ITILITE Goes Mobile

ITILITE, leading business travel SaaS company aiming to simplify business travel, announced the launch of its mobile application. The app will enable over 150,000 travel managers and employees across 120+ companies to manage their business travel process from anywhere, anytime.

With this launch, ITILITE brings its AI-powered platform’s smart, personalized recommendations and the swift 90 second booking experience to its customers’ fingertips. Available on both iOS & Android, the ITILITE mobile app gives the business travelers an instant, on-the-go experience for their travel needs. Along with bookings for flights, hotels, and trains, it also enables ease of changing their itineraries as per their dynamic business requirements for them for them as well as their teams. One of the biggest benefits this app offers to the travelers, a single source to access all itineraries, and to download travel vouchers, tickets, etc.

On the launch of the mobile version, Mayank Kukreja, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, ITILITE said, “We have always prided ourselves on being customer first. It was only natural that if we wanted to cater to the business traveler of today, we had to put the solution literally at their fingertips. We worked with several of our own customers to streamline the final product, to ensure that we were solving the problem, and not creating more clutter, and the result is what you see live today.” The app was available to over 500 users during its beta rollout and received a phenomenal response from them.

ITILITE offers companies with large traveling workforce an end-to-end process management to manage their business travel. It brings together the employees, travel managers and finance teams on a single platform, delivering value, with a focus on incentivization, insights, and the human touch indispensable for the travel industry. Over the past nearly 3 years, ITILITE has driven employee-led company-wide savings, increased productivity for management teams, enabled increased policy compliance, and all while ensuring positive experiences.

“The business travel process is very broken today, and from the beginning, ITILITE aimed to simplify and fix the process. Our goal is to create a swift, convenient process for the traveler & travel manager, but also to contribute to the organization as a whole,” said Mayank Kukreja, Co-Founder ITILITE.

The app can be downloaded at Google Play Store & Apple App Store.