When it comes to selecting the ideal travel and expense management software for your business, it can be quite difficult to narrow down to the one that fulfills all your company’s needs. However, if you have shortlisted your options to ITILITE and Travelperk, this guide can provide you with detailed insights into which might be the better option for you.

ITILITE Overview

ITILITE is an all-in-one travel and expense management solution. It allows you to book flights, hotels, and rental cars from anywhere and at any time. Further, with ITILITE, you can enhance policy compliance, get visibility into employee spending, and manage expenses from a single platform. The solution offers the industry’s best travel inventory and can provide you with personalized options while booking

TravelPerk Overview

TravelPerk is a travel management platform that simplifies the process of booking flights, hotels, and rental cars for corporate trips. It offers multiple capabilities, including real-time reporting, policy configurations, and expense management. 

Some benefits that a good travel and expense management solution should provide you with are listed below. 

Book Tickets in a Breeze

ITILITE streamlines the ticket booking process for your employees. It provides them with personalized recommendations that comply with your company’s policy. Moreover, these options incorporate negotiated deals and discounts. As a result, it reduces the time travelers have to spend sorting through numerous options. 
TravelPerk provides a user-friendly interface for travelers to make bookings. However, it currently lacks a robust contextual search feature. Hence, you cannot configure company-preferred airlines and hotels. This can make you miss out on additional savings from contracted vendors.

Enhance Savings

Negotiated Rates

ITILITE offers an unparalleled advantage to companies helping them negotiate corporate rates for flights and hotels. All the negotiations are available at no additional cost. By leveraging corporate travel management app, you can establish strong relationships with vendors and reduce your travel expenses.

TravelPerk takes a different approach by offering these benefits exclusively through their highest-priced plan, which costs $300 per month. This pricing structure may present a significant financial commitment for smaller businesses. It will also help those looking to optimize their travel expenses without incurring additional costs.

Flight Re-shopping 

ITILITE enables additional flight cost savings through its flight price re-shop feature. Flight re-shopping refers to the automatic rebooking of flights at a lower rate if the price drops before the departure date. By using this feature, your company can save up thousands of dollars or more without putting in any extra effort.

TravelPerk currently does not offer a flight re-shopping feature. This limitation could impact companies aiming to secure the best fares. However, TravelPerk provides partial refunds in case you want to cancel a ticket.


ITILITE also offers multiple cashback programs. When making a booking with the ITILITE card, travelers have the opportunity to receive up to 2.5% cashback on their transactions. The earned cashback can be used to offset future travel costs, making the trip more cost-effective.

TravelPerk, on the other hand, currently does not offer cashback on flight and hotel bookings. 

Get Travel Data at your Fingertips

ITILITE offers an extensive range of travel reports free of cost to help you evaluate the performance of your travel program effectively. These reports provide valuable insights into various aspects of your travel bookings, including metrics such as the number of last-minute bookings and cancellation requests.

Moreover, ITILITE allows you to tailor these reports according to your specific business goals. 

TravelPerk offers a range of standard travel reports that allow users to gain insights into their travel program. However, the option to customize these reports is only available in TravelPerk’s highest-priced plan. 

Streamline Travel & Expense

ITILITE integrates travel booking and reimbursement within the same application. Users can easily access their travel itineraries, view booking details, and manage their expenses, ensuring a more organized approach to managing travel-related tasks. As a result, it eliminates the need for users to switch between different platforms, saving time and effort.

While TravelPerk offers valuable features for travel and expense management separately, it does not provide a unified platform for both travel bookings and reimbursements. This separation can lead to a fragmented user experience as users navigate different platforms for these processes.

Moreover, the lack of integration between these tools may result in delayed expense tracking, impacting the efficiency of the reimbursement process.

Get the Best Value for your Buck with ITILITE

ITILITE charges you on the basis of number of trips you take. The cost per trip is set at $10, and there’s an even more favorable rate of $7 available when using the wallet for payments. Notably, ITILITE does not impose any subscription fees, meaning you only incur charges when you actually undertake business trips.

This structure makes ITILITE pricing particularly advantageous for small and medium-sized businesses.

To learn more, visit ITILITE pricing page.

In addition, ITILITE offers an innovative solution called Mastermind so that you get the utmost value for your investment. This virtual travel consultant sets a new industry standard by providing valuable insights and guidance for optimizing your travel program.

By benchmarking your KPIs against other companies within your industry, Mastermind offers step-by-step recommendations on how to enhance your travel program’s effectiveness. 

TravelPerk charges a percentage fee of 3% per booking, which means for a $1000 booking, the fee would amount to $30. Additionally, TravelPerk imposes a monthly fee ranging from $100 to $300 per month, depending on the chosen plan.

The combination of a percentage fee and a recurring monthly charge can add up and significantly impact the overall cost for businesses, especially for those with a high volume of bookings. These costs can reduce the potential savings that companies may expect from using a travel management platform.

Have Peace of Mind with Industry-Best Travel Support

ITILITE provides exceptional travel support to its users with a remarkable 7-star service. Our live agents are available via calls, chat, and email, providing continuous support to your travelers even outside regular business hours. With an industry-leading response time of just 10 seconds and a resolution time of 60 minutes, ITILITE vouches for a hassle-free experience for your travelers.

Choose the Best Corporate Travel and Expense Management Solution

ITILITE offers a comprehensive travel and expense management solution. Travelers can make bookings, manage itineraries, and report expenses, all through a single platform. ITILITE distinguishes itself from TravelPerk through its affordable pricing structure and superior travel support. Additionally, the platform offers a range of complimentary add-on features that enhance the overall value proposition for users. 

To know more about these benefits, book a free demo today!


1. What features differentiate itilite as a TravelPerk alternative for business travel management?

itilite is different from TravelPerk. It offers flight price Reshop, a cashback program, and, most importantly, free custom reports. These reports allow you to manage your business travel to fit your needs.

2. Who is the best TravelPerk alternative, and why?

itilite is the best TravelPerk alternative because it provides extensive features such as flight price Reshop and custom reports free of additional charges.

3. What are the five benefits of itilite as a TravelPerk alternative?

itilite has five benefits over TravelPerk. They are Reshop for cheaper flights, a cashback program, advice tailored to you, rates we negotiated, and reports for you. All are free.