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What kind of Card types ITILITE support?

Q1: What types of cards does ITILITE offer?

ITILITE offers two distinct types of cards: Virtual and Physical.

Q2: How is a Virtual card different from a Physical card?

Virtual cards are generated instantly upon request, providing immediate access for online transactions. Physical cards are tangible and shipped, typically arriving within 7-10 business days, making them suitable for in-person transactions.

Q3: Is there any difference in functionality between Virtual and Physical cards?

No, both cards offer the same features and functionalities for a seamless payment experience.

Q4: Can I convert a Virtual card into a Physical card?

No, physical and virtual cards are distinct, and it is not possible to order a physical version of an existing virtual card, or vice versa. Each card type must be requested separately.

Q5: How long does it take to receive a Physical card?

Physical cards are shipped within 7-10 business days post-approval and are delivered to your specified address.

Q6: Can I use both Virtual and Physical cards simultaneously?

Yes, you can use both types simultaneously to cater to different transaction scenarios.

Q7: Can I track the shipment of my Physical card?

Yes, tracking information is provided once your Physical card is dispatched.

Q8: Are there any additional fees for choosing either type of card?

No, there are no additional fees. The choice between Virtual and Physical cards is based on your preference. 

Q9: Can I order multiple Physical cards for an employee?

No, you can only order one Physical card per employee. Each employee is limited to a single Physical card.

Q10: Is there a limit on the number of Virtual cards I can request for an employee?

No, there is no limit on the number of Virtual cards you can request for an employee. Virtual cards can be generated in unlimited quantities to suit various business needs.

Q11: Can an employee have both a Physical and Virtual card?

Yes, an employee can have both a Physical and Virtual card. However, the limit of one Physical card per employee still applies.

Q12: Can I add a Virtual card to my Apple Pay wallet?

Yes, you can add your ITILITE Virtual card to your Apple Pay wallet.

Q13: Can I use the Virtual card for tap-and-pay transactions with Apple Pay?

Absolutely, once added to your Apple Pay wallet, you can use your ITILITE Virtual card for convenient tap-and-pay transactions.

Q14: Are there any additional fees for using my Virtual card with Apple Pay?

No, there are no additional fees. Using your ITILITE Virtual card with Apple Pay is seamless and incurs no extra charges.

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