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All About ITILITE Flight Re-shopping

How does the “Price Drop and Re-shop” feature work?

The “Price drop and Re-shop” feature allows you to save big bucks on flights even after the bookings have been made. Once you book a flight with ITILITE, the system monitors the price of your flight from the date of booking till the date of the journey. During this course, if there is a drop, the system will automatically cancel the current booking and re-book the flight at the new dropped price. Afterward, the amount saved due to the re-booking will be credited to the company’s account.

Will there be any changes in my flight or cabin?

Re-shopping tickets will not lead to any changes in your flight, itinerary, or cabin. The only thing that might change is your PNR number

What happens if I have booked the seat?

If you have proffered or pre-booked your seat, the ITILITE system will not re-shop your flight.

Can I select/upgrade a seat after re-shopping?

Yes. Once the ITILITE system has re-shopped your flight tickets, you can select and upgrade your seat with the new PNR.

Can I reschedule my flight after re-shopping?

Yes. You can reschedule your flight after the ITILITE system has re-shopped your flight. You will have to use the new PNR for the rescheduling.

Will the refund and cancellation policy remain the same for re-shopped flights?

Yes. The ticket type will remain the same after re-booking. So, the refund and cancellation policies will also remain the same.

Will the platform ask me to re-enter my details for re-shopping?

You do not need to re-enter your details for re-shopping. The ITILITE system will pick up the initially entered particulars automatically.

Where can I find the updated ticket?

You can find the updated ticket on the “Travel Dashboard.” Here’s how to do that:

Step 1) log in to your ITILITE account. You will be able to view your Travel Dashboard.

Step 2) The “Upcoming Trips” section of the travel dashboard contains the trip details. All the re-booked flights have an orange-colored “Timer” icon in the “Voucher“ column. If you click on this icon, the “Voucher History” popup will appear. In the popup, you can find the new vouchers under the “Active Vouchers” section. You can also find the old voucher under the “Archived Voucher” section.

You can find the updated ticket in the mobile app by following the same steps. Other than that, you can find the updated ticket attached in the alert email you receive after re-booking.

Are there any alerts for re-bookings?

You will get an email alert and a mobile push notification once your flight ticket is re-shopped.

Do I need to send the re-booked flight option for approval again?

No, you do not need to send the re-booked flight for approval because the re-shopping price will always be lower than the original price, and there will be no other change in the itinerary.

Is the reward functionality applicable to re-shopping?

Yes. the reward functionality is applicable on the re-shopped flights. When your flight gets re-shopped for a lower price, the savings will increase, and the rewards will be calculated on the increased amount of savings. Hence, re-shopping will lead to higher rewards.

How many times will the re-shopping happen?

Re-shopping happens only once for a single flight leg. So, if you are traveling one way to a single city, your flight will be re-shopped only once for the entire trip. However, if you are traveling to multiple cities in a single trip or going for a round-trip, re-shopping can happen for each flight you take based on availability.

Are there any additional fees for re-shopping?

No. The ITILITE platform does not charge any extra cancellation or re-booking fees.

Is the “Price Drop and Re-shop” feature available on hotel bookings?

No. The “Price Drop and Re-shop” feature is only available on flight ticket bookings currently.

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