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5 Low Cost Travel Companies in the US

Low Cost Travel Companies

If you are are a budget traveler and need assistance with booking your trip, you can consider opting for a low cost travel agency. These companies aim to make travel more accessible to a wider range of people by offering affordable options. Anyone looking to explore new destinations, whether individuals or groups, can benefit from using low cost travel companies to plan their trips within their budget constraints. 

Contrary to popular belief, “low cost” does not necessarily mean “low quality”. Instead, these agencies often focus on providing value for money by offering competitive prices. However, it doesnt mean they compromise on essential services. Thus, these agencies cater to the needs of travelers while still ensuring enjoyable travel experiences.

Here are 5 low cost travel companies in the US you can consider for your next trip.

Best Online Travel Company for Business Travel

1. itilite: The Best Low Cost Travel Agency in the US

itilite stands out as a leading choice in business travel management. It offers a global presence and a focus on streamlined automation. Through its advanced travel software, itilite simplifies the process of booking flights, hotels, and car rentals. Therefore ensuring seamless policy compliance and comprehensive reporting. 

With features like flight re-shopping and unused flight credit management, itilite facilitates significant cost savings of up to 30% on overall travel expenditures. Moreover, its commitment to customer service shines through with 24/7/365 travel support available via call, chat, and email. The company has an impressive response time benchmark of just 10 seconds. 

The company’s transparent pricing model charges a nominal fee of $10 per trip, with the option for even greater savings at $7 per trip when using the e-wallet payment method. As one of the leading low cost travel companies, there are no hidden fees or monthly charges, ensuring that clients only pay when they take a trip. Plus we negotiate on behalf of you, with low cost flight companies.

itilite has features like granular policy configuration, live traveler tracking, and carbon offsetting. As a result, it emerges as the go-to solution for businesses seeking a cost-effective and user-friendly business travel platform.

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Exoticca stands out as an exceptional competitor. They offer great itineraries at low prices with just a click of a button. With innovative technology and a wealth of travel expertise, Exoticca makes the world’s most remote destinations accessible with just a simple click. 

Exoticca’s expert crafters curate over 300 itineraries spanning more than 60 countries, taking travelers to the most incredible locations around the globe. An international team of travel experts provides support in multiple languages. The platform ensures a seamless business travel booking process.

As a one of the top low cost travel companies, Exoticca’s intuitive and user-friendly website allows travelers to book from low cost flight companies. It also allows making bookings with just a few clicks. Throughout the journey, Exoticca’s dedicated team is available around the clock to assist travelers. It can be via phone, chat, or through the Traveler’s App, providing real-time assistance.

Exoticca offers comprehensive travel packages for all tastes, with most all-inclusive packages including flights, hotels, tours, transfers, and some meals. 

3. Intrepid Travel

Intrepid Travel is a pioneering small group adventure travel company that focuses on purposeful and responsible travel experiences. Intrepid Travel is a certified B Corporation, which means it meets the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. They balance profit with purpose, emphasizing social and environmental responsibility.

As one of the top low cost travel companies Intrepid Travel offers over 1,100 escorted tours worldwide. These small group tours allow for more intimate experiences and meaningful interactions with local communities.

The tours are guided by local tour guides who have intimate knowledge of the destinations. This not only provides authentic cultural experiences but also supports local economies. Intrepid Travel emphasizes the use of public transport during tours, minimizing the environmental impact of travel and contributing to sustainable tourism practices.

The company supports locally owned accommodations, ensuring that the economic benefits of tourism are distributed to local communities. Sustainability is a cornerstone of Intrepid’s ethos. The company became carbon-neutral in 2010 and has since taken further steps to reduce its carbon footprint. It also supports local conservation and community projects.

4. Trafalgar

As one of the leading low cost travel companies, Trafalgar matches travelers with experienced executives who guide them during their trips. They providing helpful information about local culture and attractions. Their pricing includes hotels, breakfast, some dinners, tips, taxes, and activities, making booking easy and straightforward.

Notably, while the listed prices cover essential amenities, they do not include airfare. This provides travelers with the flexibility to tailor their itineraries to their preferences. 

Trafalgar’s key offerings and features include enticing savings and offers for groups of nine or more travelers. It includes accessible live chat customer support and substantial savings of up to 15% on last-minute deals. Further, the innovative “MyTrafalgar” portal enables travelers to personalize their upcoming trips.

5. Exodus Travel

Exodus Travel stands out as a top-tier low-cost travel company. They are known for has experience across an impressive 171 different countries. They make sure that every journey is well crafted and smoothly executed. 

They have experts from diverse backgrounds such as archaeology, wildlife guiding, and more. The team leverages this to curate exceptional adventure experiences for travelers. Exodus Travel ensures that each itinerary is tailored to equip travelers to discover world’s most captivating destinations.

Being a low cost travel agency, Exodus knows how important tour leaders are for making trips memorable. That’s why they choose them very carefully. Exodus tries to train and hire local leaders whenever they can. They know local leaders bring valuable knowledge and culture to trips. This also helps support local communities, which is good for everyone.

Opt for the Best Business Travel Company

itilite stands out as the premier choice for cost-effective business travel solutions, offering unparalleled booking platforms and a suite of exceptional features. With our corporate travel management solution, users gain access to the finest booking platform in the industry, ensuring seamless travel arrangements. You can also book from a wide range of low cost flight companies.

Among its standout features are customized reporting, support 24/7, unused ticket management, integration with loyalty programs, all without additional cost. Whether it’s maximizing savings, optimizing travel efficiency, or enhancing the overall travel experience, itilite surpasses expectations, making it the ultimate companion for businesses seeking top-notch yet budget-friendly travel solutions.

Discover a simpler way to manage corporate travel

Corporate travel management can be extremely daunting. Getting travelers to stick to budgets while booking travel, monitoring spends or finding support for travelers – there is always something that needs to be done. That’s why we built a solution that makes corporate travel management simpler.

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