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Digitizing Business Travel? It’s possible to miss the mark!

Traveling for Business Without Internet I remember the not-so-tech-savvy days of...

Brijesh Mohan January 25, 2023
Airline Price Re-Shop

Why flight price re-shopping could be a gamechanger for you

Ever been in a situation where you’ve booked a flight and...

Shashank Gupta January 24, 2023

Automation Anywhere India streamlines travel management using ITILITE

Automation Anywhere uses ITILITE travel management Automation Anywhere India partners with...

Debadrita Banik March 02, 2022

How To Increase Your Employee Net Promoter Score?

Know how to improve your employee net promoter score.

Megha Laroia February 08, 2022

Getting Back To Corporate Travel Planning Post-Covid (+Free Travel Authorization Form)

See how you can put together a successful travel plan post-Covid.

Megha Laroia January 13, 2022

Top Business Travel Trends of 2022

As we enter 2022, here is the direction in which travel industry is moving in.

Megha Laroia January 05, 2022

How To Create Business Travel Request Form (+Free Template)

Get a customizable business travel request form that you can share with employees.

Megha Laroia December 21, 2021

A Handy Guide For International Business Etiquettes

Know global business etiquettes that will help you build strong relations with clients.

Megha Laroia December 09, 2021

Corporate Travel Itinerary Templates For A Successful Trip

Corporate travel itinerary templates that you can use right away!

Megha Laroia December 03, 2021

A global sports brand enhances travel experience by 1.5x with ITILITE

A global sports brand which focuses on injecting speed and agility...

Debadrita Banik November 17, 2021

15 Best Gifts For Business Travelers In 2023

Here are some gift ideas for business travelers - they are useful and trendy!

Megha Laroia November 09, 2021
All about corporate travel cards

6 Benefits Of Using Corporate Travel Cards In Your Travel Program

Know the benefits of using corporate travel cards in your travel program.

Megha Laroia November 03, 2021

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