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ITILITE helps GenWorks Health reduce last minute Travel Stress

October 05, 2021
Genworks says goodbye to last minute travel stress
GenWorks Health bids adieu to business travel mismanagement with ITILITE

Many different teams at GenWorks Health were on the road for 2-3 weeks on average, traveling to remote locations in India. The trips were often scheduled at the last minute because of which the company had adopted a “book whatever is available” policy. This approach also made the travelers prone to panic and often led to budget overruns.

With  ITILITE’s self booking platform, GenWorks Health switched their business travel booking process to an entire end to end automated system. The pan India inventory available to the travelers based on the need of the hour, eliminated any last minute stress that unscheduled trips could bring.

How did GenWorks Health utilize the data driven ITILITE platform to revolutionize their travel program? How did they provide clarity to the travelers on last minute travel?

To know more, download their success story below!

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