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Jan 2023

Automatically re-shop when flight price drops

Feature: Flight Price Re-Shop

Business Travel Control
Description: Find opportunities to save more from your trips by enabling Flight Price Re-Shop which automatically searches for a better price for the flight you’ve booked and “re-shops” at that better price. No minimum bookings required and it can be enabled for companies of all sizes.

Dec 2022

Save on travel by booking flights with previously unused tickets

Feature: Unused flight credits

Business Travel Control
Description: Meeting is fixed, flight tickets are booked, but then out of nowhere the client cancels the meeting. Tickets are non-refundable, what do you do? Re-use them on your next flight, of course. If you are unable to avail a flight on a particular trip, the flight credits get stored and can be added while paying for your next flight. Stop losing money on flights, instead re-use it!

Nov 2022

Limit employee spending with custom per diem rates

Feature: Highly customizable per diem rates

Business Travel Control
Description: An employee returns from Philly to New York in 6 hours, would you pay the per diems for the entire day? On itilite now you can pay employees per diems by the hour! You can customize per diem rates as per the guidelines set for different locations or for duration of travel. You can set them for specific employees. The per diems rates can also have a validity period for ever-evolving policies. And per diems get added once employees add travel destinations and durations – everything is automated!

Fuel your travel reports by adding custom fields

Feature: Custom fields to record traveler details

Business Travel Control
Description: Get more robust reports on your travelers – their cost centers, departments, projects, managers, travel reasons and so much more! All this by simply creating custom fields that you want the traveler to fill out while creating a trip. ITILITE allows adding up to 9 custom fields, which is the best in the industry. So don’t limit yourself, go crazy and know your travelers better!

Oct 2022

Contribute to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at your company

Feature: Impactful Carbon Reporting

Description: We’ve made updates to our pre-existing carbon footprint report. Get carbon footprint information as per estimated travel distance in accordance with the standards followed by your local/global organization guidelines to create waves within your company. You can even offset your emissions and attain carbon neutrality by taking help from our partner, Gold Standard.

Don’t miss out on receipts, take control of reimbursements

Feature: Option to mandate expense receipts and receipt swipe

Description: Know every detail of all expenses happening in the company by mandating receipts for any category you want. The Federal Government in the US also mandates receipts for every spend above $75 during a business trip. Once received, just sit back and swipe each receipt from the palm of your hand and flag those that are not in line with expenses filed.

Sept 2022

Self-configure out-of-the-box expense integrations

Feature: Integrate with Sage, Freshbooks and Zohobooks 

Description: Automate expense management end-to-end by integrating with Sage, Freshbooks and Zohobooks. These integrations are available out-of-the-box! This means that once you login into ITILITE Expense, with just a few clicks you can configure the integration yourself and pending payments will flow into Sage systems, Freshbooks and Zohobooks seamlessly

Ensure safe travels for your employees

Feature: Vendor integration to get more options for duty of care  

Description: Ensure the safety and security of your employees while they are on their business trips. ITILITE can send traveler information including flight info, layover info, departure/arrival times/dates, hotel info, check-in/check-out dates etc., to the SSF Locator. This information helps the SSF team send relevant guidelines/risk factors for the area the user is traveling to and provide support in case of emergency.

Remind managers to approve expenses automatically

Feature: Automated approval reminders  

Description: Delay in managerial approvals over employee expenses is one of the major reasons for unpredictability when it comes to reimbursing expenses and also closing books on time. Send timely reminders automatically to managers and nudge them to approve expenses and keep all your reimbursements in order.

Aug 2022

Complete control over travel management

Feature: First of its kind travel control panel 

Business Travel Control

Description: Control company-wide travel from a really cool and first of its kind control panel. Set up flight policies, hotel policies, travel modes, travel budgets, company-wide reporting and so much more! Stop depending on response from your travel partner, rather configure your travel program yourself and just do it right away from a single screen!

Never miss travel membership discounts 

Feature: Travel loyalty memberships on profile page

Business Travel flight hotel membership discounts

Description: “Oh no! I forgot to add my frequent flier membership number while making the booking!” “Why is there no place to add my frequent flier number in this booking?” Your travelers can now avoid such situations forever and contribute to savings for the company. Simply get your travelers to add the airline/hotel/car rental membership numbers on their profile pages or you can add the numbers for them as admins. Every booking done will get the advertised discount points guaranteed! Upto 15 such membership numbers can be added! 

Self-configure out-of-the box expense integrations

Feature: Integrate with Oracle and Quickbooks Online

Description: Automate expense management end-to-end by integrating with Oracle and Quickbooks Online. These integrations are available out-of-the-box! This means that once you login into ITILITE Expense, with just a few clicks you can configure the integration yourself and all payments done using ACH or pending will flow into Oracle and Quickbooks seamlessly and vice versa! 

July 2022

Change management made extremely easy

Feature: Unified User Management for Travel and Expense

Description: Change is the only constant at companies. Employees get promoted, they switch departments, business units and even entities. Their roles too change sometimes and maybe there is a new finance admin on the block! It’s cumbersome to go for each minor change to your travel/expense provider. It’s much easier to just toggle switches from a single screen on ITILITE for both travel and expense together. So do that!

Close books faster and reimburse expenses on time

Feature: Automated email reminders to expense approvers

Description: Now send automated reminder emails to the approvers who are slow to approve/reject expense reports. This can be setup on a specific date of your choice – ideally when you are closer to the end of the month and cost accounting kicks in. This saves a lot of time reminding such managers repeatedly to approve/reject expense reports and definitely helps ensure that your books are closed and employees reimbursed ON TIME!

June 2022

Manage Travel and Expense users together from 1 screen

Feature: Unified User Management for Travel and Expense

Unified User Management for Travel & Expense

Description: When new employees join the company or old employees depart, managing that change is extremely easy on ITILITE. With user management for both Travel & Expense from a single screen, you can add new users, delete old ones and activate or deactivate them, as requirements come. You can even provide or revoke Travel or Expense access, depending on requirement. Just do it all yourself! It’s super easy. 

Reimburse employees with a single click in bulk

Feature: ACH payments in Expense

ACH Payments in Expense

Description: Reimburse employees directly in bulk with a single click using ACH payments in Expense (US only). You will save so much time transferring payments to ERP/Accounting softwares and then making the payments. Yet, everything will be accounted for, as these payments are automatically added to your ERP software through seamless integration with ITILITE. Say goodbye to employee enquiries over reimbursements forever! Learn more.

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