streamline travel management
Automation Anywhere India partners with ITILITE to streamline travel management

Automation Anywhere India was completely manual and followed a paper-based template to manage their travels. This clashed with their vision of technology being the key to success.

Automation Anywhere is the global leader in robotic process automation focused on building a future where automation liberates people from mundane tasks to solve more creative, high-order business challenges. However, their in-house travel operations were getting excluded from their vision of automation. Upon realization, the team decided to join hands with ITILITE, one of the fastest-growing AI-powered Saas platforms to streamline their travel management process.

Nilesh Muchhadiya, Manager-Global Travel, Automation Anywhere shared, “Being advocates of automation, ITILITE AI/ML-powered platform is a welcome change from the traditional manual way of coordinating employee travel needs. We decided to onboard a technology and data-driven solution to ensure every traveler in our business has a delightful experience from planning to traveling and a safe return to home. We’re thrilled to be partnering with ITILITE and share the same belief that the journey is as important as the destination.”

Automation Anywhere has already begun working with ITILITE to transform its corporate travel management program to deliver a simple, intuitive, and consistent experience for its employees. Every employee will have access to an expansive selection of inventory and a consistent booking experience on any device anywhere in the world. 

Automation Anywhere will also reap the benefits of a unified approach to managing their travel program supported by ITILITE fully integrated business travel platform, enabling changes to be made and distributing the updates universally. 

With ITILITE all-in-one platform, all online, mobile and offline booking data will now be centralized enabling travel managers to track compliance, adoption, and identify saving opportunities. The real-time analytics dashboard will help them visualize the impact of their business travel program on their strategic objectives and identify opportunities for improvement. 

Co-founder and CBO, ITILITE, Anish Khadiya, “We’re committed to modernizing the corporate travel and expense management experience for companies across the globe. We’re honored to be partnering with one of the world leaders of RPA to reimagine the corporate travel space. Our continued investment in innovation and mission to drive value through optimizing company-wide travel spend will help Automation Anywhere transform their global travel program and make their overall experience much more intuitive and pleasant.” 

By deploying ITILITE, Automation Anywhere has not only secured a frictionless travel experience for its employees but also stayed true to their vision.