With the advancement of technology, everyone expects a seamless experience across channels. Business travel is the largest elective spending area for organizations world wide. Thus to provide an even more seamless travel booking and expense management experience for customers, ITILITE has partnered with fintech leader, Zact. The Silicon Valley based company integrates directly with the payment networks and helps in aligning employee spends with the financial systems.

Enterprise Grade Control for Finance Leaders 

This partnership will offer enterprise – level governance to finance leaders. The finance leaders need not focus on trivial tasks of managing reimbursement receipts, approvals and travel spends out of policy. Instead, they can now dedicate maximum of their time on strategizing for business growth. 

With the Zact – ITILITE coherent apps, organizations can issue pre-approved budget – based corporate cards for specific trips. A lot of organizations ask employees to use personal credit cards for business travel. This can lead to delayed expense filing, overspending and dissatisfaction. Thus, this partnership is aimed at overcoming all these drawbacks by providing clear visibility of transactions to finance in real time.

According to Zact CEO John Thomas, “Today, most companies deal with delays and non-compliance with regard to travel spend.  Given that travel is one of the largest discretionary spending areas for organizations world-wide, interoperability in the space is crucial. In that regard, Zact is thrilled to partner with ITILITE, to drive a seamless travel booking & expense management experience for our joint customers.”

Coherent Automated Travel & Expense Experience

With the ease in restrictions on travel, business travel has risen. Thus, to ensure the best seamless experience, with Zact’s platform, we now offer one of the quickest ways to get back on the road safely. Together, the two innovative platforms will create the first fully coherent automated travel booking & expense management experience. ITILITE also offers an unmatched travel inventory, 24×7 support and best-in-class analytics to its users. 

Mayank, ITILITE CEO said, “This partnership will enable businesses to seamlessly issue payment cards, make travel bookings and manage employee reimbursements, all from an automated integrated platform. The automated process of filing the expenses minimizes the occurrence of human errors. Automation is the cure for delayed processes, dissatisfied customers and non- compliance.”