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Expense Management for the evolving workplace

Effortless expense filing

Using the ITILITE mobile app, users can file expense as soon as they are incurred and submit expense reports faster than before. Additionally they can

  • Auto scan receipts
  • Auto create per diem based on travel dates
  • Map travel expenses to a travel ID
Effortless expense filing
Multi level Policy & Approvals checks

Multi level policy & approvals checks

Configure complex policy checks and approval flow within minutes

  • Easy and quick implementation
  • Get notified for policy violations or duplicate receipts
  • Audit trail of all approvals with comments log

Quick reimbursements

Enable 5X faster reimbursements by automating approvals and reducing manual work hours

  • Smart notifications for faster processing
  • Download custom reports based on payroll / account software
  • Mapping expenses to GL Code for faster accounting
Quick reimbursements
Personalized data

Tailored insights

Choose from 15+ templates to view the right metrics suitable for your business or you can also create one

  • Preconfigured and customized dashboard
  • Schedule analytics reports for a specific department/team

Best in class features so that you don't miss out on anything

Single application for users Created with Sketch.
Single application for users
One app for all your travel and expense needs
Auto scan receipts Created with Sketch.
Auto scan receipts
Get rich data without the pain of manual input
Complex policy and approval configuration Created with Sketch.
Complex policy and approval configuration
Based on user, department, entity and project code
5X faster expense filing Created with Sketch.
5X faster expense filing
App first platform, smart reminders, auto expense filing
Easy sync with ERP & Accounting Created with Sketch.
Easy sync with ERP & Accounting
Reimburse employees quickly and increase productivity
Personalized dashboard Created with Sketch.
Personalized dashboard
Keep a watch on organisation behaviour and make swift decisions
Instant fraud detection Created with Sketch.
Instant fraud detection
Instantly identify violations and duplicate entries
Smart notifications Created with Sketch.
Smart notifications
To file expense, for policy violation and approval reminders
Anytime Audit Ready Created with Sketch.
Anytime Audit Ready
Capture approvals & comments

Manage your team's expenses the right way

Get a complete overview of your company's travel and expense spend at your fingertips