Traveling for team meeting? Get flat 2% cashback on group bookings

Traveling for team meeting?
Get flat 2% cashback on group bookings

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5x faster expense reimbursements

Expedite the spend reimbursement process through faster filing of expenses and automated audits

Establish control, mitigate risks

A comprehensive expense management solution that helps you establish internal controls on the expense reimbursement process and mitigate the risk of processing incorrect expense claims

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Enable lightning-fast expense reimbursements

Create GL-based categories

Facilitate smooth flow of expense data from ITILITE to ERP by creating unlimited General Ledger (GL) based categories

Speed-up Payouts

Reimburse expenses directly into employee bank accounts with a single click using ACH (US only) payments.

Automate ERP Updates

Automate payment updates to your ERP/ Accounting software with seamless integrations.

Simplify the expense filing process

Simplify expense management
Digitize Expense Receipts

Empower employees with smart scanning of receipts with in-built OCR technology that can read receipts and create draft expenses

File Using Existing Cards

File expenses faster using your existing personal/corporate credit and debit cards. Add yours from 10,000+ bank options on ITILITE.

Automate expenses for travel

Enable auto-creation of draft expenses for flights, hotels and rental cars when employees complete travel bookings on ITILITE Travel

Simplify expense management

Automate policy compliance and audit checks

Flag out-of-policy spends

Pre-setup expense policies by categories and let employees know if they are filing any expense that is outside policy limits.

Automate Audit and Fraud Detection

Prevent expense fraud by flagging duplicate receipts, weekend spends, and out-of-policy expenses.

Create an Audit trail

Capture approval flows & leave comments against each expense rejected or approved

Identify trends in employee spending with real time insights

Schedule Custom Reports

Understand your employees’ spending behaviour by scheduling custom reports to your inbox or build custom dashboards

Predict Expenses

Predict future expenses by getting visibility on draft expenses your employees are yet to file.

Live visibility of reimbursement cycles

Dig deeper into reimbursement processes by getting a live view of time taken to file, approve and reimburse expenses to identify trends.

Interconnected systems streamline flow of travel & expense data


Self-configure out-of-box integrations with leading ERP systems like Quickbooks, Oracle, Sage, Freshbooks, Zohobooks & many more.


Integrate with all leading HRIS and SSO systems such as Darwinbox, Bamboo HR, Google, Azure ADFS and so many more!


Get travel data to flow automatically from ITILITE Travel and view all travel-related expenses together. Know more.

The expense side has been flawless and helpful in managing expenses and allows us to turn around and reimburse our employees for expenses quicker than ever before
THS, Chief of Staff

Best in class features so that you don’t miss out on anything

Pay per use Model
Pay per use Model

No setup fee, no monthly commit
-ment and no hidden costs. Pay only when a user files an expense or submits an expense reports

Automated reminders
Automated reminders

Remind employees to file expenses and managers to approve automatically

Custom Expense Categories
Custom Expense Categories

Create and manage custom expense categories per your business requirement

Add Per Diems
Add Per Diems

Configure per diem rates and custom fields required for the submitter to file per diem expenses.

Mileage Tracking
Mileage Tracking
Enable employees to file expenses based on the mileage rates you set-up
24×7 Support
24×7 Support

Avail 24×7 human-powered customer support through calls, chats, and emails.

Easy Setup
Easy Setup

Get started with ITILITE Expense in hours, not weeks.

Integrate with existing cards
Integrate with existing cards

Access 10,000+ credit/debit cards and file for fuel expenses hassle-free with Wex cards


Manage and pay cash advances to employees or departments for vendor payments

Manage your team's expenses the right way

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Get a comprehensive expense management platform and streamline your employee expense reimbursement process.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Does itilite enable reimbursement of only travel related expenses?

No. The reimbursement software of itilite enables a company to reimburse any type of expense. For example, expenses like Training Program Fees and software Purchase Reimbursements can also be easily reimbursed on Itilite.

How do reimbursement approvals work in itilite?

itilite offers two critical capabilities for approvals:

  • Rule-based approvals
  • Multi-level approvals


Once a user submits a reimbursement request, approvals are automatically routed to designated approver(s) based on the rules set up. Once approved, each request lands in the Payout queue for the Accounting / Accounts Payable team to audit it.

How can digitizing expense reimbursement through itilite save time?

itilite helps reduce the time consumed in each reimbursement step. For example,

  • Users spend 80% less time filing requests due to features like Automated Receipt Scanning using OCR, Automated Credit Card reading, and Email forwarding expense creation
  • Approvers spend less than 1 minute to approve because of intuitive approval notifications, outside policy tagging that reduces time to review
  • Accounts Payable team’s work is reduced by >50% due to features like ACH payouts and ERP integrations (itilite integrates with all major ERPs such as Netsuite, SAP, Oracle, etc.) 
What features does itilite offer that help me reduce reimbursement leakages?

Two of the core features of itilite—out-of-policy tagging and fraud detection—help reduce leakages. The software automatically tags expenses as Duplicates/out-of-policy so that Approvers and Accounts Payable teams can prioritize them for review.

Does itilite integrate with Credit Card feed to simplify reimbursement?

Yes, itilite is pre-integrated with all major Credit Card programs and banks.

Can you scan the receipts automatically?

Yes. The itilite mobile application offers OCR-based receipt scanning (with among the highest accurate read rates).

Do you integrate with accounting systems?

Yes. itilite integrates with all major accounting systems (e.g., Netsuite, SAP, Oracle) and other enterprise systems such as HRMS, SSO, CRM, etc. 

Can I customize reimbursement rules per my company's expense policy?

itilite offers a customizable and intuitive rule engine for reimbursements. As the Platform Administrator, you can follow the below steps:

  • Go to "Settings" -> "Expense" -> "Policies" 
  • Choose applicable employee groups or departments to which the policy should apply, and set up the rule
Does itilite support reimbursements in multiple currencies?

Yes, a user can apply for expense reimbursement incurred in any currency. The software automatically converts the amount back to the user's reimbursement currency. itilite can also enable companies with employees in multiple countries and set up the platform so that different sets of employees can be paid in different currencies. For example, a US-based employee can be paid in USD, and a German-based employee can be paid in EUR.

For reimbursing employees, what payment methods does itilite support?

Companies can pay employees with a Single Click, using itilite’s ACH payment method. Alternatively, they can download a Payout file for their ERP / Bank Account and make payments. For ACH payments, users must register their bank accounts on the itilite platform. The platform then verifies their account details. Once verified, payouts can be done to the user account using ACH transfer.

Simplify your travel and expense management process!

Simplify your travel and expense management process!