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Our commitment to help you with data protection and compliance

ITILITE enables GDPR support for all customers worldwide

TILITE ensures conformance to global regulations and industry practices to maintain the privacy and security of its customer’s data. All our products provide GDPR-ready capabilities to help our customers meet their compliance obligations. ITILITE extends these capabilities not only to customers in the European Union(EU) but to all our customers worldwide.

To strengthen an individual’s rights to privacy, the European Union brought about the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR, fortifying existing directives on data protection. The Regulation issued by the European Union applies to businesses processing personal data of European residents and has been in force since 25th May 2018.

ITILITE commitment to the GDPR

ITILITE being a custodian of customers’ data, a Zero-Trust model of security architecture, robust product delivery, and a highly resilient service platform are the key tenets of its service delivery.


Fair and Transparent processing of all client data with data access requests in place


Implement “Security By Design” across all our products to protect & secure client data


Streamlined processes to help our clients meet compliance requirements

7 Key Principles for the GDPR

The GDPR encourages businesses to be responsible for an individual’s data. By ensuring the protection and privacy of this data, businesses earn customer trust and they are likely to engage better with the business. GDPR provides a framework for businesses to standardize and regularize real-world security and privacy needs of an individual’s data used for business purposes. The key principles which the GDPR requires businesses to operate on are:

Lawful, fair and transparent processing

Emphasizes transparency for all individuals and businesses alike. The company collecting user data must be absolutely clear as to why data is being collected and what it will be used for.

Purpose of collection

Businesses should collect sensitive consumer data only for selective purposes. Data collected for specific purposes should not be further processed in a manner incompatible with the above mentioned purpose.

Data minimization

Ensure data captured is adequate, relevant and limited. Based on this principle, organizations must ensure they store a minimum amount of consumer data only specific to company regulations.

Accurate processing

Data controllers must ensure information remains accurate, valid and fit for purpose. To comply, organizations must institute processes and policies to address how they maintain the data that is being processed.

Storage limit based on identification

Companies that collect user data must have full control over its storage and use within the company. This includes implementing and enforcing data retention policies and preventing unauthorized movement and storage of data to safeguard it in accordance with the above mentioned policies.

High levels of security

An organization collecting and processing data is solely responsible for implementing appropriate security measures to protect the individual’s data.

Accountability and liability

Organizations must be able to demonstrate the adoption of necessary steps to protect an individual’s data, and be able to pull up every step within the GDPR strategy as evidence.

Frequently asked questions {FAQs}

Can I use only one of the Travel or Expense product?

Absolutely. You can opt for only Travel or only Expense reimbursement product. However, using an integrated travel and expense solution gives you multiple additional benefits e.g. finance teams get visibility into who has travelled but not yet filed expense, helping them provision better or set automatic nudges for expense filing. See here for more benefits of an integrated T&E system.

Is there a fixed or minimum monthly charge?

No, there is no minimum monthly fee commitment. You pay exactly as per your usage in both travel and expense.

Is there any extra charge for travel bookings that need change or support?

No, all your trips, whether booked online or with the help of our support channels have only one fixed trip fee. There is no additional fee for modifications or support requests within the same trip.

What will be the mode of payment for my plan?

ITILITE offers three payment options: ITILITE cards and other corporate cards a pre-paid wallet, and personal cards. You can choose any of these payment methods.

Is ITILITE suitable for companies of my size?

We have happy customers ranging from 25 people startups to multi geography Fortune 500 companies, across industries. Our product is flexible and intuitive to be configured for your company’s needs. We mix the convenience of a consumer product with the controls of an enterprise product.

How long does it take to get started?

You can onboard your company yourself within 15 minutes, or choose to work with your dedicated account manager to get started in less than 24 hours.

Is there a setup fee to get started?

No, there is no setup fee. You can onboard your company yourself within 15 minutes, or choose to work with your dedicated account manager to get started. If you opt for paid add-ons e.g. integrations with your other company systems, there may be fee for those add-ons.

What is included in the per trip price for travel booking ?

Per trip pricing is the most simple and transparent fee for travel. You pay once for a full travel request which may contain multiple flights and hotel bookings. There is no additional fee for contacting support, cancellations or making changes in the itinerary any number of times.

Is there any extra charge for using ITILITE partner cards?

No, there is no extra charge for signing up with ITILITE partner cards or any kind of recurring charges. You can issue unlimited virtual and physical cards to your employees at no additional cost.

Are there any limits to the number of flights, hotels, and car rentals we can book in one itinerary?

No limits exist on the number of flight legs, hotels, and car rentals booked in a single trip. You can book as many as you want without incurring any additional fee.

How can I unlock $6.99 per trip pricing?

You can opt for the pre-paid wallet as the payment method and unlock $6.99 per trip pricing. You can bank transfer or ACH the amount to load the wallet. This is only applicable for Travel or Integrated Travel & Expense product.


What is GDPR?

A digital future can only be built based on trust. The General Data Protection Regulation or the GDPR is a key component in building this trust, when it comes to managing and regulating the data that companies work with. It aims’ is to simplify and standardise regulatory environments, so that users can have maximum control over their personal data, and both the business and the user can benefit.

The GDPR encourages businesses to be responsible about an individual’s data. By ensuring the protection and privacy of this data, businesses are likely to engage better with consumers. GDPR, thus, provides a framework for companies to standardize and regularize real-world security and privacy needs of an individual’s data to the best of their capacity.

GDPR compliance practices at ITILITE is supported by 6 principles:


Commitment to the optimization of service efficiency with highly resilient, secure and scalable systems for collecting, storing and processing data, to deliver business value at the highest standard.


Compliance requirements mapped in line with customer and partner awareness, that ensures watertight data protection measures all across the company.


Tracking business performance through continuous improvement loops, adapting best practices, and innovating while benchmarking against industry standards.

Protecting your data

A multi faceted approach towards keeping the customer’s data safe, with robust, watertight policies, strict authorization and security initiatives for both, data at rest and data in transit.

Secure Product Build

The ITILITE platform comes enabled with end to end automated security for each consumer touch point, for fair, transparent and streamlined processes

High Resilient Architecture

Built and backed by tech stacks that are regularly updated, making for highly resilient architecture that always keeps business growth as top priority

Some aspects of the GDPR program at Itilite

Individual Rights, Subject Access, and Communication

Itilite GDPR program thoroughly evaluates how Itilite, both as a data controller and processor is placed with its existing procedures for readiness to, provide rights of individuals under GDPR and, assist customers in responding to data access requests from individuals.

Lawful processing
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Simplify your travel and expense management process!

Simplify your travel and expense management process!