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How do I update my mobile number?

  • Mobile number can be changed from the “Profile” section of your ITILITE account. Refer to the screenshot below to navigate to your Profile.

  • Please update your mobile number in the Phone number field
  • Valid Phone numbers
    • General
        – Phone number must be at least 7 and a maximum of 15 digits long depending upon the country
    • USA
        – Must be a 10 digit number
        Area codes start with a number 2–9, followed by 0–8, and then any third digit.
        – The second group of three digits, known as the central office or exchange code, starts with a number 2–9, followed by any two digits.
        – The final four digits, known as the station code, have no restrictions
    • India
        – Must be a 10 digit number

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