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A Deep Dive into the Benefits of ITILITE as Your Corporate Travel System

Corporate Travel System

Travel managers often encounter several challenges when relying on manual travel management processes. These challenges can significantly impact operational efficiency and traveler satisfaction. To overcome these challenges, you can use the ITILITE corporate travel system. This article explains the benefits of using this robust software.

Travel managers face challenges from manual travel management processes, including errors, lack of real-time visibility, time inefficiency, and data consolidation and analysis difficulties. These challenges hinder the best corporate travel systems’ ability to streamline operations, enforce policies effectively, and maximize the value derived from the corporate travel program.

8 Advantages of a Corporate Travel System

1. 100% Policy Compliance

ITILITE integrates your company’s travel policies into its system. During the booking process, it automatically checks parameters such as preferred airlines, class of travel, accommodation options, maximum allowed expenses, and booking lead times. This automation significantly reduces the likelihood of human error or oversight.

As employees make travel arrangements, ITILITE provides real-time guidance and alerts if any selections deviate from the established policies. This helps employees make compliant choices at the point of booking rather than discovering corporate travel policy violations later.

2. Unused Ticket Management

ITILITE maintains a centralized repository that keeps track of all purchased tickets across various airlines and travel providers. This repository includes ticket types, expiration dates, and other relevant details.

The best corporate travel systems platform automatically tracks the expiration dates of tickets, alerting travel managers or designated personnel well before impending expirations. This proactive approach minimizes the risk of tickets being unused.

In cases where the original ticket cannot be used before expiration, the ITILITE corporate travel system facilitates the process of rebooking or rescheduling the ticket to avoid losses. It constantly monitors for suitable alternative options to utilize the ticket value effectively.

3. Flight Price Reshopping

The platform compares the price of the originally booked ticket against current market prices for the same itinerary. It identifies instances where the fare for the same flight decreases, indicating a cost-saving opportunity.

Upon detecting a lower fare for a booked flight, ITILITE initiates an automatic rebooking process. It swiftly and seamlessly rebooks the ticket at the new, lower price without any manual intervention from the traveler or travel manager.

One of the best corporate travel systems, ITILITE, ensures that the rebooking process aligns with the original booking’s terms and conditions, airline policies, and any restrictions. It mitigates the risk of losing the original booking or facing penalties for cancellations or modifications.

4. 24/7 Travel Support

ITILITE support remains available around the clock regardless of time zones or geographical locations. This global coverage is particularly beneficial for companies with employees traveling internationally, ensuring support is accessible irrespective of the destination.

In emergencies during travel, such as medical issues, natural disasters, or unexpected incidents, having 24/7 support ensures employees can quickly access assistance, guidance, or even emergency evacuation if necessary.

The continuous availability of support enables real-time communication between employees and support agents, allowing for quick decision-making and problem-solving, thereby reducing stress and uncertainties during travel.

5. Best Deals on Flights and Hotels

ITILITE aggregates vast data from various sources, including airlines, hotels, and online travel agencies. This comprehensive data collection allows it to access a wide range of available options.

By understanding dynamic pricing models airlines and hotels use, the ITILITE corporate travel system can predict and capture moments when prices drop or when special offers, discounts, or promotions become available.

The platform’s algorithms consider individual preferences, past booking history, travel patterns, and company policies to offer personalized recommendations that align with budget constraints and traveler preferences.

One of the best travel systems, ITILITE, may leverage negotiation capabilities with travel providers for corporate accounts or frequent bookings to secure exclusive rates or additional client benefits.

6. Loyalty Program Integration

ITILITE integrates with various loyalty programs across airlines, hotels, and other travel services. This integration streamlines the process of earning points or miles for every booking made through the platform.

Instead of employees managing multiple loyalty programs separately, the ITILITE corporate travel system consolidates these programs into one centralized platform. This simplifies the tracking of points, rewards, and benefits, making it easier for employees to access and utilize accumulated rewards.

By accumulating points or miles over time, companies can leverage these rewards to offset future travel costs, potentially reducing expenses on flights, accommodations, or other travel-related services.

7. In-depth Reports and Analysis

ITILITE generates reports that analyze travel patterns, including destinations, frequency of trips, preferred airlines, and booking lead times. These insights help identify trends and patterns in employee travel behavior.

Detailed expense reports provide a breakdown of travel expenses, categorizing costs by flights, accommodations, ground transportation, meals, etc. This enables a clear understanding of where the travel budget is allocated.

Through data analysis, ITILITE identifies potential areas for cost savings. It pinpoints instances where bookings could have been more cost-effective, either by shopping for lower fares or optimizing travel plans.

By analyzing travel data, ITILITE can provide insights into potential travel risks, such as booking cancellations, trip interruptions, or travel to high-risk destinations. This information helps mitigate risks and ensure employee safety.

8. Virtual Travel Consultant

ITILITE compares a company’s travel program metrics, such as average trip cost, compliance rates, booking lead times, or traveler satisfaction, against industry benchmarks. This evaluation helps gauge the program’s overall performance.

By benchmarking against industry standards, the ITILITE corporate travel system highlights areas where a company’s travel program excels and areas that may need improvement. It identifies strengths to maintain and weaknesses to address for better performance.

Understanding how the best corporate travel systems measure against competitors or similar organizations provides a competitive advantage. It helps identify industry trends and practices that can be adopted or modified to stay competitive.

With comparative data at hand, decision-makers can make informed choices. For instance, they can decide whether to negotiate better rates with suppliers, adjust travel policies, or invest in technology for improved efficiency.

Choose ITILITE As the Best Corporate Travel System

Time is money, and ITILITE corporate travel management saves plenty of it! Automate tedious tasks, consolidate data effortlessly and enjoy streamlined workflows. Free up your valuable time to focus on strategic planning and enhancing your travel program’s success with a user friendly corporate travel system.

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Discover a simpler way to manage corporate travel

Corporate travel management can be extremely daunting. Getting travelers to stick to budgets while booking travel, monitoring spends or finding support for travelers – there is always something that needs to be done. That’s why we built a solution that makes corporate travel management simpler.

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Simplify your travel and expense management process!