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Streamlining Business Travel: How ITILITE Simplifies Travel Management for Companies

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It is without a doubt that business travel plays a crucial role in today’s fast paced corporate landscape. In the US alone, almost 35% of companies engage in business travel and the number of employees traveling for work purposes is expected to increase by 2028. However, managing various aspects of business travel, especially for travel managers can be a daunting task. 

Travel managers must be involved in intricate coordination, book flights and hotels according to employees’ preferences, plan itineraries meticulously, and manager expenses efficiently. This is where business travel technology comes into picture. Business travel technology offers solutions to simplify and streamline corporate travel management. One such solution is ITILITE. ITILITE is an advanced and new-age business travel management solution that helps companies streamline their travel operations and ensure their employees have a smooth travel experience. 

Let us take a look at how ITILITE helps simplify business travel management for travel managers and company owners:

1. Provides Extensive Travel Options

From the time business travel is announced, travel managers spend a lot of time searching for the best travel options. This is mainly because they dont have an existing partnership with airlines, hotels and car rental companies. They must navigate through multiple third-party websites and filter out the best travel options. Moreover, there are high chances that your employees may book flight or hotels through a third party website which aligns with their preferences. 

Travel managers and company owners can overcome this problem with the help of ITILITE. With ITILITE, you get access extensive travel options. The company leverages a corporate booking tool that provides a huge sea of flight and hotel options. These options are directly sourced from Global Distribution System and at the same time aligns with your employees’ preferences. And hence, with the help of this business travel technology, you save a lot of time which otherwise you spend searching for the best hotel and flight options. 

2. Allows Third-Party Integration

In an organization’s business travel management process, different departments such as HR, finance and travel managers are involved. And generally, each of them use separate applications or software to manage this process. However, a major challenge here is that taking data from one application and updating it into another application. If any data needs to be modified in one application, it must be done manually across all platforms. This is a time consuming and a tedious process. 

Companies such as ITILITE which uses SaaS-based travel technology can easily help you in integrating with third-party applications. This helps in data synchronization. For example: if you have integrated the HRMS tool with any finance application, then any data modified on the HRMS tool will also be updated in the finance application. This way, you can save time, ensure data synchronization and streamline your travel management process. 

3. Drafting Robust Travel Policies

A robust travel policy is the key to a good travel management process. However, in many companies,the managers and owners find it hard to  draft to a effective corporate travel policy due to time constraints, needs to be cost-effective and consider employees’ preferences. While keeping all these factors in mind, you should also ensure it helps employees stay complaint.

For example, companies may book a low-cost flight or a low-budget hotel which an employee may not prefer. Contrarily, you may also end up booking a flight or hotel at a higher end, that can burn a hole in your travel budget

Well, with ITILITE you dont have to worry about all these. This corporate travel company has a team of experts who can assist you in drafting a robust travel policy which is cost-effective. Not just that, the company also keeps in mind employees’ safety and preferences and your organization’s overall travel budget!

4. Ensures Policy Compliance

A major hurdle that travel managers face during business travel management process is travel policy compliance. Employees usually fail to stay compliant with travel policies either because they are not very easily accessible, are too complicated to understand or are simply unaware about it. Moreover, they cannot view the policies in realtime while making bookings or filing expenses. 

You can 100% be assured that employees stay compliant with travel policies by onboarding ITILITE. ITILITE leverages a travel management software which helps you prevent any policy violations. This business travel technlogy lets you configure multi-granular policies depending on various factor such as destinations, types of employees, department wise, airline, among many others. This helps reduce any ambiguity during the booking process. 

Moreover, employees can view travel policies in real-time which prevents any policy violation. And if any employee makes an out-of-policy booking, then the employee and approvers are instantly notified about the same. This way, travel managers always need not follow up with employees if they are being policy compliant or not.

5. Provides Round the Clock Business Travel Support 

Employees face a number of challenges while they go on business trips, both domestic and international.  They may get stuck in an airport, face difficulties while checking in at the hotel, bad weather conditions, etc. Additionally, female business travelers are more prone to safety risks than their male colleagues. 

Therefore, it is important that employees receive business travel support throughout their journey, even if it is outside office hours. But most travel managers and companies find it challenging to provide support due to the difference in time zones and post-working hours.

During such difficult times, ITILITE can be your saviour. ITILITE support team has a bunch of experienced experts who are trained to provide support to employees. They help your employees get out of such difficult situations instantly as they are available 24/7/365. Which means, your employees can also get support outside working hours with a response time of 10seconds. 

6. Helps in Cost Savings

Costs savings is one of the major challenges faced by travel managers of most companies today. This can be because of two reasons. One, travel managers struggle to find good deals and discounts with airline and hotels. Two, employees make out of policy bookings as travel policy is not easily available. Wait, what about the unused tickets that have been neglected all these years? Yes! That too accounts for cost leakages. 

ITILITE can help you reduce business travel costs as it partners with the leading airlines and hotels in the industry. They negotiate with hotels and airlines to get the best discounted prices for you. Additionally, you can save up money as the company also has access to low-cost carriers with affordable rates. 

Moreover, an added benefit of investing in ITILITE is the virtual travel consultant, called ITILITE Mastermind. This virtual consultant levarges SaaS-based travel technology and compares your travel expenses against industry standards and tells where you could have saved more. 

7. Provides Business Travel Insights

In order to find any bottlenecks and optimize the business travel process, travel managers must track their employees’ significant travel KPIs. This includes employee and department wise spending, amount spent for each business tip, net promoter score, etc. However, most travel managers fail to do this as they already have a lot on their plate . 

Which is why you need a company such as ITILITE that can provide you business travel analytics. The travel management software complies all the travel data on a single dashboard. With the help of these dashboards, you can access real time data easily. 

For instance, you can find out which airlines and hotels employees prefer, how much amount was spent in the business trip, commonly traveled destinations, etc. Based on these insights, you can prepare travel cost saving reports and find out areas for cost optimization. 

Leverage Business Travel Technology For Streamlining Travel

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, efficient travel management is essential for companies aiming to expand their reach and remain competitive. Our innovative approach, offers a comprehensive solution to streamline business travel processes. 

As businesses continue to recognize the value of streamlined travel management, ITILITE stands as a beacon of innovation, simplifying the complexities of business travel and contributing to enhanced efficiency, cost savings, and overall success. Embracing technology-driven solutions like ITILITE can pave the way for a brighter, more productive future in the realm of corporate travel management.

Discover a simpler way to manage corporate travel

Corporate travel management can be extremely daunting. Getting travelers to stick to budgets while booking travel, monitoring spends or finding support for travelers – there is always something that needs to be done. That’s why we built a solution that makes corporate travel management simpler.

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Simplify your travel and expense management process!

Simplify your travel and expense management process!