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Travel Medical Assistance: A How-to Guide for Business Travelers

travel medical assistance

Business travel can be an exciting opportunity to explore new places, meet clients or partners, and expand professional horizons. That’s where travel medical assistance comes into play. However, amid the whirlwind of meetings, presentations, and tight schedules, it’s easy to overlook a critical aspect: your health and well-being. 

Also, read on to find out the importance of travel medical assistants while traveling and how business travelers can ensure their medical safety on the road.

Key Aspects of Corporate Travel Medical Assistance

  • Medical Consultations: Access to 24/7 medical consultations with experienced physicians who can provide guidance on health concerns and recommend appropriate actions.
  • Emergency Evacuation: In a severe medical emergency, medical assistance can arrange and fund emergency evacuations to the nearest suitable medical facility.
  • Prescription Assistance: Assistance with obtaining prescription medications, including locating nearby pharmacies and facilitating communication with local healthcare providers.
  • Hospital Admission Support: Coordination of hospital admissions, including verifying medical facilities, arranging payments, and communicating with medical staff.
  • Medical Monitoring: Continuous monitoring of the traveler’s medical condition to ensure they receive the necessary care and support.
  • Language Assistance: On-the-ground assistance with language barriers, including translation services during medical consultations.
  • Travel Arrangement Support: Assistance with rescheduling flights, accommodations, and transportation in the event of medical emergencies.

Importance of Travel Medical Assistance

  • Healthcare Beyond Borders: Business travelers may find themselves in regions with different healthcare systems and standards. Medical assistance bridges these gaps, ensuring access to quality medical care.
  • Prompt and Professional Care:  Travel medical assistance for timely medical advice can be a game-changer during health emergencies. Corporate assistance ensures that employees receive professional care quickly.
  • Optimized Travel Experience: Knowing that they have medical support allows business travelers to focus on their work rather than worrying about healthcare issues, optimizing their overall travel experience.
  • Risk Mitigation: It’s not just about managing medical emergencies; it’s also about risk mitigation. Corporate medical assistance helps companies fulfill their duty of care responsibilities to protect their employees.

Steps Business Travelers Must Take to Ensure their Safety on the Road

Before The Trip

Here are the essential steps business travelers must take before their trip to ensure their safety with medical assistance:

  1. Review Corporate Travel Policies: Start by thoroughly reviewing your company’s travel policies and guidelines, specifically those related to healthcare and medical assistance. The travel medical assistants should understand what level of support your employer provides and the procedures to follow in case of medical emergencies.
  2. Understand Your Travel Insurance: Familiarize yourself with the details of your business travel insurance policy. Know what medical expenses it covers, the contact information for your insurance provider, and the process for filing claims.
  3. Create a Travel Health Kit: The travel medical assistance health kit includes essential items such as prescription medications, over-the-counter remedies, first-aid supplies, and any necessary medical documents (e.g., copies of prescriptions and doctor’s notes).
  4. Research Destination Healthcare: Conduct thorough research on the healthcare infrastructure at your travel destination. Identify hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies that are easily accessible in case of medical emergencies.
  5. Contact Corporate Medical Assistance Provider: Ensure you have the contact information for your company’s corporate medical assistance provider. This is your go-to resource for medical support while abroad. Save their contact details in your phone and carry a physical copy as well.
  6. Inform Close Contacts: Let someone close to you (family member, friend, or colleague) know about your travel plans, including your itinerary and contact information for your corporate medical assistance provider. This ensures that someone back home is aware of your whereabouts.
  7. Carry Important Medical Information: Always keep crucial medical information with you. This may include allergies, chronic conditions, blood type, and emergency contact information. This readily available information can be essential if you cannot communicate during a medical emergency.
  8. Understand Local Health Risks: Be aware of any specific health risks associated with your travel destination. This includes potential diseases, environmental hazards, or local health advisories. Take necessary precautions and vaccinations as advised.
  9. Familiarize Yourself with Emergency Services:  For travel medical assistance, you should know the local emergency phone number (e.g., 911) and how to access emergency services at the destination. Ensure you can communicate your location accurately in case of an emergency.

Here’s a list of emergency numbers for all countries if you plan to travel abroad.

During the Trip

  • Use Precautionary Measures: Continue to take precautionary measures to protect your health. The travel medical assistants practice good hygiene, wear masks when necessary, and adhere to local health guidelines or restrictions.
  • Comply with Medical Advice: If you receive medical advice or treatment from local healthcare professionals or your corporate medical assistance provider, be sure to follow their recommendations and instructions diligently.
  • Be Prepared for Emergencies: Familiarize yourself with the local emergency services number and how to access it in case of a serious medical emergency. Always have your identification, insurance information, and medical documents readily available.
  • Monitor Your Health: Pay attention to travel medical assistance for your health throughout the trip. If you experience any symptoms or discomfort, seek medical advice promptly from your corporate medical assistance provider or local healthcare professionals.

What to Do When You Require Corporate Travel Medical Assistance?

Stay Calm

  • In any medical emergency, staying calm is crucial. Take a deep breath and try to remain composed.

Contact Your Corporate Medical Assistance Provider

  • Reach out to your corporate travel medical assistance provider immediately. They typically provide a 24/7 helpline that you can call for assistance.
  • Provide them with all the necessary details, including your location, the nature of the emergency, and your condition.

Follow Their Guidance

  • Listen carefully to the instructions provided by your corporate medical assistance provider. They are experienced in handling medical emergencies and will guide you on the best course of action.
  • If they recommend seeking medical attention, follow their advice.

Seek Local Medical Assistance

  • If directed by your corporate travel medical assistance provider, seek medical attention at a local healthcare facility, hospital, or clinic.
  • Use GPS or ask for assistance to find the nearest appropriate healthcare facility.

Carry Essential Documents

  • Take along essential documents, including identification, passport, travel insurance information, and any relevant medical history or prescriptions.

Document Everything

  • Keep detailed records of all medical expenses, including invoices, receipts, and medical reports. This documentation will be essential if you need to file a claim with your travel insurance provider.

Comply with Medical Recommendations

  • Follow the advice and recommendations of local healthcare professionals. This includes adhering to prescribed treatments, medications, and any necessary follow-up appointments.

Follow Up with Your Employer

After the medical emergency has been resolved, make sure to communicate with your employer. Provide them with a summary of the situation and any relevant documentation.

Steps to Take Post Travel Medical Assistance:

  1. Seek Support if Needed: Experiencing a medical emergency during a business trip can be stressful. If you are struggling with the emotional impact, consider travel medical assistance t from a counselor, therapist, or your employer’s employee assistance program (EAP).
  2. Maintain Records: Keep a file of all documents related to the medical incident, including medical records, insurance claims, and expenses. This will be useful for any potential future needs or inquiries.

Why is the 24/7 Availability of Travel Medical Assistants Crucial?

The 24/7 availability of medical assistants is crucial for business travelers for several compelling reasons:

1. Medical Emergencies Don’t Follow a Schedule

Medical emergencies can happen at any time, day or night. When business travelers are in unfamiliar environments, they may be more vulnerable to health issues. Access to assistance around the clock ensures they can get immediate help when needed.

2. Global Travel Across Time Zones

Business travelers often cross multiple time zones during their journeys. This can lead to sleep disruption and increase the risk of health-related issues. With 24/7 availability, travelers can seek medical advice from travel medical assistants regardless of the time zone they are in.

3. Immediate Response to Critical Situations

In critical medical situations, every minute counts. A 24/7 medical assistance team can provide guidance on how to handle emergencies, including when to call for local emergency services or arrange evacuations. This timely response can be life-saving.

4. Peace of Mind for Travelers

Knowing that they have access to travel medical assistance at any hour offers peace of mind to business travelers. This reassurance allows them to focus on their work responsibilities without worrying about healthcare concerns.

5. Support Across Borders

Business travelers frequently visit international destinations with different healthcare systems and languages. A 24/7 assistance service can bridge language barriers, facilitate communication with local healthcare providers, and ensure travelers receive appropriate care.

6. Assistance Beyond Routine Hours

Health issues can arise outside of regular clinic hours, especially in cases of minor illnesses or non-emergent concerns. A 24/7 medical assistance team can provide guidance on managing these issues without the need for an immediate clinic visit.

7. Handling Travel Disruptions

Travel disruptions, such as flight cancellations or delays, can have a cascading effect on a traveler’s health and schedule. A 24/7 team can assist in rearranging travel plans, accommodations, and medical appointments in real time.

8. Comprehensive Medical Support

The travel medical assistance offers a range of services beyond emergency response, including medical consultations, advice on managing chronic conditions, and assistance with prescription medications. This comprehensive support is available whenever needed.

9. Duty of Care

Travel medical assistants have a duty of care to protect the health and safety of their employees during business travel. Providing 24/7 medical assistance demonstrates a commitment to fulfilling this responsibility.

How To Provide Round-the-clock Travel Medical Assistance to Your Employees?

Companies can ensure 24/7 medical assistance availability for business travelers by partnering with travel management companies that have dedicated medical assistants who provide round-the-clock support.

These medical assistants are trained and experienced in handling medical-related issues and emergencies specific to travel. They understand the unique challenges and considerations involved in providing medical support to travelers.

In addition to emergency response, travel medical assistants can provide a range of services, including medical consultations, medication assistance, and health advice, helping business travelers manage non-emergent health concerns as well.

As a result, companies can enhance the safety and well-being of their business travelers, minimize health-related risks, and provide a valuable resource for addressing medical emergencies and concerns during corporate trips.

Ensure the Safety of Your Employees with ITILITE

When it comes to the well-being of your employees on the road, there’s no room for compromise. That’s where ITILITE steps in, setting the gold standard for corporate travel medical assistance. Our commitment to safety goes beyond the ordinary, offering you peace of mind like never before.

24/7/365 Support 

At ITILITE, we understand that travel doesn’t adhere to office hours. That’s why we provide unwavering support around the clock, 24/7/365 days a year, on chat, email, and call. No matter when or where, your employees can count on us.

Lightning-Fast Response Time – Just 10 Seconds

We know that in emergencies, every second counts. That’s why we pride ourselves on having an industry-best response time of just 10 seconds. When your employees need help, our travel medical assistants are on the other end of the line in an instant.

Live Tracking for Ultimate Security

With ITILITE, you don’t just book a trip; you gain real-time visibility into your employees’ journeys. Our live tracking feature lets you keep an eye on their whereabouts, ensuring their safety and security at all times.

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