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Group Bookings 2% Cashback Offer

What is the definition of “group bookings” or “group travel”? 

Any booking or travel that consists of travel bookings for 10 or more travelers is effectively considered as a “group booking” or a booking for “group travel”. Booking for all travelers as part of a group booking has to be on the same flight sectors and/or same hotel for common dates. 

How can my company avail the limited period offer of 2% cashback? 

Just sign up and complete a group booking on ITILITE before 11:59 pm ET on 31st March 2024 to get 2% of the total group booking cost as cashback. 

Can I make multiple “group bookings” of 10 or more travelers? Will every group booking get my company cashback? 

Yes, you can make multiple group bookings of 10 or more travelers. Every group booking before 11:59 pm ET on 31st March 2024 comes with a cashback offer of 2% of the total group booking cost. 

When will we receive the cashback once a group booking is done? 

Cashback will be processed after the travel is complete, and only for bookings which are not cancelled (consumed bookings). 

What booking amount will be considered to process cashback? 

The final amount of consumed bookings, net of any cancellation or modification charges, will be considered for cashback. 

Will bookings made using our direct contracted rate with a travel supplier be considered for cashback? 

No, bookings made on your company’s direct contracted rate with the supplier will not be considered for cashback. 

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