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Top 10 Best Expenses Apps in the USA

Best Expenses Apps in the USA

Business travel is no piece of cake. You must attend multiple meetings and conferences, travel from one destination to another, board continuous flights, stay in hotels, and more. Amidst all this hustle and bustle, managing and filing expenses can be daunting. 

Moreover, keeping track of your costs, categorizing expenses, and ensuring your organization’s expense policy compliance can be time-consuming and very stressful. Thanks to technology, you can now use the best expense apps to manage and file your expenses. With a plethora of these apps, you may wonder which one is the best. 

Hence, in this blog, we will list the 10 best expenses apps tailored for business travelers in the USA. 

1. itilite

itilite is a leading expenses app that leverages cutting-edge technology to help you manage and file expenses. If you are a business traveler constantly on the go, then itilite is one of the best apps to manage expenses. Its user-friendly interface and robust features allow you to file expenses with just a button. This helps accelerate your reimbursements 5 times faster. 

itilite, known as one of the top rated expense tracking apps, lets you manage expenses on time and also helps you achieve 100% travel policy compliance. One of the significant features of itilite is its AI-powered expense tracking. The feature automatically categorizes your expenses and identifies any policy violations. Itilite is also one of the top-rated expense-tracking apps that seamlessly integrates with other tools such as HRMS, accounting, etc. 

Key features of itilite

  1. Customizable Approval Workflows: With itilite expense management software, you can create customized approval workflows per your company’s guidelines. This lets you easily file expenses without violating any policy. 
  1. Easy expense Categorization: The expense app lets you easily categorize expenses based on general ledger (GL) categories and integrate them with other business tools. 
  1. Expedited Reimbursements: itilite is a a good expense tracker app where users can track their expenses and get reimbursed swiftly! The ACH payment system is directly linked to the employee’s bank account. 
  2. Seamless ERP Integration: itilite can seamlessly integrate with business tools such as accounting, HRMS, SSO, CRM systems, etc. This reduces any manual data entry simplifying the expense management process.
  1. Mobile App with OCR Technology: Itilite’s mobile application uses OCR technology to scan expense receipts and submit them for reimbursement while on the go. You can download the app on both the Play Store and the App Store. 
  1. Custom Reports: With itilite, you can schedule customized expense reports, which you can get via mail. 
  1. Mileage Tracking: Employees can file expenses based on their company’s mileage rates.  This eliminates the need to manage the mileage receipts manually. 

2. Expensify 

The next best expenses app that simplifies the process of tracking and managing business expenses is Expensify. The app offers a range of features that streamline expense reporting, receipt scanning, policy enforcement, mileage tracking, etc. Expensify is also a robust tool that will provide detailed insights into your company’s expenditures. You can leverage these insights to improve efficiency and reduce costs.  After itilite, Expensify is considered the next top-rated expense-tracking app. 

Key features of Expensify

  1. Receipt Scanning (SmartScan): With Expensify, you can easily scan and digitize expense receipts effortlessly for accelerated expense tracking. 
  1. Policy Enforcement: The app lets you enforce spending policies to ensure compliance with your company guidelines. 
  1. Integration Capabilities: Expensify offers integrations with various accounting and finance tools for streamlined financial management.
  1. Smart Expense Reporting: You can get detailed and customized expense reports with Expensify quickly and efficiently. 

3. SAP Concur

SAP Concur is a leading cloud-based travel and expense management solution designed to simplify and automate the entire expense management process for businesses of all sizes. It is known for global expense management, policy compliance, and travel booking. Users can easily file their expenses on the platform. 

Key features of SAP Concur

  1. Policy compliance: SAP Concur allows you (administrators) to create and enforce expense policies tailored to your organization’s needs. The automated policy flags off any expense that violates the company’s rules. 
  1. Receipt Capture: With the OCR technology, you can take pictures of your expense reports that will capture all the details, such as date, type of expense, and vendor name. This will help you file costs on the go 
  1. Visual expense tracking: With Concur, you get a visual tracking system to track your expenses and monitor their status. You can start tracking as soon as the expense receipts are submitted for approval. 
  1. Mobile expense management: SAP Concur’s mobile app lets you file, submit and manage expenses while on the go. 

4. Navan 

Navan, earlier known as Trip Actions, is a comprehensive travel and expense tool designed to simplify and streamline expense management. It is also considered one of the best expense apps as it has a centralized platform where you can file, submit, manage and track your expenses simultaneously. This provides a clear view of all your spending activities. 

Key features of Navan

  1. Global Expense Reimbursement: Navan is present in around 45 countries and supports over 25 currencies. So, if you’re traveling anywhere, you can be assured that you can file for expense reimbursement anywhere. 
  1. Card Integration: You can integrate Navan virtual cards to simplify payments without using your personal cards. The card also comes with a built-in policy to avoid any policy violation. 
  1. VAT compliance and recovery: Navan empowers businesses to capture, monitor, and report VAT transactions, potentially allowing them to recover up to 25% of their expenses.
  1. Streamlined Expense Management: You can create and submit expenses easily with Navan’s mobile and web applications. The automated ERP reconciliation and expense policy enforcement help reduce your financial workload. 

5. Zoho Expense

Zoho Expense is a comprehensive expense app with features like automated expense reporting, multi-currency support, and good customer support. It is intuitive and user-friendly expense management software designed to simplify the process of tracking, submitting, and managing business expenses. 

Key features of Zoho Expense

  1. Direct Feed Integration: Using Zoho expense, you can get corporate card transactions directly from your card provider without imports or connectors. You can seamlessly integrate it with Visa, Mastercard or Amex for any financial transactions. 
  1. Expense Reports: Zoho Expense lets you create expense reports easily. Enter all the important information and then download the report as a PDF. You can also apply for cash advances. 
  1. Mileage Tracking: Tracking business mileage is important in managing your organizational spending. You get 100% accuracy when it comes to mileage tracking. Moreover, you can add your expenses through their mobile app, a good expense tracker app for mileage. 
  1. CRM Integration: Zoho Expense integrates seamlessly with Zoho’s CRM, enhancing overall business efficiency and data cohesion.

6.  QuickBooks

Quickbooks is also one of the best apps to manage expenses. While primarily known for accounting, QuickBooks Online offers a capable expense management module. It’s a cost-effective solution for small businesses, offering mobile accessibility and seamless integration with accounting functions. 

Key Features of Quickbooks

  1. Expense Tracking: You can effortlessly record and categorize income and expenses, providing a clear overview of financial transactions for better financial management.
  1. Deductible Tax Identification: QuickBooks helps you identify and maximize eligible tax deductions by categorizing expenses and generating reports that simplify tax preparation.
  2. Bills Management: QuickBooks allows you to enter and manage bills. This ensures timely payments to vendors and helps maintain healthy vendor relationships while staying on top of financial obligations.
  1. Reports and Analytics: QuickBooks provides insightful financial reports with robust reporting capabilities. These reports allow you to analyze business performance, make informed decisions, and plan for the future. 

7. Ramp

Another best expenses app is Ramp. It offers a cloud-based expense and spending management solution that equips businesses with virtual corporate cards, enabling efficient tracking and control of company expenditures. The platform goes beyond mere expense tracking by assisting businesses in recognizing spending patterns and pinpointing opportunities for cost reduction.

Key Features of Ramp

  1. Auto receipt collection: Ramp integrates with apps such as Amazon Business, Uber, and Gmail to automatically collect receipts without any intervention. 
  1. Receipt Matching via Text or Email: Ramp’s expense software simplifies expense tracking by matching receipts sent via text or email to corresponding transactions.
  1. Reimbursement in Multiple Currencies: Ramp expedites reimbursements, repaying employees in 2 days or less in over 40 currencies.
  1. Supplier Management: Helps organizations manage suppliers effectively, ensuring smooth transactions and cost-effective supplier relationships.

8.  Spendesk

Spendesk is a modern spend management platform designed to streamline and automate various aspects of business spending. It offers a comprehensive set of tools and features that simplify expense management, purchasing, and reimbursement processes for businesses of all sizes.

Key Features of Spendesk

  1. Virtual and Physical Cards: Spendesk is another best expense app. It provides both virtual and physical cards, and you can set spending limits for both online and offline transactions. This makes expense management a seamless process.
  1. Expense Tracking and Approval: Spendesk lets you easily file and track your expenses on the platform. It also provides real-time tracking and comprehensive visibility into corporate travel spending. 
  1. Budget and Spending Tracking: Spendesk provides robust tools to track budgets and spending across various departments and projects. This enables managers to monitor expenditures and identify potential issues or trends.
  1. Vendor Management: Spendesk streamlines vendor payments by allowing you to manage vendor information and initiate payments directly from the platform. 

9.   Webexpenses

Webexpenses is comprehensive expense management software and one of the best expense apps that streamlines and automates the process of recording and monitoring expenses. Moreover, the platform provides additional solutions such as audits, invoice processing, and payments. These can be seamlessly incorporated into the expense management system to bolster financial control and efficiency.

Key Features of Webexpenses

  1. Expense Management: Webexpenses provides financial visibility with drag-and-drop reporting and seamless integration between the expense app and ERP.
  1. Payments: Efficiently manage business payments and reconciliations online, ensuring quick reimbursements.
  1. Expense Auditing: Optimize your expense management through the WebExpenses Expense Audit, which adds extra layers of protection. Guarantee compliance, pinpoint errors, and unlock possibilities for tax reclaims—all within the confines of your company’s travel and expense policy.

10. Fyle 

Fyle is a contemporary expense management platform offering a streamlined expense reporting process. Fyle’s ingenious auto-matching feature ensures automated reconciliation, contributing to quicker financial closings.

Key Features of Fyle

  1. Expense Reporting: Fyle helps automate the expense reporting process, saving valuable monthly hours and expediting financial book closures.
  2. Expense Submission: Fyle offers flexible expense submissions via various platforms like Gmail, Slack, text messages, and more, providing an intuitive experience for employees.
  1. AI-Powered Data Extraction: Benefit from AI-driven data extraction, rule-based categorization, and GL coding for precise expense management.
  1. ACH Reimbursements: You can streamline employee reimbursements and ACH payments within Fyle with real-time tracking and automatically syncing payment data with your accounting software.

Choose the Best Expenses App for Seamless Expense Management

Managing expenses while traveling for business can be tedious, but it becomes much more manageable with the best expenses app. Whether you’re a frequent flyer or a small business owner, there’s an expense app out there to suit your needs. 

The best expense app that stands out amongst all other apps is itilite. itilite caters to all your needs in terms of expense management. With its intuitive and user-friendly interface, you can achieve streamlined efficiency in expense management. The cherry on top is it offers affordable pricing, especially if you are an employee continuously on the go. 

To know more about itilite expense management, book a free demo now!

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