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Now Simplify your Travel, Expense, & Business Needs with ITILITE Marketplace

At ITILITE, we have always kept customers at the core of all our innovations and have strived to deliver great products. With the same philosophy, this time, we present to you another addition to our offerings – ITILITE Marketplace: A repository of curated integrations, add-ons, services, and tools, designed to simplify your expense, travel, and business needs.

During the pandemic, when we saw our customers struggling to find the right partners to bring efficiency into the system and make employees more productive, we started thinking about how we can help our users in these tough times.

We realized that while we do have products that will help solve some of their problems, there are more tools and services that they need to simplify their day-to-day work and increase organizational productivity. That’s when we set out to build an ecosystem where businesses can get everything that they need to operate efficiently. And that’s how ITILITE Marketplace came into being!

Based on conversations with our beta users, we bucketed our offerings on the Marketplace into three categories

  • Product Integrations to amplify your team’s efficiency
  • Product Add Ons to power up your T&E process
  • Solutions to increase employee productivity 

Here’s what we offer in these buckets:

Product Integrations to amplify your team’s efficiency – all the businesses we spoke to, irrespective of their size, shared how they are focusing on increasing their operational efficiency by automating most of their processes. Getting all their systems to speak to each other, to have more visibility at an overall business level was their top priority. The marketplace hosts a range of integrations available to help them do just that, and create a seamless flow across HRMS, Expense, ERP, Accounting, SSO, and more with the ITILITE platform and empower their HR, Finance, and Admin teams

Product Add Ons to power up your T&E process – as businesses get ready for the post-covid world, they need to power up their existing travel and expense processes as well. That’s what we offer as ITILITE Add Ons. They are premium ITILITE features that will further simplify your T&E process with add ons like GST Ninja, Employee Incentivization, Platform Branding, and more

Solutions to increase employee productivity – we understand that a healthy and productive workforce leads to a strong business foundation. With hybrid work culture on the rise, there has been an increase in the demand for tools and solutions that make working from anywhere easier and efficient for employees. So, we got a host of solutions that businesses can offer to their employees to make them more productive while also enhancing their  travel and/or expense experience.

With this launch, we aim to empower our users with all the relevant tools and solutions they need to grow their business in the changing landscape. We hope you find value in using ITILITE Marketplace!

Want to get started and make your business more efficient? Just log into your ITILITE  account and explore the solutions at the Marketplace. If you face any issues, please reach out to your customer success manager and he/she will help you out!

Already using the MP and love it? Talk about your ITILITE experience at G2 and help spread the word!

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Simplify your travel and expense management process!

Simplify your travel and expense management process!