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ITILITE makes the list of SoftwareWorld’s Top 10 Best Expense Management Software in 2022

July 04, 2022

Congratulations and kudos are in order as ITILITE has made it to the top 10 in the list of the 15 best expense management software in 2022 by SoftwareWorld.

SoftwareWorld is one of the most widely trusted software review websites that showcases top software solutions for various industries like accounting, budgeting, brand management, human resource management, etc. In this light, they conduct in-depth market research annually and create unbiased lists of software solutions by category to help businesses find the right solution. 

ITILITE in SoftwareWorld Best Expense Management Software 2022 list

This year experts at SoftwareWorld reviewed the ITILITE platform, considering User Satisfaction (reviews & ratings), Social Media Buzz, and Online Presence as the significant parameters.   

In their assessment, they found 220+ positive reviews from CFOs, finance managers, and accountants at over 300 firms across the globe and an average rating of 4.4. Additionally, they considered our 20K+ Linkedin followers as a testimony to our A+ customer support. 

Here is what one of our customers had to say when asked about how ITILITE’s travel and expense management platform has helped them:

The policy complaint platform, integrated approval flows and curated trip options have helped us redefine our travel management program.” – BGGTS – AM- Contracts

All things considered, ITILITE’s travel and expense management software scored 96/100 for its visibility, control, and global compliance that help companies ensure expense report accuracy, reduce expenses, and pay employees on time. 

The experts at SoftwareWorld wrote a detailed review enlisting features like Approval Process Control, Invoice Management, Reimbursement Management, Spend Control, Time Tracking, etc., that help businesses optimize their reimbursement process by offering greater control and convenience.

The ITILITE platform has helped companies across the globe manage expenses better. We provide a simplified expense approval workflow, so expense claims get approved timely. We also offer features like spend control and time tracking. Additionally, our platform can manage multi-currency transactions. Moreover, with our digital receipt scanning system, employees can scan their expense receipts and file expense claims remotely in real-time to avoid the hassle of carrying physical copies of the expense receipts.

And the cherry on the cake is our fraud detection mechanism that detects three types of fraud- out-of-policy violations, weekends, and duplicate expenses. 

We have worked to solve our customers’ problems, and our efforts have been met with unconditional support and recognition. Therefore, it’s time to extend a vote of thanks.

We are grateful to SoftwareWorld for recognizing our hard work. For the last five years, we have been on a mission to make travel & expense easier. We have been at the forefront of development, from pioneering the integrated platform for the processes end-to-end to introducing new features like employee incentivization, gamification, and in-product safety measures. Getting recognized by such a widely trusted review site encourages us to continue to excel and deliver stellar travel and expense management software solutions.

Special thanks to our customers for the long-term support they have graciously extended us. We promise to continue providing trustworthy services and features that will make their travel and expense management experience seamless. We hope to continue working together for years to come. 

Author : Yukti Verma
Yukti Verma is a content marketer with a soft spot for SaaS. She loves weaving complicated concepts into simple stories. When not at work, she reads books and geeks over technology.