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Webinar Recording: Getting your Workplace Started on the Right​ Note

The World Health Organization says that the Coronavirus will be a part of our lives for a long time to come. In that context, restoring regular operations will not be as easy a matter as it may seem, in this new world. If we are to rally back, the future will have to be a […]

Value Creation for Strategic Alliance

The post pandemic economy is going through a K shape path as a result of which companies on the upswing, have to adopt a very different strategy than firms that are on a lower momentum of growth right now. In our second episode of “Top Drawer Travel Talks” we sat down with Bhupender Tomar, the group […]

The Changing Landscape of Expense Management [Webinar]

The world of business expense management is changing fast. As companies start their automation journey, they have many questions about digitizing their finance processes. So, we invited industry leaders and organized a webinar on The Changing Landscape of Expense Management in collaboration with Accounting & Finance Show Asia and Terrapin. Denis Caes ( Finance Director, APAC, Scoular), Deepak […]

Winning Travel with Data in the Post Pandemic Era

Digitalization has made it increasingly easier for organizations to ensure data visibility not only for employee safety but also to streamline the internal processes. Real time data visibility in this post pandemic world can help us understand and track the travel spend while also safeguarding the system from any incidents of fraud. However, collating large […]

Simplify your travel and expense management process!

Simplify your travel and expense management process!