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The Ultimate Business Travel Packing Checklist


Packing is never easy – whether for leisure or business travel. But a business trip may require your employees to think about different situations such as: Do they need to wear formals for client meetings? Where would they be eating out? Will there be enough time to go to the gym? Having the right pair of shoes, suits, and casual wear can make all the difference in their tight schedule. Also, there are some items that one should always remember to pack such as your portable charger, prescribed medicines, etc. 

In this blog, we share with you the ultimate business travel packing checklist that will help them be equipped for whatever comes their way! Read on. 

The Essential Business Travel Packing Checklist For Successful Trip  

We have segregated the essentials into various sections such as important documents, electronics, medication, and clothing.  

Important Documents & Currency

There will be a lot of travel documents that one requires, especially during international travel such as passport, COVID-19 related documents, business ID, and more. If you’re a paper person, we suggest you carry a folder or a small bag with all the documents in your carry-on luggage.  Apart from this, while your company may provide you with a corporate travel card for the trip, make sure that you have enough cash (local currency of the destination) for a taxi or other smaller expenses. 

Passport/Visa Driver license
Business cards Bank and credit cards
Business IDVaccination documents 
Corporate credit card/travel card Local currency
Insurance document Emergency contacts 
Travel itinerary Travel tickets 
Hotel reservation infoTransportation info 
Wallet/Purse Boarding passes 


While no one forgets their phones these days, forgetting chargers is pretty common – especially during last-minute packing. In this section, we list all the essential electronic items that you would require and help you during your stay. One of the most important things in this is the portable wifi hotspot so that you have a good connection even when roaming. 

Wi-fi HotspotUSB flash drive 
Laptop Powerbank 
Laptop chargerCamera
Cell phone Plug adaptor or voltage converters 
Phone charger Noise-canceling headphones/headset


This is the trickiest part of packing. The first thing you should do is to check the weather at your destination to decide which type of clothes you would wear. Also, you will need to check which business functions you’ll need to attend i.e. meetings, formal business dinners, etc., and pack clothes for those events. We have added gym clothes and swimwear to the list too just in case you have those facilities at your hotel.

Formal wear – 1 suit with 2 matching shirtsUnderwear (one pair for each day)
Casual wear – 2 t-shirts with jeans Socks 
Pajamas/shortsOuterwear such as socks or gloves (Based on destination)
I pair of formal shoes Belt 
1 pair of shoes that you can wear to the gym or for outings Watch
Swimsuit and beach towel Raincoat
Gloves & ScarvesGym clothes 

Medication & Toiletries 

In this list, we have added anything that you might need from the essentials such as toothpaste, toothbrush, sanitizer, extra face masks, to toiletries such as shampoo, shaving kit, etc. It is also important to take all your prescribed medicines and vitamins you might need when you are traveling. 

Prescribed medicines Hand sanitizer 
Extra face masks Vitamins
Breath mintsDeodorant 
HairbrushShaving kit 
Sunscreen lotionShampoo
Pain reliever Face cleanser 
Make up kit Moisturizer
Insect repellents Toothbrush & Toothpaste 
Face tissues Feminine hygiene products 
Laundry bag Lip balm


In this section, we have added a few other travel accessories which we think can improve the quality of your overall travel experiences such as a travel pillow or a book that you have been wanting to read.

Travel ironGlasses/lenses 
Pen and notepad Travel pillow
House/car keys Snacks 
Stain remover Airplane footrest
Water BottleUmbrella
Luggage tags Business card holder
Shoeshine kit 

Few Business Travel Packing Tips

In this section, we will share a few hacks and tips that can help your or your employees pack easily.

  1. Check weather conditions – This is the most important thing. Checking the weather conditions of your destination is extremely important to decide what clothes and other essential items to pack. 
  1. Roll softer fabrics – This is a packing hack that can be very useful. You can roll your undergarments and t-shirts to make space in the suitcase. Also, you can roll up your belts and keep them in the collar of your shirts – it helps in keeping the shirt’s shape as well. 
  1. Stick to neutral colors – Another good packing tip is to stick to simple colors and patterns so that they are easier to mix and match and create more outfits. 
  1. Pack shoes and liquids in a plastic bag – Always remember to keep your shoes in your shower cap or a plastic bag to keep them from dirtying the clothes. Also, liquids are prone to expanding and spilling due to air pressure, therefore, keep them in ziplock bags to protect your clothes and other belongings in the suitcase.
  1. Place heavier items at the bottom of the wheeled suitcase – This will help roll the suitcase easily by distributing the weight.
  1. Follow TSA rules – If you’re in the US, you can sign up for the TSA PreCheck program that allows you to navigate faster security screening for domestic and some international flights. For instance, you cannot take any liquids above 100ml in your carry-on luggage. 

Ensure Safe Trip For Your Employees With ITILITE

Packing for your business trip doesn’t have to be a headache. This business travel packing checklist will make business trips stress-free for your employees so that they can focus on their work/travel. At ITILITE, we support your travel needs as well as help you in minimizing risk for your travelers with cutting-edge digital capabilities and 24*7 customer support. To know more, get in touch with our product expert today.

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