Selecting the ideal corporate travel management solution for your business can be a challenging task. To simplify this process, let’s compare two leading solutions: ITILITE and SAP Concur. By evaluating the features and benefits of each solution, you can make an informed decision that aligns with the unique needs and goals of your business.

ITILITE Overview

ITILITE is an advanced SaaS-based platform designed to streamline corporate travel and expense management. With ITILITE, companies can simplify bookings, increase policy compliance, and achieve greater control in managing travel, all with a single platform.

SAP Concur Overview

SAP Concur is a company specializing in travel and expense management software solutions. It is one of the oldest providers in the industry. It offers various solutions, such as an online booking tool, travel risk management, and more. 

Experience Powerful Features with ITILITE

1. Inventory

ITILITE boasts an extensive selection of flights, hotels, and car rentals, curated from a wide range of sources such as reputable suppliers, Global Distribution Systems (GDS), and well-known platforms like, Priceline, Agoda, etc. Our inventory encompasses 300+ renowned airlines and a good number of hotels. 

SAP Concur is an online booking tool, and it partners with different TMCs to offer an inventory. For this reason, customers often report that the flights and hotels that are available on the supplier’s website are not displayed by SAP Concur. Additionally, they also provide limited options for low-cost airlines.

2. Ease of Configuration

ITILITE provides users with a highly customizable travel management platform, allowing them to tailor policies, approvals, and reports according to their requirements. It enables you to customize travel policies according to departments, employee levels, trip duration, etc. These changes are reflected in real time.

SAP Concur allows users to configure their analytics and policies at an additional cost. Further, it usually takes them 3-6 weeks to implement these changes. 

3. Approval Workflow

ITILITE allows users to create multi-level approval workflows depending on the cost of the trip, department, etc., free of charge. For example, an organization can configure a dynamic approval workflow where trips below a designated threshold, let’s say $700, require approval solely from the travel manager.

However, for trips exceeding this amount, both the travel manager and the finance department must provide their approval.

For customers using SAP Concur Travel exclusively, the approval settings are limited to simple one or two-level configurations. Unfortunately, this means admins cannot set up cost-based approvals differently for each approver.

4. Payments

ITILITE allows users to pay via credit card or wallet, offering flexibility.
SAP Concur allows users to pay only via credit card.

Major Reasons why Customers Prefer ITILITE Over SAP Concur

Seamless User Experience

ITILITE boasts a user-friendly interface which makes it easy for people to navigate and use its features. New users can quickly set up their accounts and begin making bookings without any significant learning curve.

Further, ITILITE empowers admins to handle the backend and configure the tool effortlessly.  SAP Concur, although functional in fulfilling its core purpose, has received feedback from users regarding its complexity. Some users have expressed the need for a more streamlined and intuitive interface that aligns with the expectations of modern users.

24/7 7-Star Customer Support

ITILITE provides 24/7/365 live customer support through phone calls, chats, and email, ensuring seamless assistance at no additional cost. Our in-house support team offers an industry-best response time of 10 seconds and a resolution time of 60 minutes.
SAP Concur provides round-the-clock customer support on phone calls. However, they charge additional fees for travel support, especially outside business hours.

Advanced Reporting and Analytics

ITILITE simplifies travel data management by consolidating all travel-related information on a single, dynamic Analytics Dashboard. Users can customize travel reports or choose from 100+ standard reports, all available free of cost. To enhance convenience further, ITILITE enables users to schedule these reports to be delivered to their email on a regular basis.

In contrast, SAP Concur offers a range of standard reports for users to choose from. However, SAP Concur treats these reports as add-ons and charges customers for accessing them. Unlike ITILITE, SAP Concur does not provide an option for customized reports, limiting users to the predefined options available. 

Additionally, the analytics dashboard is not accessible to Concur’s travel-only customers. To access the analytics features, customers are required to purchase Concur’s expense product. 


ITILITE costs $9.99 per trip per traveler, which may include any number of flight and hotel bookings. For those who opt for the prepaid wallet method, there’s an additional advantage of a discounted rate of $6.99. Also, there is no minimum commitment required from companies, which enhances flexibility.

The best part is that ITILITE does not impose any extra charges for trip modifications, cancellations, or support. Plus, there are no setup and maintenance fees, ensuring a hassle-free experience for users. 

To learn more, visit ITILITE Pricing Plan

SAP Concur, on the other hand, has a variable fee structure depending on whether the booking was made online or through support. It usually ranges between $25-$40 for bookings made via support. Further, SAP Concur applies additional charges for the initial setup. 

For companies purchasing SAP Concur’s product for the first time, the minimum annual fee is approximately $1000. Moreover, SAP Concur provides crucial services such as reports, analytics, and support as add on and charges an extra fee for it, which increases the overall pricing significantly.

What Makes ITILITE Unique?

Incentive Program

ITILITE provides a unique program that encourages employees to select cost-effective travel options. In this program, the savings made by choosing budget-friendly alternatives are divided between the employees and ITILITE. As a result, this program mutually benefits both the company and its employees.

Virtual Travel Consultant

ITILITE Mastermind stands out as a prominent virtual travel consultant. It offers insights by comparing key metrics of your travel program against similar companies within the industry. 

By leveraging this data, ITILITE Mastermind analyzes how much improvement you can bring to your business travel management program. After that, it provides step-by-step instructions to help you reach those goals and increase cost savings. This saves you valuable time and effort as you need not decipher the travel data by yourself.

Personalized Bookings

ITILITE offers personalized bookings wherein the platform uses AI to recommend the best packages to users based on their profile, search history, and business travel bookings. This time-saving feature ensures that users can quickly find the most suitable option without the hassle of extensive scrolling. 

Comparison Highlights

FeaturesITILITESAP Concur
Pricing $9.99 ($6.99 with wallet)Different pricing for bookings done online or through support. The price for booking through support is between $25-$40
Personalized booking optionsYesNo
AlertsSoftware notifies for budget overruns No alert feature for travel-only customers
Organization preference-based search resultsYesYes
User-Friendly PlatformYesNo
Low-Cost CarriersYesLimited
24×7 free of-cost support on chat, email, and callYesNo
In-house travel supportYesNo
Dedicated accounts managerYes Depends upon the plan
Binding contractsNoYes
Custom travel data reportingYesYes (additional fee applicable)
Industry benchmarking of metrics and live savings viewYesNo
Team-level travel budgets & alert emailsYesNo
Incentive for savingYesNo 
Pre-trip, multi-level approvalsYesYes
Parallel, Rule-based approvalsYesNo
Fixed price policy limitsYesYes
Dynamic price policy limitsYesNo
Duty of CareYesYes
Carbon OffsettingYesYes

Why should you Switch to ITILITE?

ITILITE offers a comprehensive solution that covers all aspects of corporate travel. Users have the convenience of booking flights, hotels, and rental cars seamlessly through a single platform. 

What sets ITILITE apart from SAP Concur is its user-friendly interface, designed to cater to the needs of modern users. This ensures a smooth experience for both travelers and travel managers. Even if travelers require assistance and prefer booking through live support, ITILITE does not impose any fees for this service.

Additionally, ITILITE offers the expertise of a virtual travel consultant who assists in accomplishing your specific goals. In addition, ITILITE excels in providing industry-leading travel support that is available 24/7, including off-work hours. The best part is that this support is completely free of cost, setting it apart from Concur. Notably, ITILITE pricing structure is transparent, ensuring no hidden fees or surprises.

To experience these benefits, book a free demo today!


1. What features differentiate itilite as a Concur alternative for business travel management?

Features differentiating itilite as a Concur alternative include seamless user experience, 24/7 free customer support, and comprehensive analytics and reporting at no additional cost.

2.  Who is the best Concur alternative, and why?

itilite offers a compelling value proposition as a Concur alternative, with a transparent pricing structure and dedicated agents available 24/7 to enhance your travel experience.

3. What are the five benefits of itilite as a Concur alternative?

The five benefits of itilite as a Concur alternative include flat rates, comprehensive analytics, price drop Reshop, unused ticket management, and easy-to-use software.