Duty of care represents a strong moral and legal obligation for companies to make sure their employees are safe and well-cared for. This is especially important when employees are traveling for work, as their safety becomes a top priority. Reputed travel management companies, such as ITILITE, offer a range of travel safety solutions and features that are carefully designed to keep your travelers safe during their trips.

When you choose to let these trusted companies handle travel management, you’re not only showing how much you care about your employees, but you’re also benefiting from their specialized knowledge. Outsourcing travel management means you’re getting access to a wealth of expertise and tools that are focused on reducing risks and making sure travelers are safe while they’re traveling.

In this blog, we will explore the travel safety solutions provided by ITILITE that enhance duty of care.

Risk Assessment

Our risk assessment helps the company identify potential hazards associated with the travel destination. This covers things like uncertain politics, health issues, and safety concerns. When these dangers are known early on, the company can be ready and do what’s needed to protect employees.

The assessment helps the company decide if a particular place is good for business trips. This makes sure employees aren’t put in risky situations and are only sent to safe locations.

Additionally, it enables the company to educate employees about the potential risks they might encounter during their trip. This helps them make smarter decisions and be more careful while traveling, which keeps them safer overall.

Real-time Traveler Tracking

Real-time tracking is one of the travel safety solutions provided by ITILITE. It plays a crucial role in enhancing the duty of care for employees during business trips. Through this feature, managers can know about the location of travelers at any given moment. This is essential for quickly responding to emergencies or unexpected situations.

Traveler tracking allows the company to ensure that employees follow the travel plans and rules that have been approved. This helps keep everyone accountable and follow the right guidelines. As a result, it lowers the chances of facing risks that might come from going off the safe travel routes.

Moreover, by analyzing traveler tracking data, the company can identify potential risk areas and adjust travel plans accordingly. This proactive approach enhances the company’s ability to reduce risks and prioritize employee safety.

Travel Policy Compliance

Travel policy compliance ensures that employees follow established guidelines and protocols while on business trips. This consistency helps maintain safety standards, ensuring that employees are aware of best practices to mitigate risks and stay secure.

ITILITE helps employees make bookings from approved vendors that meet safety and quality standards. When an employee searches for flights and hotels, ITILITE displays options that comply with the travel policy. This reduces the likelihood of encountering unsafe or unreliable options, enhancing the overall travel experience.

Further, if an employee chooses a non-compliant booking option, then ITILITE sends that travel request to the relevant approver for further review. This process ensures that all bookings adhere to rigorous safety standards.

24/7 Emergency Assistance

With 24/7 travel support, employees can get help anytime, and anywhere they are in the world. This quick response is really important for dealing with unexpected problems or emergencies during their trips.

When things like flights getting canceled or losing luggage mess up travel plans, 24/7 support is there to guide employees through these challenges, they help find solutions and make sure these issues don’t ruin the whole trip.

When there’s a medical emergency, accident, or urgent situation, business travelers can depend on 24/7 support. Live travel support agents can help travelers get in touch with doctors, set up medical evacuation if needed, or connect with local healthcare facilities.

Knowing that they have constant access to assistance, employees can travel with a sense of peace and confidence. This emotional reassurance contributes to their overall well-being and reduces travel-related stress.

Health and Safety Data Analytics

Data analytics are one of the travel safety solutions that play a major role in risk mitigation. Some insights that you can benefit from are:

Destination Risk Assessment: Data on various travel destinations, including health advisories, political stability, crime rates, and medical facilities.

Health Trends and Patterns: By analyzing historical data related to employee health incidents during travel, you can identify trends and patterns in health-related issues. 

Emergency Response Effectiveness: TMS data analytics can evaluate the effectiveness of emergency response procedures. By analyzing response times, outcomes, and employee feedback during emergencies, you can refine protocols for better safety outcomes.

Traveler Compliance Percentage: You can track how well employees adhere to travel policies. Analyzing this data helps companies identify areas where compliance may be lacking and implement measures to ensure employees’ safety during travel.

Incident Reporting and Resolution: Reports on incidents reported by employees during travel, such as accidents, health issues, or security concerns. This information helps companies understand common challenges faced by travelers and work towards resolving them.

Traveler Satisfaction and Well-being: You can gather feedback from employees about their travel experiences, including health and safety aspects. Analyzing this data provides insights into employee satisfaction, well-being, and potential areas for improvement in duty of care efforts.

Comprehensive Risk Management Plan

Travel safety solutions, like the comprehensive risk management plan offered by ITILITE, play a crucial role in making sure employees are well taken care of. This plan sets up a clear way to handle emergencies. It covers things like how to communicate, how to evacuate if needed, how to get medical help and other important steps for emergencies.

If something unexpected happens, the risk management plan outlines contingency measures. This ensures that the company is prepared to respond effectively to emergencies and keep employees safe.

The plan includes provisions for educating employees about travel risks and safety precautions. This helps them know how to stay safe and what to do in different situations. It’s like giving them the tools to take care of themselves while they travel.

Enhance Duty of Care with ITILITE

A lot of companies are already taking their duty of care seriously, but there are still some that need to make sure they’re doing it right. To catch up and get started quickly, it’s a good idea to use a travel management and travel safety solutions like ITILITE. At ITILITE, we can assist you in making a strong plan for duty of care and automatically implement it. If you want to know more about how we can assist you, reach out to us today.