How to Choose the Right Business Travel Accommodation For Travelers?

March 14, 2023
business travel accommodation

There is no denying the fact that traveling for business benefits employees in many ways. However, during a business trip, employees face certain challenges which can affect their overall travel experience. One such challenge is getting the right accommodation. 

Employees’ accommodation during a business trip can make or break their travel experience. When employees don’t get a good accommodation, they may face issues with hygiene, check-in procedures, power cuts, etc. which can impact their productivity. 

But a perfect accommodation can be the key to getting the most out of business travel. Therefore, travel managers must book accommodation for business travelers that provides safety, comfort, and convenience. 

With so many options available, you may be confused about choosing and booking the right accommodation.

Let’s see some essential steps to follow while booking the right accommodation for your business travelers.

1. Understand Your Employees’ Preferences

The first step in choosing the right accommodation is understanding your employees’ preferences. Before booking any accommodation, the travel manager should ask the business travelers what accommodation they prefer. 

It is essential that you must understand their needs and requirements. This may include factors such as location, safety, amenities, leisure facilities, etc. For example, some business travelers may prefer to stay in a hotel close to the airport or the city center, while others may prefer a hotel that provides free Wi-FI or gym facilities. 

By understanding your employees’ preferences, you can narrow the options and book the accommodation that best suits their needs.

2. Keep In Mind The Location And Proximity 

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing accommodation for business travelers is its location and proximity to meeting venues. Booking a stay where employees must often depend on public transport or book cabs can result in employees reporting late to meetings. This, in turn, can impact their reputation. 

For instance, if your employee has to meet a client for lunch, the venue should be close to the location of the accommodation. Therefore, ensure that the business travel accommodation is close to places employees need to go. 

3. Read Reviews On The Internet

Once you have shortlisted the accommodations based on location, your next priority is to read reviews online. Reading online reviews about the accommodation on TripAdvisor or Google will give you first-hand information about the property. 

It is crucial you must go through both positive and negative reviews about the accommodation. Let us assume you read only the positive reviews and booked the stay. However, one of the travelers may have mentioned a particular issue in the negative review section. Such negligence can lead to choosing a substandard accommodation.

Online reviews help travel managers make more informed decisions about which accommodation to book for their business travelers. 

4. Consider The Safety and Security Measures

When employees go on business trips, their personal safety is often neglected. When you neglect your employees’ safety, they can find themselves stuck in a difficult situation. 

Moreover, companies have a duty and legal responsibility to protect their employees when they send them on a business trip. 

If you have a female business traveler traveling alone, booking a hotel in a safe area is crucial. According to a recent global survey, 71% of female respondents felt more unsafe than their male counterparts while traveling. 

Therefore, you must choose the location of the business travel accommodation that is absolutely safe. Travel managers must book stays with robust safety and security measures. These measures include 24-hour security, CCTV surveillance on every floor, rooms with peepholes, fire safety equipment, emergency exit manuals, etc. 

It is also advised that you have a corporate travel safety policy in place. The policy gives you information on all the training, protocols, travel advisory, etc., which you must implement in your business travel management program. 

5. Book Accommodations With Leisure Facilities 

After a long day of back-to-back meetings, attending calls, and replying to emails, employees need comfort and relaxation. They may want to indulge in some leisure activities such as having access to a gym, spa and sauna, swimming pool, yoga, bar counters, etc. 

Therefore, you must always book accommodations for business travelers which provide these facilities. When you book such types of hotels, it helps employees to rejuvenate and unwind. Business travel can often be stressful and demanding. Leisure activities help alleviate stress and provide a more enjoyable experience for business travelers. 

6. Ensure The Accommodation Has Business Amenities

Another important point to consider while booking accommodations for business travelers is the business amenities it offers. Employees need to achieve certain business objectives during their trips. 

Hence, it is essential that you book a business travel accommodation that offers business amenities. These include:

Fast and Secure Wi-Fi

As employees have a lot of business tasks to complete, you must book accommodation that provides a fast and secure Wi-Fi connection. When employees have a good internet connection, it helps them carry out business tasks smoothly. 

Plenty of Power Outlets

Business travelers have so much to plug in and power up these days. They may require a room that has multiple outlets to charge their phones, tablets, laptops, and more. Hence, you should choose accommodations that are relatively new. New and renovated hotels offer multiple power outlets. 

Accessible Meeting Rooms

Business travel is crucial to securing new clients, pitching ideas to existing clients, and having important meetings and discussions. Therefore, you must choose business travel accommodations with accessible conference and meeting rooms. 

It is also an added advantage if these rooms have AV equipment, such as projectors and screens, where employees can present their ideas. 

Business-Friendly Room Amenities

Booking accommodations for business travelers, it must have a setting that promotes productivity. Therefore, travel managers must book a room with a comfortable working space. It should have a well-lit work desk, a comfortable chair, good lighting, and a quiet atmosphere. 

24-Hours Front Desk 

Business travelers may require assistance at any time of the day or night. It can be to either order food or fix any power issues. Hence, travel managers should always book accommodations for business travelers with a 24-hour front desk. 

7. Check For Transportation Services

While choosing a business travel accommodation, travel managers must check if they provide shuttle or cab services. Employees may often need to venture out sightseeing or meet clients for lunch/dinner. 

In such cases, depending completely on public transport or hiring cabs may not always be feasible. 

Hence, travel managers must ensure that the chosen accommodation has transportation services that will help business travelers get around the city. This helps employees save a lot of time which otherwise they would require to hire cabs or depend on public transport. 

8. Don’t Forget Your Company’s Budget

Last but not least, while keeping in mind your employees’ preferences, you must not forget your company’s travel budget. Business travel accommodation costs are incurred while making stay arrangements for employees. Hence, these costs make up 30-80% of travel costs. 

Therefore, while choosing accommodations for business travelers, travel managers must keep in mind your company’s travel budget as well as employees’ preferences. While booking accommodations, you should also negotiate with hotels so that you don’t go overboard with the company’s allocated budget. 

This way, you can evaluate the total amount spent when employees stay in hotels, resorts, lodges, or others. While you must include the budget for business amenities, you can exclude any personal stay arrangements. 

The Right Business Travel Accommodation Helps Improve Travel Experience

Business travel accommodation is a significant aspect of enhancing your employees’ business travel experience. Hence, travel managers must plan well in advance and choose the accommodation that suits employees’ preferences and also ensures productivity. 

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Author : Priyanka Kamath
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