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How to dispute a transaction?

To dispute a transaction, reach out to our support promptly via email at cardsupport@itilite.com

Specify the details of the disputed transaction:

  • Transaction Date
  • Transaction Amount
  • Description of the Transaction
  • Merchant Name
  • Last 4 digits of the Card Number
  • Cardholder Name

Choose the relevant dispute category:

  • Did not authorize this transaction
  • The amount of transaction differs from the amount billed
  • Duplicate Charge
  • Paid for by other means
  • Did not receive goods or services
  • Goods or services not as described
  • Attach any evidence or supporting documents related to the dispute, such as receipts, screenshots, or relevant communication.

If you suspect fraudulent activity or if your card is lost or stolen, it is advisable to temporarily secure your card

We are committed to resolving your dispute efficiently and appreciate your cooperation in providing the necessary information.

Thank you for choosing ITILITE Cards!

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