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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

ITILITE stands for ‘light itineraries’.

Our vision is to make business travel lighter - more convenient and rewarding for both travelers and their employers. Hence our name!

ITILITE is a SaaS product to manage end-to-end travel & expense, that helps companies to

  • Reduce corporate travel spend through a unique rewards program where employees are incentivized to save money for the company
  • Digitize the entire travel operations making it much more convenient for the travelers and travel managers
  • Provide full visibility into travel spend across domestic & International flights, hotels & associated services
  • Three simple steps:

    1) Traveler logs onto our website using their account and creates a trip request.

    2) ITILITE then generates two details - 

    • 'Budget to beat': This is how much the trip would cost, if the traveler chooses his usual options (compliant with company’s travel policy, preferential tie-ups, and prevailing market rates)
    • 'Cheaper itinerary options': These are trip suggestions on how the traveler can complete the same trip at a much lower cost.

    3) Traveler selects the option to be booked and receives vouchers/tickets 'instantly'.

    4) If the traveler decides to travel at a cost lower than 'Budget to Beat', they get 'Rewarded'(i.e., earn a portion of the savings).

    • @ITILITE, we help travelers & companies determine savings for each trip
    • We also power redemption of the rewards earned through our Rewards Catalogue/Cash.

    Terms you will encounter often...

    'Budget to beat' is the typical cost of an itinerary (the cost that would be incurred if a traveler made their usual choices). This takes into account company's preferential tie-ups, policy and live prices.

    At ITILITE, our motto is to make the business travel most convenient. 'Options' is an attempt keeping with this spirit.

    Options are the most convenient itineraries that allow you to travel at a cost lower than ‘Budget to beat’. They help the traveler save and earn attractive rewards.

    Select them pronto (and save your time & effort), or create your own!

    The simplest but the most important one (since this is what earns you rewards)!

    Savings = 'Budget to beat' for the trip - Actual trip cost

    For each trip that the traveler saves on, they earn a portion of the savings as reward.

    These rewards come in the form of ITILITE cash (each IL cash is equivalent to Re 1). IL cash can be redeemed from an attractive catalogue of gift cards or can be redeemed in your payroll.

    Before Travel?

    Easy & done in a jiffy :)

    Step 1: Log on to

    • Login using the credentials which you would have received in your email. Look for an email with subject “Welcome to ”

    Step 2: Click on “Create new trip” and enter your planned itinerary

    • You will ‘be able to see the ‘Budget to beat’ along with the saving options.

    Step 3: Book your itinerary: Select one of the saving options provided by ITILITE to complete your booking. You can book the entire itinerary with one click! Told you it’s easy!

    Step 4:After the trip gets completed, your rewards will start reflecting on your dashboard as IL cash

    ‘Budget to beat’ covers two cost heads:

    • Inter-city travel (i.e., air / train / bus fare)
    • Lodging (i.e., cost for hotel / service apartments)

    Your budget email will clearly indicate the cost heads included.

    • Cost for food or laundry
    • Cost for other typical expenses (e.g., telecom expenses, dining out with clients / customers)
    • Other sundry expenses
    • VISA expenses
    • Extra Baggage expenses

    Yes the budget includes taxes and fees.

    The more accurate you can be about the location, the better. At a minimum, please enter the name of the city and the neighbourhood where you would like to stay.

    Follow the steps below to see the budget details for your trip

      1. Log in to your ITILITE account

      2. Search for your trip id in the dashboard

      3. You will see the budget details for your trip

    Book as early as possible (since the prices can increase and reduce your savings). Our recommendation:

      1. If the trip is planned more than three days after budget generation, book travel within 24 hours.

      2. If the trip is planned within three days of budget generation, book travel within six hours.

    You can log onto your ITILITE account. On the dashboard, you will see the trip which is currently planned. You can click on the (edit) icon to update the trip. However, the trip budget (if already provided) will no longer be valid, and will be regenerated.

    Yes you can. We will give you the options based on the availability

    Please place a cancellation request on the ITILITE platform and you will receive an acknowledgement of the cancellation once it is processed.

    Yes you can create your own preferred itineraries :). Just go to “Explore more” from the curated options page

    As long as you save on the 'Budget', you will earn rewards!!

    To get a budget for a multi-leg / stop trip, please create a 'multi-stop' trip. You will get your flights and/or hotels options immediately along with the budget-to-beat.

    Afraid not :( Our software is optimized for corporate travel, and may not give you the best results for personal travel.

    However, you can still book your personal travel using ITILITE Clique, on the platform. Just ‘switch’ to a ‘personal trip’ while creating a trip

    During Travel

    Yes, you can take a train / bus instead of a flight for short distance journeys (but don't miss your planned meeting :)). We are sure the trade-off is not worth it!

    Please consult your travel administrator on this. Most companies do not recommend that their employees drive on inter-city trips. You can also reach out to your travel administrator to check if your company allows taking cabs for short inter-city trips, and then place a request on the platform

    If you exceed the budget, you will not be able to make savings and earn rewards.

    One question we always asked ourselves in such situation - am I comfortable defending the expense to a peer / superiors. If the answer is a Yes, it should be okay to exceed the budget and still get reimbursed. Also don't forget to check your company's travel policy for fare limits allowed.

    After completion of travel

    For every trip that you save on (using ITILITE), you earn attractive rewards. Typically, these rewards are in form of ITILITE cash (IL cash) that can be redeemed using our rewards catalogue or can be redeemed in your payroll.

    If you intend to stay at a friend’s place, please let us know while creating the trip. You can do this by including a note in ‘Special Instructions’ box.

    Once your trip is completed, your rewards in the form of IL cash will be credited in your ITILITE account based on your savings on the trip. Your IL Cash can be redeemed anytime :)

    No, your IL Cash can be used anytime during your service with your employer.

    Tips to save!

    Some interesting tips:-

    • Select cheaper options suggested by ITILITE for your business trip
    • Travel during non-peak hours. E.g., instead of 7:30 - 9:00 am flights, try a 5:30 am flight.
    • Book early!
    • Use special fares (e.g., handbag only fare, if traveling for a day trip)!
    • Travel with a budget carrier (and not a full-service carrier).
    • Choose a budget hotel with good service and cheaper rates (there are many around these days!)
    • Try staying with a friend or at home instead of using hotel.
    • Use Uber / Ola share (as and when required) rather than dedicated company provided cabs

    Facing some challenges

    No worries, we got you covered. Please look for an email from us with the subject “Welcome to ITILITE” on your officical ID. You should be able to find your password there.

    If you had changed your password, please click on 'Forgot password' link and follow the simple steps.

    Still not able to login? Give us a call at +91 95130 71160 and we are always there to help you :)

    Do the following things:-

    1) Log into your ITILITE account

    2) On the dashboard, in the middle, you will see the 'Create New Trip' button.

    3) You will see a simple form to capture the itinerary you are planning. Enter your trip details.

    4) ITILITE generates a budget-to-beat along with 2 alternate options with the potential savings where the options are inline with your company's travel policy.

    ITILITE Referral Program

    Earn upto by referring a new company to ITILITE