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Can I configure GSA Per Diem rates on ITLITE’s Expense Product?

ITILITE’s Per Diem module can automatically calculate the per diem allowance based on the city and dates entered by users, according to GSA rates.

While configuration to enable per diem module is available to all admins under settings tab. However, admins looking for GSA Rates will have to write to support@itilite.com to configure GSA rates as this is not a part of our standard configurations. 

Key Features of ITILITE’s GSA Per Diem Module 

  • For admins: 
    • No Manual intervention: ITILITE will automatically fetch per diem rates from the GSA website on a periodic basis, so you won’t have to do the manual task. 🙂 
    • Complete Accuracy: Based on city and dates entered by the user. ITILITE will auto-calculate the total per diem allowance as per the applicable rates. Hence leaving to changes of miss calculator or anomalies. 
    • Added configurations: Additionally, you can configure a default per diem rate for non-standard areas and choose if per diem module needs to be setup on specific employee groups as well. 
  • For Users
    • Faster & Simpler expense filing: Users have to enter their travel dates and location. ITILITE will automatically fetch per diem rate as per location and calculate the total allowance based on the number of days. 
    • On-the-go filing: Per Diem module is available on both our web and mobile applications. 

What’s not possible today? 

  • ITILITE does not currently offer a per diem based on M&IE deductions. Meaning,  If your company mandates per diem calculations based on meals and incidentals, we do not have that module as of yet.

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