This interview first appeared on Asia Tech Daily

Simplifying Business Travel​

ITILITE founders Mayank Kukreja and Anish Khadiya

With a mission to make business travel a great experience and the world a better place, Mayank Kukreja got together with Anish Khadiya to create ITILITE in 2017.

During his many business trips, Mayank noticed the sad state of affairs on the corporate side of travel that was very disconnected. Planning a trip was an offline and time-consuming process every single time. To him, as a traveler, the system felt broken, and that was not just in India; but also across the US, Canada, Australia, and the Middle East. At the same time, as a consultant with McKinsey, he found many clients struggling to cut down on operational costs with travel as a constant element in this fight. After participating in many client projects that tried to combat business travel challenges, Mayank got to understand how companies think of travel as a spending item and try to control it at a deeper level.

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