ITILITE a robust travel management software solution designed to revolutionize the way organizations manage their business travel. While it appears to primarily focus on handling travel bookings and itineraries, its capabilities extend far beyond the conventional boundaries of corporate travel management. 

Explore these top 10 hidden and transformative features of ITILITE that sets it apart.

Personalized Bookings 

When employees search for hotel options within ITILITE, the platform presents them with options that are tailored to their needs The software looks at their past searches, booking history, and preferences to recommend packages that align with it. 

Moreover, the software also takes into account flights and hotels that the company prefers and complies with the travel policy. As a result, employees can make bookings faster without having to sift through multiple options.

Further, ITILITE blacklist feature empowers companies to proactively exclude specific hotels from the search results. This may be driven by factors such as quality concerns, location, or adherence to company policies. By maintaining a blacklist, companies have greater control over where employees can and cannot book their stays.

User, Role, and Access Management

ITILITE offers a user-centric approach to access control. It considers the unique attributes of each user, such as job role or department. 

You can classify users into different roles based on their job functions. Each role is associated with specific privileges and restrictions. This allows users to access the features of ITILITE and data necessary for their tasks. For instance, travel managers can approve travel requests, modify itineraries, access financial data, and more. You can also configure these rules depending on the needs of your business.

Access control ensures that users can only view and manipulate data that is relevant to their responsibilities. This prevents unauthorized access to sensitive information. 

Unused Flight Ticket Management

ITILITE offers a comprehensive solution for managing unused flight tickets. The software captures and centralizes data on all purchased flight tickets, including those that have not been used. The system then maintains a real-time inventory of unused flight tickets, ensuring accurate tracking and visibility.

By sending notifications well in advance, the system helps prevent unused flight tickets from expiring without being utilized. You can customize the timing and frequency of reminders based on your preference. 

With the help of ITILITE analytics, you can track the utilization rates of unused tickets to assess how effectively your employees are using them before they expire.

You can also measure usage patterns, including which routes, destinations, or times of year are most prone to unused tickets. After that, you can curate strategies to reduce the number of unused tickets in the future. 

Flight Price Re-shopping

The flight re-shop feature within ITILITE introduces a game-changing opportunity to unlock significant savings on flight bookings, even after reservations have been confirmed. 

Once a flight is booked through ITILITE, the system initiates an automated monitoring process. It continuously tracks the flight’s price from the moment of booking up until the scheduled travel date.

During this monitoring period, if the flight price experiences a drop, the system takes immediate action. It automatically cancels the existing booking and initiates a new booking at the revised, lower price.

The savings resulting from the re-booked flight, which is now at a reduced cost, accumulate as a credit in the company’s account. These accumulated savings contribute to the overall travel budget optimization.

Virtual Travel Consultant

The ITILITE Virtual Travel Consultant, known as ITILITE Mastermind, delves into the heart of your travel operations, providing actionable recommendations that drive impactful results.

Unlike conventional systems, ITILITE Mastermind doesn’t just provide data – it translates complex information into actionable insights. These insights guide strategic decisions, enabling your organization to take precise and meaningful actions.

Drawing from a vast repository of data, the AI-driven solution benchmarks your key metrics against similar companies. This comparison highlights areas where your T&E processes can be enhanced for greater efficiency and savings.

Custom and Automated Reporting

If you find yourself uncertain about the specific metrics that should be communicated to your company’s leadership, rest assured that we have a solution to streamline this process. 

ITILITE is designed to bridge the gap between your business objectives and the data you need to track. Our dedicated account managers work closely with you to understand your company’s goals. Then they pinpoint the most relevant and impactful metrics tailored to your unique business needs. 

After that, you can set up these custom reports to be delivered to your inbox automatically on the schedule and frequency of your choice. You can leverage these reports to get a holistic view of your company’s performance. You can also identify trends, opportunities, and areas for improvement.

Traveler Tracking

Our Traveler Tracking feature helps in enhancing duty of care and peace of mind for both travelers and travel managers. The feature uses GPS technology to monitor the location and movement of travelers in real time throughout their trips.

If a traveler encounters any challenges, travel managers can quickly identify their location and provide timely assistance, whether it’s rebooking flights, arranging accommodations, or offering guidance.

Plus, the system can be configured to send automated alerts based on predefined triggers, such as entering high-risk areas or missing scheduled check-ins.

Team Travel Management

ITILITE simplifies the intricate task of managing team travel, ensuring that your company’s offsites, team events, and project meetings become seamless and efficient. 

The events travel feature facilitates event planning, invitation management, attendance tracking, and reporting, both before and after the event. You can send out invitations and share the itinerary with your team members on the app. 

Our solution provides you with pre-event visibility, helping you anticipate the scale of participation and tailor your arrangements accordingly. You can also send out real-time updates on event status, ensuring that everyone stays in the loop.

Multiple Payment Integrations

ITILITE offers seamless integration with a diverse range of payment solutions. These options include personal and corporate credit cards, online payment apps, virtual cards, prepaid cards, and ITILITE wallet.

With diverse payment options available, users can select the method that best suits their preferences and needs. This user-centric approach enhances the overall booking experience.

The integrated payment options streamline expense management, making it easier for travelers to reconcile their expenses and for finance teams to track and analyze spending.

Sustainability Features

ITILITE doesn’t just manage travel; it takes a proactive role in safeguarding the environment. Our strong commitment to sustainability is evident through features that help you track your carbon footprint, engage in carbon offset projects, and move towards carbon neutrality.

With ITILITE, you’re equipped with tools that enable you to monitor and evaluate the environmental impact of your travel actions. Through advanced tracking methods, we compute your carbon footprint, adhering to both local and global guidelines.

For maximum impact and credibility, we’ve established a partnership with the prestigious Gold Standard organization. Gold Standard is dedicated to advancing environmental sustainability through carbon offset projects. By teaming up with Gold Standard, you gain the opportunity to achieve carbon neutrality by investing in projects that counterbalance your carbon emissions.

Your participation in carbon offset projects directly contributes to positive environmental outcomes, such as reforestation, renewable energy initiatives, and community-based sustainability projects. 

Boost Your Travel Management Program With ITILITE

ITILITE goes beyond the traditional scope of travel management by combining advanced technology, data analytics, and personalized recommendations to optimize business travel. These features of ITILITE promote cost savings, policy compliance, traveler safety, and data-driven decision-making, making it a valuable tool for organizations seeking to enhance their travel programs and overall efficiency.

If you are considering upgrading your travel management system, book a demo with us so that we can help you understand how ITILITE can benefit you.