain cases, we might be able to help get special rates through our concierge service. Please reach out to us for more details.

Can I ensure my attendees book flights that arrive at a particular time for the event?

The optimal or even possible ways to travel to a location depend on a multitude of factors, and it is not feasible for the itilite platform to ensure that attendees arrive (or depart) at a particular date or time for the event.

However, we recommend you do the following

  • Communicate using the platform clearly what time users must book their flight (Through event description, event updates, email messages, etc.)
  • The trip status report will provide the arrival time of all trips linked to the event. The event organisers can look this report to identify trips that do not comply with the arrival (or departure) time

Can I apply new policies/budgets just for the trips linked to the event?

We do not support policies that apply for a specific event. The traveler’s original policy which is applicable for all of his/her bookings will be applicable for trips linked to the event as well.A team event can be organised by the employees themselves, which is why it is important to allow anyone in the organisation to be an organiser. However, allowing an organiser to set up policies for the event, could lead to bookings that are not in accordance with the company travel policy . Therefore, we do not allow event specific policies to be set up

I am an Executive Assistant, can I manage the event travel for my manager ?

Yes, you can manage the manager’s event travel.

You need to ask the event organisers to invite you to the event. This will allow you to access the event page which had event details, updates etc. You can always RSVP “Not attending”, so that the event organisers know that you will not be attending.

Once you have booked the travel for your manager, you should go ahead and link the trip ID to the event. This will make the travel plans available to others in event when they look up your manager.

Why am I unable to RSVP for an event on ITILITE’s mobile app ? Why can I not view the events page on ITILITE’s mobile app?

As of now, the events feature is only available when you access ITILITE on a desktop or a laptop. We are continuously working to improve our mobile app experience, and will release this on the mobile app soon as well.

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