Alternatives to Amex Corporate Card

Stringent credit score requirements and high annual fees for cards offering substantial rewards have prompted businesses to seek alternatives. This article will explore top alternatives to Amex corporate cards that provide comparable benefits.

Corporate cards have long been indispensable tools for companies seeking efficient solutions for managing and paying business expenses. While American Express has historically dominated this sector, certain Amex corporate card disadvantages exist. 

The Nuances of Amex Corporate Card 

Understanding Amex corporate card disadvantages is crucial to understanding its suitability for your business. Firstly, American Express typically has higher credit requirements than other card issuers, making it more challenging for companies with less-than-perfect credit to qualify for Amex corporate cards. 

Secondly, Amex corporate cards often have higher annual fees than other corporate credit cards. While these fees may be justified by the card’s benefits and rewards, they can still add to businesses’ overall cost of card ownership.

Alternatives to Amex Corporate Card

itilite Corporate Card

One of the major alternatives to the Amex Corporate Card is the itilite Corporate Card. This card has multiple benefits, making it the ultimate solution for corporate spending. 

Flat 1.5% Cashback on All Card Spends: Enjoy the simplicity of earning a flat 1.5% cashback on every card transaction. There are no complex reward points or convoluted conversion rates—just straightforward savings with every swipe.

Up to 2.5% Cashback on itilite Travel Spends: Elevate your travel experience and your savings. Get rewarded with up to 2.5% cashback on all itilite travel spends, ensuring you reap the benefits while you explore the world.

Direct Cash Transfer to Company Account: Say goodbye to waiting for rewards to accumulate. The cashback is directly transferred to your company account without any hassle.

Issue Unlimited Cards for All Corporate Payment Needs: Streamline your corporate payment process effortlessly. Itilite allows you to issue unlimited virtual and physical cards at no extra cost, ensuring all your employees’ payment needs are met efficiently.

Central Card Payments for Simplified Expense Management: Take control of your expenses with the software’s centralized card payments. Manage all your travel payments through one convenient card, eliminating Amex corporate card disadvantages and out-of-pocket expenses for employees and tedious reimbursement processes.

Real-Time Visibility for Enhanced Cash Flow Management: Stay on top of your finances with real-time monitoring of card limit usage and expenses. itilite provides instant visibility, empowering finance teams to optimize cash flow and budget effectively.

Chase Ink Business Unlimited Credit Card

Annual Fee: $0


  • No Annual Fee: Enjoy the benefit of using the Chase Ink Business Unlimited Credit Card without the burden of an annual fee, allowing you to maximize your rewards without any extra cost.
  • Generous Sign-Up Bonus: The current sign-up bonus offers an opportunity to earn $750 in cash back after spending $6,000 on purchases within the first three months of card membership. 


  • Foreign Transaction Fees: The Chase Ink Business Unlimited Credit Card charges a 3% foreign transaction fee on purchases made outside of the United States. This fee can add up quickly for businesses with international transactions, potentially offsetting some of the card’s rewards.
  • No Introductory APR on Balance Transfers: Unlike some other credit cards, the Chase Ink Business Unlimited Credit Card does not offer an introductory APR on balance transfers. This means that if you need to transfer existing debt to the card, you won’t benefit from a promotional period with lower or 0% interest rates, potentially limiting its usefulness for debt consolidation or repayment strategies.

Chase Ink Business Cash Card

As one of the alternatives to Amex corporate card, the Ink Business Card is a cash-back card with no annual fee and 0% APR on purchases for the first 12 months.

Annual Fee: $0


  • No Annual Fee: The absence of an annual fee reduces the overall cost of ownership, making it a budget-friendly option for businesses looking to maximize rewards without incurring additional expenses.
  • Bonus Cash Back Categories: Enjoy bonus cash back rewards on purchases made at office supply stores, as well as on internet, cable, and phone services. This provides businesses with opportunities to earn extra rewards on essential expenses.
  • Valuable Transferable Rewards: The ability to transfer rewards to other Chase Ultimate Rewards accounts or redeem them for travel through the Chase Ultimate Rewards portal adds flexibility and value to the rewards program, allowing businesses to maximize their benefits.


  • Requires Another Chase Card to Maximize Value: To fully maximize the rewards potential of the Ink Business Cash Credit Card, businesses may need to pair it with another Chase credit card. This requirement adds complexity and may not be suitable for all businesses.
  • Low Rate Outside Bonus Categories: While the card offers bonus cash back in specific categories, the cashback rate on purchases outside of these categories may be lower, reducing the overall rewards potential for businesses with diverse spending patterns.
  • Spending Caps on Bonus Rewards: The Ink Business Cash Credit Card imposes caps on bonus rewards categories, limiting the amount of cashback businesses can earn on eligible purchases. Once these caps are reached, the cashback rate may revert to the standard rate, reducing overall reward potential.

Capital One Spark Cash Plus

The Capital One Spark Cash Plus stands out as a business credit card with a simple rewards structure. Notably, it operates as a charge card, requiring cardholders to settle their balance monthly. 

Annual Fee: $150


  • Unlimited Rewards: Benefit from earning a flat 2% cash back on all business purchases without any restrictions or earning caps. Additionally, enjoy a 5% cash back on hotel and rental car bookings made through Capital One Travel, adding value to your spending.
  • $1,200 Cash Bonus: Receive a one-time cash bonus of $1,200 when you spend $30,000 within the initial 3 months of card membership, giving you a boost in rewards as you begin using the card. 
  • Flexible Spend Capacity: With Spark Cash Plus, you can adapt your spending capacity to suit your business needs. There’s no preset spending limit, and your capacity adjusts based on your spending behavior, payment history, and credit profile, offering flexibility and assurance.


  • Rewards Redemption Limitations: While the card offers flexible redemption options, including cash back and travel purchases, there may be limitations or restrictions on redeeming rewards. 
  • Similar to Amex corporate card disadvantages. the annual fee could present a significant expense for businesses with conservative spending habits.
  • Failure to pay your credit card statement in full each month will incur a monthly late fee of 2.99%.

Capital One Venture X Business

Operating as a charge card and one of the alternatives to Amex corporate card, Capital One Venture X Business offers boundless spending freedom without a predefined limit. However, settling the balance in full each month is mandatory.

Annual Fee: $395


  • Enhanced Mileage Rates Through Capital One Travel: By booking travel through Capital One Travel, cardholders can earn even more miles. Enjoy 5X miles on flights and an impressive 10X miles on hotel and rental car bookings, making it easier to earn rewards for business travel expenses.


  • Challenging Welcome Bonus Requirements: While the welcome bonus for the Capital One Venture X Business card can be enticing, achieving the full bonus may prove to be exceptionally difficult for some cardholders.
  • High Annual Fee: The card comes with a substantial annual fee of $395, which may deter businesses with lower spending volumes or tighter budgets. 

Opt for the Best Alternatives to Amex Corporate Card

Looking for the perfect alternative to Amex Corporate Card? Look no further than the itilite card—a game-changer in corporate spending. Stop worrying about pesky user fees, annual fees, and additional card fees. 

With itilite Card, you enjoy the convenience and benefits without extra costs, making it the ideal choice for small and medium business owners looking to maximize savings. Moreover, the card is linked to the expense management software which helps you oversee your employee’s expenses effortlessly.

To know more about the itilite corporate cards, book a free demo with us.