Traveling for team meeting? Get flat 2% cashback on group bookings

Traveling for team meeting?
Get flat 2% cashback on group bookings

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Save money on every business trip

Find tech-enabled opportunities to save money automatically when employees travel for work

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Multiple ways to save travel costs on ITILITE

Lower travel costs & share part of the savings with employees as incentives

Reduce your total travel costs by displaying a “budget-to-beat” when employees start booking trips and split the saved amount with them when they choose travel options lower than that budget. Permanently change their behaviour towards travel costs.

Book more flights well before the date of travel

Flash exciting rewards to employees and get them to book their flights well-in-advance leading to better overall flight & hotel rates for your company.

Automatically re-book when price drops

Automatically re-book your flights post booking when price drops without impacting the experience of the traveler. They get the same flight, seat and cabin.

Add unused flight credits on bookings

Ensure every dollar spent on travel is used. Save unused flight credits from canceled trips for future use. Get visibility of credits not being used through a custom report.

Increase usage of company negotiated rates

Add as many flights, hotels & car rentals where you have negotiated rates into the system. These rates are displayed as preferred options to your travelers.

Complimentary service to get new negotiated rates

Want to add more negotiated rates into the system but not sure how to go about it? No worries, because we also negotiate the best rates for you at no additional cost.

Automate compliance to travel guidelines

Set up simple or elaborate guidelines on the platform - everything is possible. Employees see what’s out-of-policy while booking. Multi-level & rule-based approvals ensure 100% guideline compliant bookings. 

50% faster bookings and no more reimbursements

Powered by AI, the booking experience is so personalized, employees will love how they book their travel and will book every time on ITILITE. Ability to pay centrally means you can save time by eliminating travel reimbursements.

Automate insights on invisible gaps in travel spending using AI

Updated policies and approval flows for additional savings based on automated insights delivered using AI-powered Mastermind.

Lower your travel fee and eliminate hidden costs

Reduce per trip transaction costs by up to half of what you pay with your current solution. Get free of cost custom reporting and free support 24x7. Simple pricing - no subscription fee and no hidden costs associated.

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Watch how employee rewards helps your company save travel costs

ITILITE has provided flat rate booking fees, and has helped us secure additional cost savings directly from the major carriers.
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Simplify your travel and expense management process!

Simplify your travel and expense management process!