Best Alternatives to Navan

Navan, formerly known as TripActions, has become a popular choice for business travel management. People have enjoyed using it due to its comprehensive features, user-friendly interface, and robust support services. However, with the evolving business travel landscape, companies seek other solutions that might better fit their specific needs. We’ll check out the best alternatives to Navan with competitive pricing, better travel options, and unique and new features unavailable in Navan. 

In 2024, several Navan alternatives are making waves in the industry. They offer innovative, state-of-the-art solutions for seamless corporate travel management

Here, we explore the five best alternatives to Navan to help streamline your travel operations while optimizing cost and convenience.

What are the Navan Alternatives for 2024?

Every business travel management tool has its own set of perks and benefits. However, there are 5 better alternatives to Navan that you can invest in. Mentioned below are the 5 best alternatives to Navan: 

1. itilite

In the realm of business travel management, itilite has emerged as one of the best alternatives to Navan. itilite is one of the leading and pioneering travel management companies that offers a robust, tech-driven solution that caters to businesses’ diverse needs. It is a unified and centralized travel and expense management platform that offers comprehensive solutions. With itilite, you can seamlessly automate your travel and expense management process without wasting too much time. Founded with the goal of making business travel hassle-free, itilite leverages a modern technological solution that integrates travel booking, expense management, and analytics into a single, user-friendly platform.

Additionally, the state-of-the-art features of itilite can help your organization save up to 30% of your total travel costs. itilite also ensures 100% policy compliance with cost-efficient travel inventory. 

Exploring the Important Features of itilite

1. Unified Travel and Expense Management

itilite offers an integrated platform where businesses can seamlessly manage travel bookings and expenses. This unification eliminates the need for separate systems, thereby reducing administrative burden and improving efficiency.

2. AI-Driven Booking Engine

The platform employs artificial intelligence to provide personalized travel recommendations. By analyzing user preferences and corporate policies, the Navan alternative itilite AI-driven engine suggests the best travel options that ensure compliance and cost-effectiveness.

3. Mobile App Accessibility

itilite mobile app allows users to manage their travel plans and expenses on the go. The app supports booking, itinerary management, and real-time expense tracking. This makes  itilite convenient for travelers to handle their travel needs from anywhere.

4. Automated Expense Reporting

As one of the best alternatives to Navan, the itilite platform automates the expense reporting process. This significantly reduces the time and effort required to file expense reports. Receipts can be uploaded and matched automatically, ensuring accuracy and compliance.

5. Policy Compliance and Approval Workflows

With itilite, you can ensure compliance with corporate travel policies through customizable approval workflows. Managers can easily review and approve travel requests, ensuring all bookings adhere to company guidelines.

6. Advanced Analytics and Reporting

itilite provides insights into travel spending patterns with detailed analytics and reporting features. Businesses can leverage this data to make informed decisions, optimize travel budgets, and identify cost-saving opportunities.

7. Round the Clock Support

itilite offers round-the-clock customer support to assist travelers with any issues they may encounter during their trips. Assistance is offered to travelers even outside working hours and during the weekends. 

8. Global Network and Negotiated Rates

itilite has contacts with a vast network of airlines and hotels across the globe. Hence, it offers negotiated rates and discounted deals while booking. 

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2. Travel Bank 

Travel Bank is also considered as one of the best alternatives to Navan. TravelBank has gained recognition as a versatile and efficient platform that meets the needs of modern businesses. As companies seek alternatives to Navan, TravelBank offers a compelling suite of features that streamline travel booking, expense management, and budgeting. 

Important features of Travel Bank

1. Integrated Travel Booking 

TravelBank offers an extensive inventory of flights, hotels, and rental cars, allowing users to book their entire trip through one platform.

2. Rewards Program

One of TravelBank’s unique features is its rewards program. Employees can earn rewards for booking cost-effective travel options. 

3. Mobile App

The TravelBank mobile app enables users to manage their travel and expenses on the go.

4. Budget Management 

Travel Bank includes a budget management feature that allows businesses to set travel budgets and track spending in real time. 

3. CWT

Another one of the best alternatives to Navan is CWT. CWT is a global travel management company that provides comprehensive business travel solutions. With a presence in over 150 countries, CWT offers a wide range of services, including travel booking, expense management, and travel risk management.

Important features of CWT

1. Global Reach and Local Expertise

CWT’s extensive global network ensures businesses can access travel services and support wherever they operate. 

2. Integrated Travel Booking 

The platform offers a seamless travel booking experience, with access to a vast inventory of flights, hotels, and rental cars. 

3.  Travel Risk Management

The platform provides comprehensive travel risk management services, including real-time alerts, traveler tracking, and emergency support. 

4. Mobile App

CWT’s to Go mobile app allows travelers to manage their trips on the go. They can make bookings, manage itineraries, and more.

4. SAP Concur

SAP Concur is a leading player in the travel and expense management industry. It integrates travel booking, expense tracking, and invoice processing into a single platform. This makes it a strong contender as one of the best alternatives to Navan. 

Important features of SAP Concur

1. Online Booking Tool 

SAP Concur offers a centralized platform that lets its users book flights, cars, and rental cars.  

2. Policy Compliance

SAP Concur platform ensures travel policy compliance by defining and enforcing travel policies with strict rules and guidelines. 

3. Single Dashboard

In SAP Concur’s platform, travel and finance managers can see all the travel information through the consolidated dashboard. 

4. Integrated Apps

SAP Concur’s platform is integrated with other apps such as Uber, QuickBooks, Thrust Carbon, and many more. 

5. Travel Perk 

Last but not least, Travel Perk is one of the best alternatives to Navan. It caters to the ever-evolving needs of business travel and has an industry-leading inventory. It’s an all-in-one platform that provides travelers with the freedom to book according to their preferences. It has established itself as one of the most preferred travel choices. 

Important features of Travel Perk

1. Centralized Travel Management

Travel Perk has a centralized platform where users can book all travel options such as flights, hotels, car rentals or any other ground transportation. 

2. Data Analytics and Insights

The detailed analytics and insights provided by Travel Perk is beneficial for travel managers and admins to identify any spends or patterns. 

3. Business Travel Benefits

As a Navan alternative, Travel Perk offers several travel benefits such as Green Perk and Flexi Perk. Green Perk lets you calculate your carbon footprint and Flexi Perk lets you cancel the flights and get 80% refund. 

4. Unlimited Users

Travel Perk’s platform lets you add unlimited users and admins for zero extra cost. 

Choose from the Best Alternatives to Navan 

There is no doubt that business travel is constantly evolving. Choosing the right travel management platform that caters to all your business needs is essential. Out of all the best Navan alternatives we have listed in this blog, itilite stands out with its robust and unique features. From its user-friendly interface to round-the-clock travel support, Itilite caters to all your business travel requirements. 

itilite is a modern and SaaS-based travel management company that helps companies and travelers make business travel seamless. Right from the time business travel is announced till the time travelers return back, everything is taken care of. The robust platform of itilite provides you with access to data analytics and a virtual travel consultant called Mastermind, and you gain up to 30% off on your travel costs. Moreover, we provide 24/7/365 travel support in case of any emergencies. 

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