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11 Best Gifts For Business Travelers In 2021

gift for business travelers

Travel is back but business travel is not what it used to be. There are certain things that are needed to stay organized and safe. If you want to present gifts to someone who is constantly on business trips, working in planes, trains, or hotels, we have got you covered. In this blog, we will discuss the best gifts for business travelers. These gifts will make their lives a lot easier and productive. It will also make them feel comfortable, healthy, and enjoy their trip to the fullest. Read on!

List Of 11 Useful Gifts For Business Travelers

Here’s a list of all the business traveler gifts – they are useful and trendy! (While there are many options in the marketplace for each product, we have tried to provide the links to the products of the highest quality and at affordable prices.)

1. Compact Travel Pillow

This could be one of the best gifts for business travelers, especially if they travel abroad frequently. A customizable pillow can offer a great amount of support to the head and back and prevent stiff necks during long train trips and flights. The traveler will be able to sleep peacefully on flights. And it’s compact i.e. easy to pack inside your laptop bag or carry-on luggage. 

Buy here at $29.99.

2. Airplane Footrest

The seats in an airplane are of different heights and widths. An adjustable airplane footrest will help the traveler elevate her feet off the ground. They will not have to keep their feet in the same stiff position throughout the flight. A footrest will help them align their feet and legs into a more comfortable position. It will turn their economy travel into a first-class experience. 

Buy here at $15.98.

3. Travel phone sanitizer

This is the perfect gift to a business traveler. A phone is a hotspot for germs and bacteria. A travel phone sanitizer will help the traveler get rid of the germs in minutes.

The travel phone sanitizer can also be used to sanitize credit cards, keys, and anything that fits inside the box. All they need to do is to plug it into an outlet, place their phone inside it and wait for a few minutes and they get an almost 100% germ-free device. It also has the feature of charging all the phones, so no need to worry if they forget the charger at home.  

Buy here at $79.95.

4. Portable luggage system

There are many portable luggage systems in the market that can help a traveler pack their luggage in an organized manner. They have different compartments for clean, dirty, or unused clothes. Therefore, there is no need to unpack when on a business trip, with limited bandwidth. You can hang the expandable bag, fill in your clothes, and then collapse and latch it again to turn it into a suitcase.

So, when the travelers reach their destination, all they need to do is rehang it and they will have all items neatly stored and easily accessible. There’s even a separate section for shoes. 

Buy here at $31.99.

5. Travel accessories case

A good travel accessories case will ensure that all accessories – jewelry or cufflinks – are in place when the traveler needs them. It will help them keep their accessories in an organized way and scratch-free. You can even personalize this gift by adding a monogram.

Buy here at $26.99.

6. Hotspot (Wi-fi on the go)

This is one of the most useful gifts that you can present to a frequent traveler. With a wireless hotspot, travelers don’t need to buy a sim card in any country they visit for accessing data or the internet.

Whether they want to work from their hotel room or in a coffee shop, a hotspot provides unlimited LTE data and internet access. It can become the most trustable companion for a business traveler who might need data to find routes or work in the middle of the road. 

Buy here.

7. Eyeglasses

With business travel being glued to laptops or phone screens most of the time, giving them anti-glare eyeglasses will be the perfect gift. You can have the non-prescription lenses in the glasses and gift them for the protection of their eyes. It will let the travelers have a healthy relationship with their devices and support their total well-being. Also, glasses are trendy these days.

Buy here at $95.00.

8. Camera

A sleek, lightweight, and easy-to-use camera that helps business travelers click professional photos can be a great idea for gifting. They don’t have to carry bulky DSLR cameras and click their travel photos easily with such a camera. 

Buy here at $69.00.

9. Headphones or Bluetooth Headset

A pair of headphones or a Bluetooth headset can be a great gift for business travelers. They not only have external noise cancellation but also help them stay connected by being accessible – whether they are walking through an airport or boarding a cab. They also have wireless charging so that travelers can stay powered up. 

Buy here at $199.

10. Personalized luggage tags

A personalized luggage tag with the name of the traveler on it can be a good gift. It makes the travel bags look trendy. Also, it helps the business traveler avoid the frustration of grabbing the wrong bag or losing luggage during travel. There are various varieties of luggage tags available in the marketplace – lightweight, durable, and stylish. 

Buy here at $12.88.

11. Business card holder

During a business trip, the traveler would meet a lot of people – new and old. Having a business card holder would help them put their business cards in it and also store the cards they receive safely. They may require to contact their connections in the future; a business card holder can come in handy then. One can also customize the business cardholders. 

Buy here at $6.99.

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