HR Conferences

Human Resource conferences serve as invaluable platforms for professionals seeking to stay at the forefront of industry trends, network with peers, and gain insights into best practices that can drive organizational success. HR conferences provide a wealth of resources to enhance your skills and expertise.

Designed to cater to a diverse audience, these conferences offer a wealth of knowledge and opportunities for individuals at all levels of their HR careers. 

List of Top 10 HR Conferences in 2024

1. HR Retail 

Date: 2-4 April

Location: Los Angeles, CA

From excellent networking to actionable insights and solutions, participants will leave feeling confident and ready to apply what they’ve learned. The conference includes workshops, store tours, engaging presentations, interactive sessions, networking opportunities, and a reception, providing essential resources for HR professionals navigating the future of retail.

HR Retail is one of the top-tier HR conferences designed specifically for retailers, aiming to reshape HR’s role for the coming decade. With lively sessions on talent attraction, digital integration, and fostering a positive workplace culture, attendees will dive into discussions led by industry leaders. 

2. WorkHuman Live

Date: 15-18 April

Location: Austin, Texas

One of the premier HR conferences in the industry, WorkHuman Live, is dedicated to helping HR professionals find clarity and direction. Unlike traditional conferences, It offers a unique blend of insightful discussions, genuine connections, and tailored activities. 

Attendees can expect to tackle pressing workplace challenges while co-creating solutions for the future. This event isn’t just about technology or tools; it’s about understanding the core issues facing workplaces today and empowering HR professionals with the resources, knowledge, and relationships needed to address them effectively. If you’re an HR professional seeking meaningful insights and practical strategies to navigate the evolving work landscape, WorkHuman Live is the conference for you.

3. HR Tech Festival

Date: 24-25 April

Location: Singapore

Amongst the groundbreaking human resource conferences, HR Tech Festivale brings together senior HR professionals, business leaders, government officials, HR tech analysts, and influencers.

As HR is pivotal in driving organizational transformation, this conference is a great opportunity for HR leaders to sharpen their skills. The event has a robust lineup of over 110 sessions led by 130 speakers and 150 exhibition booths showcasing cutting-edge HR products and services. As a result, attendees will gain invaluable insights to take their strategies to the next level. 

4. HRWest

Date: March 11-12 

Location: Oakland, CA

At HRWest, you’ll immerse yourself in a learning environment where you can glean invaluable HR strategies to thrive well into 2025 and beyond. The event features insightful conversations led by influencers, where you can exchange ideas on pressing HR issues and gain fresh perspectives. Plus, you will gain access to special experiences, from exciting contests to connecting with fellow HR professionals, making this event one you’ll truly enjoy.


Date: 7-9 May

Location: Las Vegas

Since its inception in 2011, UNLEASH HR conferences have revolutionized the landscape. They have established industry benchmarks and driven progress in HR, learning, and recruitment. With over 5,000 leaders convening for a dynamic three-day experience, this event will be one of the most extensive yet. 

Attendees can immerse themselves in world-leading speaker sessions at the Conference Hall and explore the Expo floor, which features the latest breakthrough technologies and global innovators shaping the future of work. This event is an absolute must-attend for HR professionals, offering unparalleled opportunities to shape the future of HR and significantly impact over 50 million employees across 100 countries.

6. Future of Work

Date: 3-4 June

Location: New York

The Future of Work events are tailored for senior executives in HR, Digital Workplace, EX, People, DEI, Talent, and Internal Communication, primarily from large companies with 2000+ employees. This will be the 5th annual Future of Work USA event, alongside L&D Leaders USA. 

Through human resource conferences, you will explore employee engagement, digital workplace solutions, talent development, organizational culture, and diversity. You will also benefit from expert insights, networking opportunities, innovation showcases, and professional growth opportunities. It’s a unique chance to stay ahead, connect with peers, and gain practical knowledge and tools for your professional journey.

7. Festival of Work

Date: 12-13 June

Location: London

Festival of Work is a conference where you will delve into various topics, including workplace transformation, equality, diversity and inclusion, employee experience, internal communication, learning and development, responsible business practices, and well-being. Led by industry experts and thought leaders, this two-day event offers free interactive sessions and enriching networking opportunities. Gain valuable insights and strategies to shape the future of work in your organization across multiple stages and immersive activities.

8. Gartner Reimagine HR

Date: 28-30 October

Location: Orlando, FL

Among well-known HR conferences, the Gartner Reimagine HR offers a unique opportunity for HR leaders to explore innovative strategies and actionable insights to navigate the evolving human resources landscape. Key topics covered at the conference include transforming work models, enhancing employee productivity and equity accountability, and maximizing the potential of people, systems, and technologies.

9. HR Vision

Date: 19-20 November

Location: London

HR Vision London is one of the premier human resource conferences for top HR leaders. It offers two days of insightful discussions on navigating the rapidly evolving world of work. Attendees will explore the latest trends in HR, talent management, and leadership while delving into the transformative potential of HR analytics and technology in people management practices.

The HR conferences foster a community of professionals, providing year-round access to valuable insights and connections to thrive in the dynamic landscape. By joining this exclusive circle of HR leaders, attendees can access first-hand industry expertise and invaluable networking opportunities.

10. Employee Wellbeing: The Foundation of Future Business Success

Date: 4-5 December

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Employee Wellbeing conference is tailored for HR executives grappling with declining workforce wellbeing. Through keynotes, panels, exercises, and case studies, attendees will explore multifaceted causes and effective solutions, spanning the emotional, physical, and financial realms. 

The HR conferences help leaders invest wisely in well-being programs, tackling issues made worse by economic, social, and pandemic challenges. It’s all about making employees happier and more productive. Executives can better deal with problems and improve their organizations by sharing what works and what doesn’t.

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