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What are custom fields?

Custom fields are the additional informational fields you can configure to get different points of data from your employees.

By default, ITILITE expense only requires employees to fill in the following details while filing per diem claims:

  • Start date of the trip
  • End date of the trip
  • Start time of the trip
  • End time of the trip
  • Trip destination

However, sometimes these data points are not enough for proper accounting. You may also require other details like a copy of receipts, hotel name, commute vehicle type and number, etc. In such cases, you can add Custom Fields to get all the required information.

ITILITE system offers 50+ pre-defined custom fields for different data points such as Trip ID, To location, and Purpose of the trip. You can also create additional fields as per requirement.

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Simplify your travel and expense management process!