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5 Sustainable Travel Apps Promoting Eco-Friendly Corporate Trips

Sustainable Travel Apps

Over the past few years, sustainability has become increasingly important, with travelers focusing more on environmentally friendly travel options. Which is why multiple sustainable travel apps have been launched that help promote environmentally friendly travel, including corporate travel. With about 445 million business trips taken annually, there are no second thoughts that corporate travel will directly contribute to climate change and global warming. 

People have begun to realize the impact of their travel on the surrounding environment, and this realization has even extended to corporate travel.  In this blog, we will list the top 5 sustainable travel apps that will help employees travel sustainably and responsibly.

What are Sustainable Travel Apps? 

Sustainable apps for travel, or green travel apps, are mobile applications that assist travelers in adopting environmentally friendly and socially responsible practices. These apps are designed in such a way that they aim to solve current environmental problems such as carbon emissions, pollution, waste, plastic generation, deforestation, and many more. 

Using these apps makes it easier for organizations and employees to plan sustainable travel and empowers them to make eco-friendly choices while on the go.  Moreover, these apps offer a range of features and services that will help corporate travelers and companies make more eco-friendly travel choices. And by leveraging these travel apps, companies can enhance their reputation, improve employee satisfaction, and save money. 

Top 5 Sustainable Travel Apps for Corporate Travel 

Travel apps can be a great tool for those looking to travel sustainably. From finding eco-friendly travel options to finding vegan/vegetarian food to tracking your carbon footprint, these green travel apps will help you make excellent sustainable choices while also enjoying traveling. 

Mentioned below are the top 5 sustainable travel apps for corporate trips:


ITILITE is a SaaS-based corporate travel management company focusing on making business travel hassle-free for companies worldwide. This travel management software helps simplify travel bookings, expense filing, reimbursement, policy compliance, data analytics, and reporting. One of the key highlights of ITILITE is that it understands the negative effect of business travel on the environment and, thus, provides its users with sustainable business travel options. You can visit www.itilite.com or download the app from the Play Store or App Store. 

Key features of ITILITE:

  • Carbon emission tracking and offsetting

As mentioned earlier, business travel is a significant contributor to carbon emissions. Therefore, a crucial approach companies must adopt is tracking and quantifying their carbon footprint. ITILITE, a green travel app, offers features where companies can track and measure carbon emissions associated with business travel activities. You can also order a customized carbon footprint report monthly and quarterly. Integrating sustainable travel apps creates carbon offsetting options, facilitating an excellent contribution to environmental conservation. 

  • Optimized Travel Itineraries 

The AI-powered algorithm of ITILITE helps optimize travel itineraries by considering various factors such as travel budget, convenience, flight route, type of accommodation, and the effect on the environment. By suggesting and helping its users with the most efficient transportation options, such as choosing economy class instead of business class on flights or flights that use bio-fuels,  ITILITE helps you make your business travel more sustainable. The software also suggests routes to help travelers minimize layovers and reduce overall travel time. This feature contributes to lower energy consumption and less carbon emissions associated with your business travel. 

  • Choosing Green Accommodation Options

Choosing the right business travel accommodation for a sustainable corporate trip is of the utmost importance. ITILITE suggests its users more eco-friendly stay options, such as choosing a green hotel over a conventional hotel or staying in a homestay or Airbnb built with eco-friendly materials such as bamboo, recycled glass/steel/plastic, etc., or accommodations that leverage energy-efficient measures, waste reduction practices, and green certifications. This encourages travelers to make more sustainable accommodation choices, enhancing their travel experience. 

  • Enhanced Policy Compliance

One important aspect of sustainable business travel is enforcing a green travel policy within the organization. ITILITE software promotes policy compliance by providing a centralized platform for making travel bookings. This will allow companies to enforce sustainability guidelines effectively. With a streamlined booking process that aligns with eco-friendly practices, ITILITE ensures employees choose sustainable travel options. 

2.  Happy Cow 

Having good food while traveling can greatly enhance the experience. A vegan diet directly helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and water pollution and better land management. 

However, corporate travelers prefer sustainable travel apps when they are on a vegetarian or vegan diet and often struggle to find a good vegetarian restaurant. 

Being one of the green travel apps, the Happy Cow app is a savior for this problem. If the hotel where the corporate traveler stays lacks vegetarian options helps them locate vegan/vegetarian restaurants. The app is available in over 180 countries and has an in-app map for navigation and user reviews. The app also has visually pleasing photos to help users pick authentic and delicious food. Users can also sort their searches based on rating, distance, name, etc. if they want something specific. 

3. BlaBla Car 

During business travel, employees have to be on the go constantly. They must travel from one location to another or from one destination to another. Transportation is one of the major contributors to carbon emissions. 

And in such instances, if they have to use public transportation such as trains or buses, employees must wait longer. One good sustainable travel alternative is BlaBla Car, where travelers can get faster and cheaper cabs than renting a car. Blablacar offers a sustainable alternative to traditional modes of transportation by connecting travelers with drivers who have empty seats in their cars. 

By sharing rides, companies using sustainable travel apps can significantly reduce the number of vehicles on the road, reducing emissions and promoting a more sustainable approach to corporate travel. The app is available on 

4. Strava 

Sustainable travel extends beyond addressing emissions from long-haul flights and has much to do with how you commute within a new city. For corporate travelers who want to not give up on their fitness routine while traveling, Strava, an app promoting various activities like running, hiking, cycling, skateboarding, and swimming, plays an important role. 

The app offers routes for race tracks, hiking trails, jogging paths, and cycling lanes created by its user community. Strava facilitates eco-conscious commuting within new cities. Additionally, travelers can contribute to sustainability efforts by sharing their newly discovered routes with fellow users.

5. Too Good To Go

Food waste is a significant issue in the travel industry, particularly during corporate events and conferences, where large amounts of food are often prepared but not fully consumed. Too Good To Go addresses this problem by connecting businesses with local restaurants and eateries with surplus food to sell at discounted prices. 

Through sustainable travel apps, employees can find and rescue perfectly good food that would otherwise go to waste, reducing the environmental impact of their corporate dining experiences.

Leverage the Best Sustainable Travel Apps for a Greener Future 

Green travel apps are revolutionizing how companies approach corporate trips, making it easier than ever to prioritize eco-friendly practices. By harnessing the power of technology, businesses can reduce their carbon footprint, support local communities, and promote environmental conservation efforts worldwide. With these five apps and others like them, the future of corporate travel looks greener than ever.

ITILITE promotes sustainable business travel by streamlining eco-conscious practices. From automated expense tracking that reduces paper waste to optimizing itineraries for fuel efficiency, ITILITE ensures a green and efficient journey with sustainable travel options.  

To learn more about the sustainability measures of ITILITE, book a free demo now.

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