How to configure mileage rates?

Follow the steps to configure mileage rates based on your company policy

  • Go to Settings → Expense → Mileage → Mileage Rates

  • To add a new mileage rate, click on “Add Mileage Rate”

  • Here you can configure mileage type and rate as per your company policy.

Mileage type: You can select from the existing options (two-wheeler/four-wheeler) or you can choose to add a new mileage type by clicking on “add new mileage type”

After selecting mileage type, you can mention the rate per distance unit (for example: if your policy entitles users to claim 0.5 dollar per mile then you can enter 0.5 in the “Rate per mile” section and click on “Add”


  1. Default unit of distance is calculated in Miles. If you’d like to change this to kilometers, please reach out to or your itilite account manager.
  2. You can also configure policies and approvals for mileage expenses just like any other expenses. Click here to know how it works.

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