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Why are the transactions not invoiced in the same order as they happened ?

For invoicing or billing the transactions, depending on the type of transaction, there are many details required, such as transaction price, supplier’s legal name and tax details, relevant tax details of the client etc. itilite uses various suppliers for booking flights, hotels etc. In some cases, all the required details for billing are available at the time of transactions, in some other cases, these details follow later. In some cases, we can use details available at the time of transaction for billing, but in some other cases, itilite verifies the details before billing the transaction.

This implies that based on the combination of the type of transaction, the type of vendor and the type of client, some transactions will get billed sooner than others, even though they may have happened at a later time, which is why transactions are not invoiced in the same order as they happened.

In the billing section of the itilite platform, the client admin can see the different serial numbers for trip creation, trip transaction and billing, and get complete visibility of the order of transaction.


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