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What are the Top 5 Travel Management Companies in New York?

Top 5 Travel Management Companies in New York

The business travel industry is constantly evolving, placing a significant emphasis on sustainability practices and adhering to social compliance standards. Moreover, handling your corporate travel program independently is no small feat. Relying on spreadsheets becomes a time-consuming and arduous task.

As businesses expand their global footprint, there is an escalating demand for the best travel management companies in New York that ensure efficiency and prove cost-effective. Companies operating in this sector are committed to enhancing customer experiences by providing personalized services and constantly refining travel programs to align with the dynamic needs of businesses.

This blog delves into exploring the top 5 travel management companies in New York, shedding light on their offerings to the evolving needs of business travel.


ITILITE stands out among the top 5 travel management companies in New York, boasting an unparalleled inventory of more than 300 airlines, 2.5 million hotels, and cars available for rent from over 25 car rental companies worldwide. Streamline your corporate travel with 

Our comprehensive booking software allows users to seamlessly book flights, hotels, and car rentals from a single platform. ITILITE offers

Free Rates Negotiation Service: Avail the best corporate deals with discounted rates through our supply relations team, offered as a complimentary service. Easily integrate these rates into the platform for prioritized search results.

Access to On-Trip Services: ITILITE goes beyond bookings, offering on-trip services such as 

airport pick-up and drop, early check-in, late check-out, last-minute cancellations, and other essential business travel services.

Cost-Effective Recommendations and Rewards: Provide cost-effective options at the forefront of search results, saving money for your company. ITILITE introduces a unique approach by sharing some savings as rewards, redefining travel happiness.

Automated Cost-Saving Nudges: Ensure optimal utilization of available flight credits and timely booking with automated nudges. ITILITE encourages employees to make cost-effective choices, preventing any spending leakages.

Membership Points Collection: Enhance employee benefits by allowing them to add up to 15 flights, hotels, and car rental membership numbers per profile, ensuring they never miss out on valuable travel points.

Highly Configurable Policies: Tailor travel policies to your company’s specific needs by setting flexible budget-based policies for departments, employee grades, or projects.

Built-in Approval Flows: Implement a streamlined approval process with multi-department approvers for employees, departments, or projects, ensuring adherence to company policies.

Budget Alerts for Overspending: Exercise complete control over business travel management with budget implementation and real-time alerts for overspending.

Powerful AI Insights – Mastermind: Our Mastermind utilizes AI to benchmark the industry, predict potential savings, and recommend step-by-step improvements in the travel process.

Rapid Customer Support: Reach our support teams 24/7 via call, email, and chat, committed to responding within 30 seconds to address any queries or concerns.

2. Direct Travel

Direct Travel is another leader in the top 5 travel management companies in New York. It was created to address a service gap in middle-market travel. The company founder strategically aligned with industry leaders to create a unique regional structure. This was done to understand better and respond to clients’ changing needs. Direct Travel’s goal is to be responsive and client-focused. It has:

Global Reputation for Excellence: Direct Travel stands as a highly esteemed Travel Management Company (TMC) renowned not only in New York but also globally. The company specializes in corporate travel, meetings and events, and leisure services.

Tailored Solutions for the Mid-Market: With a specific focus on the mid-market segment, Direct Travel takes pride in delivering personalized services to each client. This commitment sets them apart in an industry where clients often feel like mere numbers.

Strategic Account Managers: The role of account managers at Direct Travel goes beyond mere oversight. They are progressive travel program analysts who interpret industry shifts for clients’ programs. These strategic partners ensure that travel programs align with evolving requirements and business plans.

Performance Metrics: Customizable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are tailored to each client’s unique program, with the option to build Service Level Agreements (SLAs) around them for assured completion.

Travel Crisis Management: Offering Travel Crisis Management services, the company collaborates with medical and evacuation partners to ensure prompt assistance for affected travelers.

Airline Contract Optimization: Direct Travel’s experts utilize a cutting-edge contract optimization tool to elevate your savings strategy. Services include evaluating existing contracts, determining ideal sales targets, and managing multiple air supplier contracts.

3. CIRE Travel

CIRE Travel is New York’s cherished corporate travel service affiliated with First in Service Travel. It is among the best corporate travel management companies in New York. CIRE’s clientele comprises entrepreneurs and small to mid-sized businesses lacking the resources to manage travel or develop travel policies. The team of travel advisors makes business travel arrangements seamless and efficient. It offers:

Flexible Discounts and Benefits: While specific discounts may vary, CIRE Travel provides unique benefits, such as waiving change fees, securing advance purchase fares post-deadline, and avoiding preferred seat upcharges. Additionally, the team secures room upgrades, amenities, and services at a fraction of the standard cost for a VIP experience.

Cost Savings: CIRE Travel offers substantial cost savings, with potential discounts ranging from 15% to 30% off normal travel spending. Leveraging First in Service Travel’s buying power, CIRE negotiates lower rates for airfares and accommodations.

Room Upgrades at Competitive Prices: CIRE Travel upgrades accommodations at prices significantly lower than standard corporate travel rates, resulting in up to 53% savings. When compared to rack rates, these savings soar to an impressive 74%

4. Blue Orange Travel

BlueOrange Travel stands as a proven luxury and corporate travel agency. It is strategically headquartered in Midtown Manhattan, New York. It offers specialized services for influencers, VIPs, and the entertainment Industry. The company collaborates with preferred suppliers to ensure clients receive the best value and exclusivity in their travel experiences. It offers:

Best-Fit Transportation: BlueOrange Travel ensures the best-fit transportation to and from the destination, catering to each client’s specific needs and preferences.

Hotel or Rental Accommodations: The agency curates top-notch hotel or rental accommodations, ensuring a luxurious and comfortable stay tailored to individual preferences.

Ground Transportation Services: Offering various ground transportation options, including private cars, vans, limousines, shuttle services, car rentals, and more, to enhance the overall travel experience.

5. Frosch

FROSCH is a travel management company with headquarters in New York City and Houston, reinforcing its strong presence in the United States. It offers:

Tailored Travel Management Programs: FROSCH customizes travel management programs for each client, ensuring a unique and personalized approach to meet specific needs

Personalized Client Engagement and Solutions: FROSCH engages clients through pre-implementation meetings, identifying priorities and challenges in existing travel programs, and offering optimization solutions.

Obex for Business Travel App: A comprehensive travel app offering a unified access point for all traveler bookings. Travelers can effortlessly connect with FROSCH through direct chat or phone, ensuring a convenient and personalized interaction.

Continuous Commitment to Industry Standards and Certifications: Being one of the first TMCs to be NDC-certified showcases FROSCH’s dedication to upholding industry standards and embracing new developments in travel technology.

Final Thoughts

In the competitive landscape of best corporate travel management companies in New York, one name rises above the rest—ITILITE. Renowned for setting the gold standard in the industry, ITILITE stands as the undisputed leader, offering exceptional services tailored to meet all your travel needs.

Don’t settle for the ordinary when you can embrace extraordinary travel experiences with ITILITE. Join the ranks of savvy businesses that have made ITILITE their trusted travel management company in New York. 

Contact us now and start your journey towards efficient business travel.

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