Traveling for team meeting? Get flat 2% cashback on group bookings

Traveling for team meeting?
Get flat 2% cashback on group bookings

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We make business travel management effortless

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A modern business travel management platform that's powered by people

All-in-one business travel management software

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Flights, hotels and car rentals - all-in-one

Book flights, hotels and car rentals - all from a single business travel solution. Managing all bookings from one platform has never been easier. 

Intuitive to use 

Consumer-grade user interface with the option to book multi-city travel & accommodation together - we’ve seen at least 50% effort reduction in corporate travel bookings among our customers.

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7-star in-house business travel management company

business travel management
Global inventory for corporate travel bookings

With more than 300 airlines, 2.5 million hotels and cars available for rent from 25+ car rental companies worldwide - we have the widest inventory available anywhere

Access on-trip services

Airport pick-up and drop, early check-in, late check-out, last-minute cancellations or any other business travel services that you require - we help cater them all.

Free rates negotiation service

Get the best corporate deals with discounted rates with the help of our supply relations team for free. Easily add them to the platform and show these rates at the top of the travel search.

business travel management

Intelligent personalization for saving costs

Hotel rewards
Recommend, reward and save costs

Recommend cost-effective options at the top of travel search results. Save money when they choose these options and share a part of the savings as reward - travel happiness redefined.

Automated nudges to save costs

Get employees to use available flight credits or get them to book flights well before the date of travel - we nudge them to make sure your company does not have any spend leakages.

Collect your favorite membership points

Up to 15 flights, hotels and car rental membership numbers can be added per profile and used during checkout - employees will never miss out on those valuable travel points.

Hotel rewards

100% adherence to budget guidelines

business travel
Highly configurable policies

Set flexible budget based policies for departments, employee grades or projects - whatever makes sense for your company’s business travel management process.

In-built approval flows

Add multi-department approvers for employees, departments or projects that usually break policy. Nothing gets booked until an approval is received.

Budget alerts for overspending

Add budgets and set notification based alerts when employees or departments go over-budget for the month. Complete control over business travel management.

business travel

Gain quick access to travel data and insights

Travel spend by department
Free travel reports - easily customizable

Access 30+ pre-built reports on travel from the system. For specific use cases, set-up your own custom reports for free.

Visualize with configurable dashboards

Build your own cool dashboards as per your company’s requirements and report the most important metrics. Top 3 KPIs for your company are scheduled to your inbox every month.

Powerful insights through AI - we call it Mastermind

Mastermind benchmarks the industry, predicts the amount of money you can save in your business travel management process and suggests step-by-step improvements to achieve those savings

Travel spend by department

Free 24x7 support for travelers

Reach a live agent in 30 seconds

Reach our support teams 24x7 on call, email and chat. They respond on call and chat within 30 seconds. Don’t leave your travelers stranded and don’t keep yourself up at night.

Trained to resolve

The team of experienced travel agents always work to resolve all travel issues within 60 minutes. They won’t keep you waiting for days to close a ticket.

VIP service

C-level executives get priority support for their requests and an added layer of verifications before they travel.

The reporting is definitely a plus. I can access reports anytime I want and view it in multiple ways. Now, I’ve got a lot more time on my hands.
Kimber Bay
Sales & Marketing support Manager
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Get started for free

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Loaded with travel features that businesses love

Unused flight credits
Unused flight credit

Book using existing flight credits from past cancellations

Price re-shopping
Price re-shopping

Automatic re-booking of flights when price drops before departure

Negotiated rates
Negotiated rates

We help you negotiate rates with hotels for free

Duty of care
Duty of care

Connect SSF Locator or build a duty of care plan with the help of your dedicated account manager 

Map view of travelers
Map view of Travelers

Live view of travelers on a map

Card and Wallet Payments
Card and Wallet Payments

Add existing cards or load up a wallet for payments

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How easy is it to book a business trip on this business travel management platform?

itilite business travel management platform offers one of the most user-friendly and intuitive interfaces in business travel. Whether you are looking to book a flight, a hotel, or a rental car for work travel, you can get it done in less than 60 seconds.

To make your booking journey easier, we personalize the search results for every user. What’s more? You can search for flights, hotels, and rental cars together and save time. And you don’t even have to enter your details for bookings – we pre-save them with the help of your company systems.

itilite ease of use has an 88% approval rating on G2!

Is it possible to add an approval step in the booking process?

Yes. itilite business travel management platform gives admins the option to configure approval steps in the booking process. The platform then automates the approval process according to configurations.

We offer the following types of approval workflow configurations.

  • Trip itinerary approval: Travelers are required to take approval only on the itinerary.
  • Cost approval: Travelers have to get approval on the total cost of the trip.
  • High-cost approval: Travelers need approval only for trips that go beyond the corporate travel policy limit.

Are your travel policies customizable?

All the flight and hotel policies and trip request approval workflows are customizable. Admins can set up the tailored policies on the platform easily without needing support from our team.

What does global inventory for flights and hotels mean?

itilite platform has direct tie-ups with leading airlines, hotels, and car rental companies through the GDS system. In addition, itilite works with leading suppliers such as Priceline,, and Expedia to offer its users a wide range of travel choices, regardless of which location they are traveling from or traveling to.

Moreover, our team of travel experts are always vigilant of all travel-related changes, and you can get real-time updates. In case travelers face any on-trip emergencies, they can reach out to our dedicated support team via calls (we respond in less than 10 seconds), chats (we respond in less than 10 seconds), and email (we respond in less than 10 minutes). The support is available 24/7 and is free of cost.

Are low-cost airlines also available on your platform?

Yes, we offer a wide selection of low-cost airlines for every geography. Moreover, our business travel management solution uniquely displays smart but less expensive flight choices. This has helped many of our customers save up to 30% of their business travel costs.

How to make last-minute changes to my travel arrangements?

The itilite business travel management platform provides quick and comprehensive support for rescheduling and cancellations. Our team of travel experts can save you from the hassle of following complicated processes and waiting long hours for every minor change. You just need to reach out and provide details, and we will take care of the rest.

Here are the 3 simple steps to change your bookings –

Step 1: Log in to your account. You will reach the travel ‘Dashboard.’

Step 2: Scroll down to the ‘Business Trips’ section, and find the trip you want to change. Scroll to the far right, and click ‘Manage.’

Step 3: Scroll down and click ‘Reschedule Booking’ or ‘Cancel Booking’ according to your requirement. For cancellation, you can proceed by selecting the trip you want to cancel. For rescheduling, you have to enter the rebooking details in the dialogue box that will appear. After that, our support team will get in touch and take care of your request.

How long does the implementation of a business travel solution take?

You can get started with the application within one day. Moreover, if your employees need any training in using the platform, our dedicated onboarding team will be available to provide the required support.

How can you help us ensure the safety of our travelers?

At itilite, we consider the safety of travelers as our top priority. Hence, our platform comes with advanced travel safety features such as live travel location tracking and the option to block unsafe hotels. We also only recommend hotels with a 3-star plus user rating in terms of safety and quality of service. Our system is also configured to suggest hotels closer to your preferred location.

What is the refund policy of itilite?

itilite follows the pay-per-trip or pay-per-transaction pricing model for its business travel management solution. This means you don’t have to pay any platform fees. You only pay when you book.

If you cancel a trip, we refund 100% of the booking cost, except for any deductions made by the airline or the hotel.

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Simplify your travel and expense management process!

Simplify your travel and expense management process!