Cheapest Business Class Airlines

If you’re an employee who travels frequently for business purposes, you know the struggles of uncomfortable flight seats. As a road warrior, you must travel to multiple destinations globally, sometimes with layovers. The drawbacks of economy flights for corporate travelers cannot be understated.  

While traveling on economy flights or the cheapest business class airlines, many factors define your travel experience. However, factors such as uncomfortable seats, limited amenities, long queues, etc., can dissatisfy your business experience, leaving you agitated and unproductive. Well, there is good news! What if we told you you could travel on business class flights without spending much money? 

In this blog, we will help you with the 5 best and cheapest business class airlines for corporate employees. By knowing about these low-cost business-class flights, you can make the best choice and travel without any hassle. 

Perks and Facilities Provided by the Cheapest Business Class Airlines

Before we dive into the details of these cheap business-class flights, let’s take a look at the value of the perks and amenities they offer. These include: 

  1. Spacious and Comfortable Seats: The cabins on the cheapest business-class airlines offer spacious and comfortable seats. These seats can recline completely into a flatbed and have generous leg space. This gives you ample space to relax, stretch, sleep, and work during your flight. 
  1. Early Check-in and Boarding: Business class travelers often have the upper hand with priority check-in and boarding. This lets you skip those long, boring queues at the airport and board your flight on time, enabling a seamless and stress-free travel experience. 
  1. Gourmet dining facility: One of the key highlights of traveling in business class is the gourmet dining experience. Well, you can get that on cheap business-class airlines, too. The gourmet dining on these flights serves delicious meals prepared by world-class chefs and various beverages to complement the food. 
  1. Amenity kits: Most of the cheapest business-class airlines provide amenity kits. These generally include toiletries, eye masks, skincare products, neck pillows, medicines, and more. 
  1. Lounge access: Traveling by business class flights, you can get access to exclusive airport lounges. Even in the cheapest business class airlines, you get access to these where you can relax and unwind before your next flight. You can leverage their comfortable seating areas, enjoy complimentary snacks and beverages, work with high-speed internet, and utilize business facilities such as meeting rooms, workstations, and conference rooms. 
  1. Priority baggage handling: Business class travelers receive priority baggage handling upon arrival at their destination. This ensures their luggage is among the first to be unloaded from the flight and delivered to the baggage claim area, minimizing their wait time and expediting their arrival process. 

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5 Best Cheapest Business Class Airlines

Now that you know the perks and amenities these cheap business-class flights offer, let’s look at the 5 best airlines. 

1. Turkish Airlines

Regarding the cheapest business class airlines for corporate travelers, Turkish Airlines is the front-runner. This airline offers a business-class experience that is as good as business-class airlines but for much less. Turkish Airlines offers amenities such as spacious seats that are 6 feet long and 2 feet wide with wide legroom, lip-smacking cuisines (including delectable Turkish cuisines), attentive services, an 18-inch entertainment screen, etc. 

Turkish Airlines is renowned for its best-in-the-world services and pocket-friendly prices. It also offers services that make your business travel journey smooth and stress-free. These include pre-travel services such as seat selection, additional baggage, cabin upgrades, Turkish lounge access, etc. With such amenities in the cheapest business-class airlines, you can make your travel seamless without burning a hole in your pocket. Whether you’re traveling for business meetings or taking that much-needed vacation, booking Turkish Airlines is the best choice you can make!

2. Qatar Airways 

Qatar Airways is known to be one of the leading players in the aviation industry. It is known to be one of the most luxurious airlines. However, not everyone knows that Qatar Airlines is also one of the cheapest business class airlines, as it offers some of the most affordable flight prices in the market. With its state-of-the-art cabins, gourmet dining options, and top-notch flight services, low-cost business-class flights provide the best-in-class and unbeatable value proposition for employees who want to travel on cheap business-class flights. So, booking with Qatar Airways is a no-brainer if you want to elevate your corporate travel experience without breaking the bank.

Some excellent facilities Qatar Airlines provides include choosing a spacious seat, unlimited beverages, snacks 24/7, 4000 entertainment options, free Wi-Fi, free body care and face care products, etc. Although the cheap fares offered aren’t for all routes, the low-cost fares available for specific are the best ones available. Such business class amenities can enhance your business travel experience and moreover, you can also benefit from their flight loyalty programs. 

3. TAP Air Portugal 

Another popular, one of the cheapest business class airlines is TAP Air Portugal. It is the national airline of Portugal. This airline is an excellent choice for business travelers seeking an affordable yet luxurious flying experience. TAP Air Portugal is one of the low-cost business-class flights that frequently offers special deals and flight discounts that aid in significant savings. 

Some business class amenities this airline offers include free internet, lounge access, round-the-clock meals, inflight entertainment, priority services such as check-in and boarding and baggage handling, and many more. With such a range of services, the airline can become the best affordable yet luxurious airline for business travel. 

4. Jet Blue Mint 

JetBlue Mint, JetBlue Airways’ premium cabin service, is transforming business travel in the United States and beyond. It is one of the cheapest business class airlines that provides luxury and comfort. JetBlue Mint offers an exceptional business-class experience without the heavy price tag associated with many traditional premium carriers. JetBlue Mint stands out in the wonderful business-class amenities it offers. Although it does not offer every plane and every route, its business-class services for affordable pricing cannot be overlooked. 

By frequently running promotions and offering value-driven fare options, JetBlue Mint ensures business travelers enjoy premium services. One of the most notable features of JetBlue Mint is its luxurious seating. Each Mint seat is a lie-flat seat, providing ample space and comfort for resting or working during the flight. For those looking for an extra touch of exclusivity, JetBlue Mint also offers ‘Mint Suites’. These private suites with sliding doors offer ultimate in-flight privacy. Other notable amenities of this low-cost business-class flight include flight entertainment, luxurious gourmet dining, priority services, Mint lounge access, and many more.

4. Etihad Airways

Lastly, Etihad Airways is one of the top contenders for the cheapest business class airlines. With its innovative business class product, the ‘Business Studio,’ Etihad Airways redefines luxury in the skies while keeping prices surprisingly low. 

The Etihad Airways business class experience displays sophistication and elegance. This ranges from fully flat beds to à la carte dining and personalized experiences. For corporate travelers who prioritize comfort and convenience, booking cheap business-class flights with Etihad Airways is the way to go. Their amenities include products of Giorgio Armani and Etihad unisex bags, body and skincare products, a 3-room private suite, noise-cancellation headphones, and many more.  

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Fly on the Cheapest Business-Class Airlines for a Seamless Travel Experience

Traveling on a business class flight need not be expensive. Flying in economy class for business travel can be tiring and can take a severe toll on your health. But by flying in the above-mentioned cheapest business class airlines, you can make your travel journey seamless, stress-free and luxurious. 

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