Best Corporate Codes for Hotels

Hotel corporate codes are special discount codes hotels provide to companies, offering reduced rates for business travelers. These codes are part of negotiated agreements between hotels and companies. They help provide cost savings and added benefits such as free Wi-Fi, complimentary breakfast, or late check-out. 

Employees use the best corporate codes for hotels when booking accommodations to access discounted rates. Corporate codes help companies manage travel budgets more effectively and ensure consistent, affordable lodging options for their traveling employees. They also simplify the booking process and enhance the overall travel experience for business travelers.

This blog is a comprehensive guide to the top corporate codes for hotels.

Who can use Corporate Codes?

The best hotel corporate codes are typically available to employees of the companies that have negotiated agreements with the hotel chains. It includes:

  1. Employees of Partner Companies

Only company employees with a corporate agreement with the hotel chain can use the corporate codes. For example, an IBM employee can use the IBM-specific corporate code at participating hotels.

  1. Contractors and Consultants

In some cases, contractors, consultants, or other affiliates working with the partner company may also be eligible to use the corporate codes, depending on the agreement terms between the company and the hotel.

  1. Family Members (Sometimes)

Some corporate agreements may extend benefits to employees’ immediate family members, allowing them to use the corporate codes when traveling with or on behalf of the employee.

  1. Corporate Partners and Clients

Certain agreements may include provisions for corporate partners or clients to use the codes, especially if the travel is related to a collaborative project or business relationship.

Do All Properties of a Hotel Chain Accept the Same Corporate Code?

The best corporate codes for hotels can generally be used at many properties within a hotel chain, although there may be limitations. These codes are typically honored at participating hotels with agreements with the company, ensuring consistent discounts and benefits for business travelers. 

However, not all properties within a chain may accept corporate rates, especially independently owned or franchised locations. Additionally, geographical restrictions may apply, with corporate rates valid only in specific regions or countries where the company has negotiated agreements. 

It’s essential for travelers to check with their company’s travel policies or the hotel directly to confirm where the best hotel corporate codes can be used. It ensures they receive the intended benefits and discounts during their stay.

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Role of Travel Management Companies in Securing the Best Corporate Codes for Hotel

Since the corporate codes are specific between companies and hotels, companies must negotiate favorable rates according to their travel needs. TMCs help companies get the best corporate hotel rates. Their job also includes:

  • Negotiating Agreements : TMCs specialize in negotiating favorable corporate agreements with hotel chains.
  • Securing Discounts : Through these agreements, they secure discounted rates and additional perks like free Wi-Fi or breakfast.
  • Managing Authorization : TMCs handle the authorization and distribution of corporate codes to ensure compliance and convenience.
  • Optimizing Travel Budgets : They provide strategic advice to optimize travel budgets and maximize cost savings.
  • Enhancing Service : TMCs enhance traveler satisfaction by offering personalized services and managing travel logistics efficiently.

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5 Best Corporate Codes for Hotels

Here are the best corporate hotel codes:

1. Hilton

  • Accenture – 10850857
  • Deloitte – 601560
  • Coca Cola – N0001420
  • IBM – 1368083
  • McKinsey – N2741095
  • Oracle – N0992835
  • Volvo – N2435318

2. Hyatt

  • Accenture NC95864
  • Bank of America 79103
  • BMW 86458
  • Deloitte 20725
  • IBM 13717
  • Lufthansa 13717
  • Samsung 24560

3. Marriott

  • Accenture ACC
  • Alaska Airlines A70
  • American Airlines AA8
  • Google GGL
  • Goldman 254797

4. IHG

  • Bank of America 109568
  • Bayer 251321
  • Dell 954284898
  • Honda 100371240
  • IBM 243132

5. Wyndham

  • ABN 8000000066
  • Business Advantage Plus 1000008537
  • Century 21 System 803277
  • SmithBucklin 55067752
  • The Employee Network 1000009871

Benefits of Using Corporate Codes

Discounted Rates

Corporate codes often provide lower room rates than standard booking options, saving money on accommodations.

Free Amenities

The best corporate codes for hotels include complimentary perks such as breakfast, Wi-Fi, parking, or access to fitness facilities, enhancing the stay without additional costs.

Priority Booking

Some corporate codes offer priority booking or access to room upgrades based on availability, improving the overall travel experience.


Using corporate codes ensures consistent pricing and amenities across multiple hotels within the same chain, promoting reliability and convenience.

Earn Loyalty Points

Employees can earn loyalty points (e.g., Marriott Bonvoy points) on eligible stays booked with corporate codes, which they can redeem for future stays or other rewards.

Enhanced Flexibility

The corporate codes for hotels may provide more flexible cancellation policies or extended check-in/check-out times, accommodating business travelers’ needs.

Cost Control

By leveraging corporate codes, companies can better manage business travel expenses through negotiated rates and predefined spending limits, promoting fiscal responsibility.

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