Top 5 Travel Management Companies in Texas

Business travelers and companies frequently find themselves immersed in the demands of meeting targets and fulfilling objectives, leaving little time to plan and organize efficient travel arrangements effectively. Recognizing trip coordination’s complexities and time-consuming nature, many delegate these responsibilities to professional travel management companies

By entrusting their travel needs to these specialized agencies, businesses can offload the burden of logistical arrangements and focus on core operations and strategic goals. This delegation saves valuable time and resources and ensures that travel plans are expertly crafted, compliant with corporate policies, and optimized for cost-effectiveness and convenience. 

This blog explores the top 5 travel management companies in Texas and what they offer.


Established in 2017, ITILITE represents a contemporary approach to travel management and proudly stands among the best travel management companies in Texas.  With an extensive inventory comprising over 200 airlines and 500,000 hotels, including NDC fares, ITILITE caters to diverse corporate travel needs. 

Offering a unified platform for flights, accommodations, and visa services, ITILITE ensures streamlined booking processes. Corporate clients can access exclusive deals and negotiate fares at no additional cost while benefiting from real-time data reports for informed decision-making. Some of the major features of ITILITE include:

  • Digital Receipt Capture: Easily capture and manage digital receipts for all travel expenses.
  • Multi-device Usage: Access the platform seamlessly across multiple devices for convenience and flexibility.
  • Interactive UI: Enjoy an intuitive and user-friendly interface for effortless navigation and booking.
  • Credit Card Integration: Seamlessly integrate credit card payments for hassle-free transactions.
  • Automated Reminders: Receive automated reminders for upcoming bookings and travel plans.
  • Unused Ticket Management: ITILITE efficiently manages unused tickets, ensuring a seamless process for tracking, rebooking, and optimizing the value of unused flight credits.
  • Flight Reshopping: Leveraging advanced algorithms, our flight reshopping feature constantly monitors and reevaluates flight prices, securing savings by automatically rebooking when better fares become available.
  • Approval Process Workflow: Implement structured approval workflows for travel bookings to ensure compliance.
  • Mileage Tracker: Keep track of mileage for accurate expense reporting and reimbursement.
  • Real-time Reporting and Analytics: Access real-time data and analytics to make informed decisions and optimize travel spending.
  • Business Tool Integration: Seamlessly integrate with existing business tools for enhanced efficiency and productivity.
  • Granular Policies: Customize travel policies to align with specific organizational requirements and preferences.
  • Fraud Detection and Audit: Employ robust fraud detection measures and audit trails to maintain security and compliance.
  • ACH Payments: Facilitate secure and efficient ACH payments for streamlined financial transactions.

2. TripBam by Emburse

Since its inception in 2013, Dallas-based TRIPBAM has been at the forefront of travel management innovation. Offering a cloud-based platform, it is one of the best travel management companies in Texas. It employs patent-pending shopping processes to uncover savings on over 60% of hotels searched. Some of the major offerings of TripBam include:

Fare ReShopping: TRIPBAM’s innovative approach to fare Re-shop involves real-time market data monitoring and automated rebooking processes, enabling clients to capture significant savings without manual intervention. Fare Re-shop ensures travelers secure the most cost-effective options, taking advantage of price fluctuations and promotional offers that may arise closer to the travel date.

Automated Auditing and Monitoring: TRIPBAM distinguishes itself through its fully automated auditing technology, which monitors corporate travel market data, negotiated rates, and supplier contracts. This proactive approach enables real-time tracking and review of reservations, ensuring compliance with established policies and capturing available savings opportunities.

Robust Benchmarking Capabilities: TRIPBAM facilitates in-depth benchmarking analysis, comparing clients’ discounts and performance metrics with industry standards. This comparative assessment enables businesses to gauge their competitiveness and identify areas for improvement in their travel strategies.

3. Campbell Travel 

Campbell Travel started in Dallas in 1983 and has been helping travelers for over 40 years. They’re all about finding new and better ways to make travel smooth. They work with Amadeus, a big tech company, to make booking travel easier. Together, they created Cytric Easy, an online tool that lets you book trips from Microsoft Teams, where you already work.

Campbell Travel partners with multiple online booking tools, including Cytric, Deem, and Concur. Each tool offers unique booking experiences that can be customized to align with specific travel policies and preferences. Some of the features of Campbell Travel include:

Multi-Channel Communication: Recognizing the importance of communication, Campbell Travel offers support across various channels, including SMS, chat, email, phone, social channels, and WhatsApp. This centralized approach ensures consistent and efficient support for travelers.

Unified Booking Experience: By integrating booking capabilities for flights, cars, and hotels into collaborative platforms like Microsoft Teams, Campbell Travel simplifies travel booking. Travelers can manage all aspects of their trip from a personalized dashboard, fostering efficiency and convenience.

Personalization: With the advent of New Distribution Capability (NDC), Campbell Travel is at the forefront of delivering personalized content from airlines to travelers. This includes access to discounted fares, upgrade opportunities, and ancillary services, ensuring a tailored and enhanced travel experience.

4. Sharon Carr Travel 

Established in 1969, Sharon Carr Travel is a family-owned and operated travel agency in Dallas, Texas. With over five decades of experience, they have built a reputation as one of Texas’s best travel management companies. 

Campbell Travel boasts a dedicated team specializing in corporate travel arrangements, offering full-service assistance and convenient online booking options. Whether arranging flights, accommodations, or ground transportation, they ensure seamless and efficient business travel experiences. Some other offerings include:

Streamlined Passport and Visa Processing: Recognizing the importance of hassle-free international travel, Sharon Carr Travel offers passport and visa processing services, with expedited options available when time is of the essence.

Expert International Assistance: Sharon Carr Travel features an International Rate Desk 

staffed by knowledgeable professionals who specialize in navigating the intricacies of international travel. From currency exchange rates to local customs, they provide valuable insights to enhance the travel experience.

Business Travel Expertise: Leveraging its affiliation with American Express Business Travel Services, Sharon Carr Travel brings extensive expertise to corporate clients, delivering comprehensive solutions tailored to their unique needs and objectives.

Group Travel Coordination: Sharon Carr Travel excels in organizing team travel, whether it’s for business conferences, corporate retreats, or special events. Their experienced team ensures every detail is meticulously planned and executed for a seamless group travel experience.

5. Alamo Travel Group

Alamo Travel Group is a leading corporate travel agency serving San Antonio, TX. Their team of service-oriented travel consultants offers extensive knowledge of domestic and international travel, ensuring customers receive personalized and up-to-date travel solutions. Some of its offerings include:

Dedicated Support Team: Clients benefit from a dedicated team of travel agents who specialize in creating and modifying travel programs for companies. These experts offer professional guidance and best practices to streamline travel-related processes and maximize efficiency.

Risk Management: Alamo Travel Group prioritizes the safety and security of clients and travelers. With robust processes and procedures in place, they address potential risks, ranging from infectious disease outbreaks to passport issues, to ensure the well-being of all travelers.

Time Efficiency: Recognizing businesses’ time constraints, Alamo Travel Group simplifies travel management processes, allowing clients to focus on revenue-generating activities. Handling tasks such as crafting travel policies, booking arrangements, and creating itineraries frees up valuable time for clients to dedicate to core business operations.

Travel Tools and Resources: Alamo Travel Group provides clients user-friendly tools and resources to enhance their travel experience. From checking flight statuses to learning about airport regulations and destination information, these tools empower travelers with the information they need for a seamless journey.

Choose from the Top 5 Travel Management Companies in Texas

In conclusion, selecting a top-tier travel management company from the prestigious list of the top 5 travel management companies in Texas represents a strategic decision for businesses aiming to optimize their corporate travel experiences. 

ITILITE stands out among these companies by providing a seamless and unified corporate travel management platform. The platform simplifies the booking processes for flights, accommodations, and visa services, ensuring a hassle-free experience for your employees. With a user-friendly interface, managing complex itineraries becomes a breeze. Moreover, our support team is always ready to provide prompt and reliable assistance.

To know more about ITILITE, book a free demo with us today.