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Ensuring Compliance and Control: Corporate Travel Policy Enforcement by ITILITE

Maintaining corporate travel policy compliance is essential for businesses as they operate within finite resources. These policies go beyond just controlling travel costs. They set guidelines that focus on employee safety, effective budget use, and making travel arrangements hassle-free.

ITILITE is a robust travel management software solution that streamlines travel management and helps in proactively enforcing the company’s policies. Listed below are key ways in which ITILITE helps travel managers achieve 100% policy compliance.

Policy Configuration

ITILITE provides administrators with a user-friendly interface to tailor travel policies according to the company’s unique needs. Managers can set a wide range of policy rules, such as how far in advance to book trips and the type of travel class to choose. These rules can vary depending on the job role, department, etc.

Also, even though enforcing corporate travel policy is crucial, employees may have valid reasons for not following the policy. ITILITE can define the process for requesting exceptions to travel policies and getting the necessary approvals from managers.

Pre-approval Workflow

ITILITE is designed to make sure that travel plans are carefully checked and approved by the right people before any bookings are confirmed. The software creates a step-by-step process for getting permission to travel. 

The employee has to select all relevant details in the platform related to the trip. This includes date, time, destination, flights and hotels to be booked, etc. After the employee submits these details, they are forwarded to the approver. The approver then reviews these details and approves the travel request within the platform itself. 

Further, there is no requirement for external communication. Instead of relying on emails or paper forms, the software lets employees and approvers communicate within the platform. This speeds up the process and lets everyone keep track of the approval request.

Real-time Policy Alerts

ITILITE keeps travel plans in line with company policies and guidelines. When an employee submits a travel request or booking through the software, the system immediately checks the details against the predefined travel policies. If any aspect of the booking violates a policy, the software triggers an alert.

The alert provides specific information about the corporate travel policy enforcement and violation. It might highlight the exact rule that’s being broken, such as exceeding the allowed budget or booking a non-preferred vendor. 

Moreover, real-time alerts lead to quick action. If a policy violation is accidental, employees can make necessary changes promptly. This way, they can avoid any potential disruptions or delays to their travel plans. 

Budget Control

ITILITE takes on an important role in ensuring responsible spending on travel-related expenses by implementing budget limits. The software allows managers to define budget limits for various components of a trip, such as airfare, meals, and incidentals. These limits are usually based on the company’s financial policies and the nature of the trip. 

After the trip is booked, the software continuously tracks the costs associated with each aspect of the trip. If the expenses approach or exceed the predefined budget limits, the software generates an alert.

This alert acts as an early heads-up for both the people traveling and those who approve the plans. By setting strict limits, the software prevents overspending and pushes for better financial planning.

Preferred Vendor Enforcement

The software allows managers to compile a list of preferred vendors that have been pre-approved by the company. These suppliers offer special rates and discounts to their partner companies. Moreover, these vendors enhance the travel experience of employees by providing additional perks.

By directing employees to choose from this list, the software helps you take advantage of negotiated deals. ITILITE enforces preferred suppliers by presenting them as recommended travel options when an employee is booking their trip. This reduces the time and effort required to search for suitable options and minimizes the chances of making non-compliant bookings.

You can configure settings to make sure employees follow the policy by letting them book with preferred vendors without needing approval. 

Reporting and Analytics

One of the most crucial aspects of enforcing corporate travel policy is understanding the analytics related to it. Travel analytics assess how well employees are following the policy. It identifies instances of policy violations, such as booking non-preferred vendors or exceeding budget limits. As a result, it enables managers to take corrective action. 

Further, travel analytics can track the time taken for approval processes and identify bottlenecks. This helps optimize approval workflows and ensures that travel plans are processed promptly. Further, in-depth analytics fosters transparency within the company, enabling accountability at various levels. 

The data-driven insights allow you to identify policy gaps and areas of non-compliance. This data helps in refining the policy for better alignment with the company’s goals. 

Further, analytics help measure the impact of policy changes or updates. By comparing data before and after policy adjustments, you can assess whether you were able to achieve the desired outcome.

Automated Reminders

Before a scheduled trip, the software automatically sends notifications to travelers, reminding them of their upcoming travel dates. This ensures that employees have sufficient time to prepare for their journey and avoid last-minute bookings. 

If a travel plan needs approval, the software sends alerts to both the person traveling and the one who needs to approve. This reduces the risk of employees traveling without necessary authorization, mitigating potential legal, financial, or safety-related issues.

Ensure 100% Corporate Travel Policy Enforcement

To wrap up, ITILITE corporate travel management software’s impact goes far beyond traditional boundaries. By seamlessly integrating policy configuration, real-time alerts, and vendor preferences, ITILITE streamlines the entire travel process. This ensures that policies are not just guidelines but dynamic tools that drive compliance and control.

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Corporate travel management can be extremely daunting. Getting travelers to stick to budgets while booking travel, monitoring spends or finding support for travelers – there is always something that needs to be done. That’s why we built a solution that makes corporate travel management simpler.

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