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How can I book a car rental for my trip?

On the ITILITE platform, you can add a car rental booking to an existing trip itinerary, or create a stand-alone car rental booking. There are several ways of doing this, as explained below.

Adding a stand-alone car rental:

  1. In the Travel section on the page to create a new trip, users can find an option to switch from Flight to Car.
  2. The option to Book Car is also present on the top Navigation bar, if this option was opted for during creating the company.

Adding car to existing trip in the following ways:

  1. After completion of booking flight and/or hotel, you can find the button to add a car to the same itinerary.
  2. After completion of booking, you can add a car to the itinerary right from the dashboard. Located below the booked leg details, there is an option to add car booking to the trip itinerary.
  3. You can also link the car booking to a created trip, before the other travel legs have been booked. This can be done on the car rental page where search is created. The existing trip-ID needs to be selected at the top of the page while creating the car booking.

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