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Story of ITILITE

ITILITE (Pronounced as it- ee – laa – it)

There is a saying “Best ideas come from personal pain points” and that is exactly how ITILITE came into being.

Before starting ITILITE in 2017, Anish and Mayank used to work with McKinsey and Co. Like many others, they used to spend 200 nights a year traveling for work. As regular corporate travelers who helped companies balance cost and employee experience, they quickly realized the inefficiencies and flaws surrounding business travel.

They also noticed the increasing gap between personal and business travel processes, wherein personal travel was becoming increasingly digital and seamless. However, business travel heavily relied on manual processes, complicated approval workflows, and there were no effective cost control measures. That’s when they knew that business travel needed to move towards technological processes, and they decided to define the problem further and solve it.

Here we are today with the team’s relentless work to usher in an era of transformation of business travel & expenses via products and processes, replacing the traditional travel desks and offline processes that prevailed earlier.

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Spending 200+ days on road every year at McKinsey, we realized business travel needed an overhaul

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