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How this e-retailer saved up to $180k annually with ITILITE!

October 06, 2021
How this e-retailer saved up to $180k annually with ITILITE!
ITILITE drives T&E savings for this e-commerce brand

A leader in the field of e-commerce with a pan India presence, this company had its team members flying nationally and internationally to engage with its customers. With the need for manpower increasing due to seasonal requirements, this e-commerce stalwart was browsing the market for a travel management solution to handle the hike in travel volume. The employees were following a fragmented travel booking process which in turn hindered the budget management for business travel. Partnering with ITILITE, the company took a proactive approach in digitizing its travel process by giving it a complete makeover. They empowered the travelers to make cost efficient choices while boosting its savings in the process.

What steps did this company take to transform their travel management program while fixing its cost leakages? To know about their success story, download the case study below!

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